Little Red School House

Little Red School House | Stardew Valley

by Dona

Little Red School House is the outdated House needs fixed before understudies can get back to class.

Creator: xiddav

Little Red School House

Little Red School House
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Little Red School House adds an old broken school building to Pelican Town close to the jungle gym.
The opportunity to set it up will accompany the exceptional orders board.

Little Red School House
The Woodpile in the destroyed school is the place where you take the things from the unique request.
Little Red School House
Penny, Jas, and Vincent will go to class here whenever it is fixed.

(I haven’t meet Leo in my game yet and don’t have any desire to ruin anything for myself by taking a gander at his schedule to make him viable. Sorry for any burdens.)

The class hamster is Russel.


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Special thanks to

BURAKMESE – Turkish translation  
ChopaRumTur – Russian translation
Yklucas – Portuguese translation 
wally232 – Korean translation 
KatherineC4 – Chinese Translation

Little Red School House

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