Inquisitor Saved Game Pack

Inquisitor Saved Game Pack | Dragon Age: Inquisition

by Dona

Inquisitor Saved Game Pack contains 4 saved games, 2 human rebels (male and female), a male dwarven champion and a female elven mage.

Creator: Ataralyxius

Inquisitor Saved Game Pack

Inquisitor Saved Game Pack
nowmods information

Creator’s guidelines
Not a lot here, assuming you need to transform anything or rearrange this mod as an interpretation, just ask me first. In the event that you do choose to do as such, kindly give credit where it’s expected.

Record credits
On account of Bioware for fostering this hugely epic game!


This Inquisitor Saved Game Pack is just an assortment of 4 diverse save-game characters that I wished to share. The characters in this save game pack are:

  • Vaerysia, a female human rebel
  • Cyreniss, a female elven mage
  • Othorin, a male dwarven fighter
  • Nero, a male human rebel

Every one of these characters was made utilizing the DEFAULT world state. The save-games were made at the most punctual conceivable save point after character creation (that is, after the cross examination scene.)

These save-games were made utilizing the pre-request form of the STANDARD Inquisitor Saved Game Pack version of Dragon Age: Inquisition, this has additionally been confirmed to work with the Digital Deluxe release also (on account of Alexathan).

Inquisitor Saved Game Pack

Sliders for each character ARE remembered for the documents, should you need to allude to them out of the blue (see Some Answers beneath).

In the event that you can’t discover the slider screen capture for some specific facial component, it implies that that element is unaltered from the default face.

Inquisitor Saved Game Pack


1. Download and concentrate the save-game Inquisitor Saved Game Pack records to your ideal area.

2. Explore to where you saved the downloaded documents.

nowmods download

Download Ataralyxius’ Inquisitor Save Game Pack

3. Single out (if not the entirety of) the characters you wish to utilize, and duplicate their save documents situated inside the save organizer.
for example assuming you need to utilize Vaerysia, duplicate the .DAS record situated in …\Ataralyxius’ Inquisitor Save Game Pack\Vaerysia\Save

4. Glue the save file(s) into your C:\Users\”Your client name”\My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age Inquisition\Save organizer

5. Fire up the game, load your person and appreciate!

Inquisitor Saved Game Pack
Keep in mind: If you don’t care for a specific person, you are in no way, shape or form needed to introduce it.


Simply erase the save games from the C:\Users\”Your client name”\My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age Inquisition\Save envelope


Thanks to Bioware for developing this massively epic game!

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