Leon RE4 costumes

Leon RE4 costumes | Resident Evil 2

by Dona

Leon RE4 costumes replaces the Alternative ensembles with the oens from Resident Evil 4

Creator: kira5z

Leon RE4 costumes

Leon RE4 costumes
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There are two arrangements of unlockable ensembles. Players are given the choice to choose them when beginning another game or round. At the point when chosen, all ensembles change dependent on the set, there is no choice to change each character’s outfit separately or during mid game.

Leon RE4 costumes
Jacket version

In the event that the player has kept the strategic vest and picks the “Default” ensemble set, Leon will have the vest on and not his coat.

Leon RE4 costumes
Classic police


Additional weapons are just usable in finished game records.

MatildaBeat the primary game once.
Infinite LauncherBeat the primary game once.
HandcannonGet a 5 star rank with all characters on all stages in the Mercenaries minigame.
Chicago TypewriterClearing the Assignment Ada mini-game opens this for the maingame in the Gamecube rendition, yet opens it for Separate Ways in any remaining adaptations. Beating Separate Ways will then, at that point open it for the principle game.
P.R.L. 412Beat Professional mode. This weapon is not in the Gamecube version.
Leon RE4 costumes


nowmods download

? Download Leon RE4 costumes


  1. Download Leon RE4 costumes mod
  2. Drag and drop into the RE2R mod folder in Fluffy Quack-s Mod manager.

I track down the facial livelinesss for Leon in this game somewhat terrible tbh however I surmise they are better than having none at all so for every one of you who need to keep the wide range of various outfits but have his Resident Evil 4 look aswell this Leon RE4 costumes mod is intended for you.

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