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by Gemma

CAPCOM with the insane idea that Resident Evil Village games are more spook if the FoV is so tight you get motion sick. How’s your idea? Well, the Lazy FoV And Vignette Fix mod fixed it, the vignette is also fixed!

Creator: Mace ya face

Lazy FoV And Vignette Fix

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Mace ya face


Lazy FoV And Vignette Fix

Capcom come back! One more time to do it for the Resident Evil game. Which has a locked FoV and vignette coverage. Let’s imagine about they will trot out the same insane nonsense as last time and more spook when you are getting motion sickness. Lazy FoV And Vignette Fix are written like a tool to help you fix them.



  • FoV sliders and vignette sliders that update the in-game FoV/vignette in real-time!
  • Separate FoV sliders for base FoV, zoom FoV, and vignette
  • Hotkey (F1) to toggle fix off for cutscenes (if that’s something you’d like)
  • Update agnostic
  • Remembers last set FoV and vignette, and auto-sets

HardMod Edition:

  • Edits the game’s exe directly, so you only ever have to open the game
  • Can fix the base FoV and zoom FoV
  • Update agnostic


Between Trainer and HardMod Edition have different pros and cons, check out the comparison below


+ Pros:

  • Can dynamically alter the FoV/vignette on the fly
  • Has hotkey to turn off fix for cutscenes if you’d prefer it that way
  • Update agnostic

+ Cons: Have to run it with the Resident Evil Village game each time you play

HardMod Edition

+ Pros: only need to run the game

+ Cons:

  • Is update agnostic, though requires you to re-run the patch on each game update
  • Cannot change anything dynamically
  • No cutscene hotkey

Known issues

It’d break HDR

It’s not. The game oddly forces HDR in fullscreen mode, then has a bug that means it might not turn back on after returning from ALT-TAB/borderless.
For now, until the proxy DLL/HEX edit versions are out, run the game in SDR, set up your preferred FoV and vignette, and close. Then, from now on, open the mod, then the game.

There’s a white point in front of Ethan’s hands when his flashlight is on

The standard, locked FoV would hide the point light that makes the flashlight, by virtue of being off-screen, at an FoV of 81 and lower (this is a CAPCOM issue)

Annoying to need to open a second program

Hex patcher and proxy DLL will make soon

Cutscenes are zoomed out!

Press the F1 key to restore the default FoV –> then press again when the cutscene is over

The screen seems darker

Override the vignette.

The DoF seems to have decreased

It’s tied to the FoV. Investigating


nowmods download

? Download Lazy FoV And Vignette Fix

You CANNOT use both versions of the Lazy FoV And Vignette Fix mod!



  • Download the file –> archive and extract the file inside, the folder Trainer to somewhere on your device.
  • Open the Lazy FoV And Vignette Fix tool –> Start the game
  • Take a note: Slide about the FoV/vignette sliders, and your in-game FoV/vignette will update in real-time!

HardMod Edition:

  • Download and archive the file, extract the file inside the folder “HardModEdition”, place it next to re8.exe, in the root game directory
  • Open the tool, and follow the prompts to input your desired FoV and vignette
  • You will see the message “Done”, which means you are all set!

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