Legendary Modification Fallout 4

Legendary Modification | Fallout 4

by Dona

Legendary Modification is craftable Legendary mods on the workbench, like gear mods, DO NOT REQUIRE. console command or a bat file.

Creator: teaLz

Legendary Modification

Legendary Modification Fallout 4
nowmods information

This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Mod nameNotes
ACR-W17 Legendary Modification Patch
Advanced Ballistic Effects TracersOh Yeah
Alva Fredriksson Starlight Ownership Modded
Better Weapon Mod Descriptions – French
Compatability Patch – Armoursmith Extended – Cruor34’s Armour Rebalance – Legendary Modification
Electrified Legendary Mod
Hawke’s Champion Armor
Hometown SanctuarySpecifically 2LM, Purely optional though as it only adds a workbench to this settlement
Immersive Legendary Drop
KBC – Kimothy’s Bugfix Compilation
Legendary Modification – DLC and Additional Fixes
Legendary Modification – No Legendaryload this after Legendary Modification
Legendary Modification 1.75 Traduction FR
Legendary Modification Continued – Effect Chip Modes – DLC’s with 2LM support
Legendary Modification VIS (Valdacil)
Legendary Modifications 2LM (NO MATERIALS)Main File
Malenwha’s RedRocket Blueprint
Modern Starlight Drive-InRecommended
My beautiful Sanctuary
My Jamaica Plain Reconstruction2lm
Mythic Legendary Modifications
N7 VaultSuit F-Gloves Armorsmith Extended Balistic WeaveOPTIONAL
Starlight Drive-in City Trading centrethere is a link to an update, found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/131363
Wolfar15’s ‘The Homestead’ lived in Log Cabin Manor at Red Rocket – Settlement Transfer Blueprint.This is solely for the 2LM crafting bench in the garage. You can leave it out if you don’t want the workbench. Download the main Legendary Modification Mod and select 2LM during installation

Instructions from the author
You can share this mod on various websites.
This mod can be translated into other languages.
You can use this as a guide.
Use it however you want.

File credits
Fo4edit – ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran

-package all patches
—add 2LM – any mod any weapon
—add 2LM – Weaponry Overhaul
—add 2LM – Concealed Armor
—add 2LM – AKCR
-ALL 1.61 Version INCLUDED in FOMOD
-remove all “remove” option (not needed due to updating optional for 1.61 version)
-2lm craft only light armor (light/standard)
—–like light combat/light leather/etc not Heavy Combat/Heavy Leather
-2LM craft only base weapon (standard)
—–such as Hunting Rifle/10mm Pistol and not Sniping rifle/Tactical 10mm Pistol


This mod lets you create legendary modifications for your armors, weapons, and even power armors. Work with an item that has the potential to have legendary properties, such as the legendary weapons and armor pieces you find.

Version / Difficulty

Legendary Modification – Easy – Standard

  • Able to craft/make legendary modification to you gears
  • CANNOT detach mod
  • Very simple, and very easy with other MOD/Language

Detachable – Very Easy

  • Able to craft Legendary
  • CAN detach mod and place on a different item

Detach Only – Normal

  • CANNOT craft legendary
  • CAN ONLY detach and transfer existing mod to a new item

Trade-In Only – Hard

  • CANNOT craft legendary WITHOUT scrapped material from legendary
  • ONLY legendary scrap “Effect Chip” to make a new legendary mod
  • CANNOT detach mod

CHEAT Version – Cheat

  • No perk requirement
  • No material requirement
  • No level requirement
Legendary Modification

Survival – Most immersive version

Crafting legendary

  • The materials from the game, as well as the scraped legendary material “Effect Chip,” will be required for crafting legendary mod.
  • When legendary items are scraped, they will grant varying amounts of Effect Chip. It will be heavily influenced by the legendary mod that you scraped.
  • There will be no Perk requirement for any legendary weapon mod. The Level of Requirement is specified in the README.
  • There is no detaching.


For Manual installation or uninstallation please read How To Install Fallout 4 Mods With Specific Instruction

nowmods download

Download Legendary Modification packs

Fallout 4 patch 1.2.xx +
I highly recommend using the Fallout 4.exe to play the game instead of the Fallout 4 Launcher.exe
The Fallout 4 Launcher.exe will disable all plugin

Unlocking Legendary Mod

Legendary modifications are unlocked by leveling up your character. It’s simply based on the player’s level.

  • Starting at level 10, you will gradually learn legendary armor modification as you progress through the levels.
  • Beginning at level 13, you will gradually learn legendary weapon modification.
  • You will be able to unlock new features once you reach level 20. Legendary Power Armor modification

All of the changes necessitate the completion of a level.

  • Changing Version/Difficulty
  • Will not lose any legendary item
  • Effect Chip can be lost! ( Use them before changing Version/Difficulty)
  • Misc mod attachment item can be LOST! ( Put them on weapon/armor so that you won’t lose any )
  • Will not crash the game
Legendary Modification


  • The legendary effect are already overpowered in its own way. Not everything in this mod will be “balance” for you but will be for others.
  • Changelog is in README ! Updating/Installation/Uninstallation Is in the README.TXT

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What's Your Name, Asked The Stalker?
What's Your Name, Asked The Stalker?
1 year ago

Not compatible with any legendary effects added by DLCs.

For a site named “NowMods,” it’s kind of hilarious that you’ve got an article for a mod that was just over six years old when the article was made, was built for an outdated version of the game, and was updated precisely once, less than a month after it was released.

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