Insane Realism 1K texture pack | Minecraft

by Gemma

Insane Realism texture is one of the cool textures for Minecraft players, this mod release aims to make the game to be as realistic as possible.

Creator: nerdgirl_art

Insane Realism

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What is Insane Realism?

Have you ever tried a super realistic texture in your Minecraft world? Most of the textures in-game become smooth with nice color and bright. This mod also provides you with cool-looking, let’s explore and get your own experience with this pack.


  • 72 blocks textured
  • Normal, Specular, and Height maps for each block

High recommend you should use Kappa as it provides the highest possible detail for this pack.

Insane Realism mod is not available free! So if you want to get the full pack, seek on and Gumroad to get all of them.

nowmods download

?Download Insane Realism 1K texture pack

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