Immersive Weapons

Immersive Weapons | Skyrim

by Dona

Immersive Weapons tries to definitely improve the assortment of weapons in the realm of Skyrim in a legend amicable manner. The objective of each expansion is to mix into the legend, equilibrium and feel of the game for the most vivid experience conceivable.

Creator: Hothtrooper44 – Ironman5000 – Eckss

Immersive Weapons in Skyrim

Immersive Weapons
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This mod doesn’t have any known conditions other than the base game.

Mod requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
Animated Armour – Immersive Weapons Patch – Daedric Halberd Modification
Animated Armour – Immersive Weapons Patch – Grasp position repair
Better Sorting – Compatibility Patches
Better Sorting – Immersive Weapons_Compatibility Patch
Hired Guards (SE Compatible)
Immersive Weapons – Deutsch
Immersive Weapons – Polish Translation
Immersive Weapons – Russian
Immersive Weapons – SpanishV 1.5
Immersive Weapons – Spanish Translation
Immersive Weapons ITA
Immersive Weapons Patches for ABT – Compatibility Project
Immersive Weapons Russian Translate
Immersive Weapons Spanish
Immersive Weapons Turkish Translation
Ishmael the Argonian PaladinThe Steel Nodachi and Asuma Trench Knife are used in the Modded Version
Lorecraft – Immersive Weapons
Passionate Katana – A Retexture for Immersive weapons
Random Alternate Start – Compatibility Add-ons
Thalmor only use Elven Weapons and Armor
Traducao Pt-Br Immersive Weapons

Version 1.5

  • Changed over Immersive Weapons from SPIKE, to SPIKE – Virtual Edition – No more reliance on SPIKE.esm
  • Added 7 new retires from
  • Changed to Crafting-Only: Pokeblade; Splitter; Bipolar sharp edge
  • Re-consolidated the Spearblade as Crafting-Only, by well known solicitation
  • Rearranged and once again adjusted weapon dissemination framework
  • Updated creating/treating/breakdown plans and added missing ones
  • Changed all Dragonbone weapons over to Dragonsteel to forestall disarray with other Dragonbone weapons
  • Consolidated a fix for the vanilla Skyrim Silver Weapon bug
  • Restricted Imperial officers to suitable 1 Handed swords
  • Restricted Stormcloaks to suitable Rebel weapons
  • Taken out all staff weapons from gatekeepers and troopers

Version 1.4

  • Disposed of the couple of messy alters that were available in 1.3
  • All staff weapons are utilized like warhammers, profiting from those advantages
  • The fight staff and quarterstaff harm has been brought down to support balance
  • Staff plans have been adjusted, and the Steel Quarterstaff one has been fixed
  • All outlandish weaponry (and staffs, definately this time!) have been eliminated from all watchmen and warriors, by famous solicitation
  • Outlandish weapons have been taken from scoundrels
  • Umbra is presently renamed ‘Umbra Replica’ to fulfill legend disarray
  • Fixed all weapon classifications – for instance mace looking weapons are completely classed as maces now
  • Fixed watchwords on the couple of weapons that were making them be perceived mistakenly

Version 1.3

  • Added Dragonbone Battleax, Scythe, and Magic Staffs
  • Added the Executioner Hook
  • Added Several new retires from Bows
  • New evened out records made for watches so they will at this point don’t convey staffs
  • Eliminated the Afterslash in response to popular demand
  • Eliminated the Spearblade in response to popular demand
  • Eliminated the Hammerfell Iron Sword in response to popular demand
  • Eliminated the text from silver weapons to empower to see charm impacts
  • Changed the silver weapon required smithing advantage to elven
  • Fixed a couple of syntax blunders
  • Fixed advantage related issues for certain weapons


In case you’re trying to improve your Skyrim with a more prominent determination of weapons without parting from regular feel of the game, this mod is intended for you. It adds numerous new custom weapons that have been consistently incorporated into the world. The things in Immersive Weapons are adjusted and spread across your gaming experience. You will discover new, power proper weapons beginning from level one up to even out fifty and then some.

Immersive Weapons

This Immersive Weapons mod will be continually developing to bring new life into your reality. At present this mod adds 230 new weapons! They are craftable, upgradable, enchantable as suitable. They are coordinated into the game through evened out records, sellers, situation in prisons and onto explicit individuals.

Immersive Weapons

Weapons categories


  • Double Axe: +Damage, ++Stagger, ++Weight
  • Halberd: +Reach, +Stagger
  • Scythe: -Damage, +Speed, -Weight
  • Spear: –Damage, ++Reach, ++Speed, –Stagger, –Weight


  • Tanto: +Damage, -Speed, +Weight


  • Club: -Damage, +Speed, –Stagger, -Weight
  • War Pick: +Speed, -Stagger, -Weight
Immersive Weapons


  • Changdao: -Damage, -Reach, +Speed, -Weight
  • Claymore: -Damage, -Reach, +Speed, -Weight
  • Dadao: +Damage, -Reach, +Stagger, +Weight
  • Daito: –Damage, -Reach, +Speed, -Stagger, -Weight
  • Longsword: –Damage, –Reach, ++Speed, -Stagger, –Weight
  • Nodachi: -Damage, -Reach, +Speed, -Stagger, -Weight
Immersive Weapons


  • Cutlass: -Reach
  • Katana: +Reach, -Stagger
  • Ninjato: -Damage, +Speed, –Stagger, -Weight
  • Saber: +Speed, -Stagger, -Weight
  • Scimitar: -Reach, +Speed, -Stagger
  • Wakizashi: -Damage, –Reach, ++Speed, *Stagger, –Weight *(No Stagger – same as Dagger)
Immersive Weapons


  • Battle Staff: -Damage, +Speed, -Stagger, -Weight
  • Quarterstaff: –Damage, ++Speed, –Stagger, –Weight


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I experience a CTD while looking through the producing Menu.

A1: This issue is brought about by your Graphics arrangement over-burdening. Take a stab at setting iTexMipMapSkip=1 under [Display] in your SkyrimPrefs.ini document or adding the line in case it’s not there.

Q2: I have the following NMM error:
A problem occurred during install
The mod was not installed

This blunder steers clear of my mod. This is a blunder tossed by NMM 32bit for every enormous document.
For 32bit NMM clients, I recommend a manual introduce. My mod is just 2 documents. It is not difficult to monitor.
Go tell the Nexus staff to fix this. The most ideal way of being heard is to talk.

Q3: The download for this document on Nexus Mod Manager continues to stop before it’s done! Help!

This is an issue with the NMM program, and disconnected to this mod. Explore to C: – > Games – > Skyrim – > mods – > downloads. Erase anything with the name Immersive Weapons found there. Likewise do likewise for the reserve organizer found under mods. Presently download once more.

Immersive Weapons


This assemblage has been collected by Ironman5000, Hothtrooper44, and Eckss.
Disclaimer: All weapon mods recorded beneath are either important for weapon asset mods or authorizations have been conceded by the actual creators.

Huge much gratitude goes to every one of the creators so make certain to embrace their mods just as this one, it’s quite reasonable. Rundown of creators and their included mods:

  • Hothtrooper44 for the Axestaff Weapon Pack
  • 747823 for Weapons of the Third Era
  • Urwy for URW Useless Resources
  • Dogtown1 for the weapons from Skyrim Monster Mod
  • PrivateEye for BiPolar Blade, Sixth House Bell Hammer, The Fork of Horripilation, Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer
  • InsanitySorrow for Dragonbane, Ice Blade of the Monarch, Dragon Katana, Chrysamere, Goldbrand, Umbra Sword, Steel Bow,
  • Silver Bow, Glass Bow.
  • AlexScorpion for the Exotic Bow, Blades of Sithis, Dragon Ninjatos
  • Cokla for the scimitar from Mongol Armor Standalone, YesThor Swords Standalone, Elven Great Blade, Barbarian Axe, Double
  • Axes Of Skyrim, Dwarven Slayer
  • gechbal for The Sword Of The One Eyed Crow, Orgnums Dagger
  • ImsumDave for Black Sting
  • Sushiyant for Hot Blood. Also VengenceMkII, Hel Borne, mbj_mje, and waalx for Ariyan Weapon Pack
  • wulfharth for Wulfharths Dragonbone Weapons
  • siberok92 for Chakram Weapon, Thresher Maul, Phoenix Katana
  • RonnieMagnum for Ordinary weapons for Skyrim – Redguard blades
  • JZBai for Quarterstaff
  • atomec fpr Orcish Sabre, Svartbough, Ceymallari
  • TESFAN123 for Aries and Tombstone Norse Great Swords
  • hifoo for Cutlass
  • backstept for Regent Armoury
  • Issae for Nordic Spears
  • Adonnay for the base of the Wolf series of weapons, concept of the hilt for these swords inspired by John Lundemo
  • howiego08 for Better Bows
  • luddemann for Executioners Hook
  • kezardinjnr for his continued player support in the comment section
  • jangojoneshelljets for his awesome fan art of my mods used on some of my mod pages

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