LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4

Looks Menu Customization Compendium | Fallout 4

by Dona

LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4 adds many new choices to tweak your person, for example, face paint, tattoos, scars, cosmetics, foreheads, haircolors, etc.

Creator: AGodComplexPikachu | CurioNC | EmissaryOFWind | JTesmer | ANiceOakTree | Kirse10 | imAarwyn | Robberfox | RoboAsimov | TrophiHunter | Wendera

LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4

LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4
nowmods information

Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes
Looksmenu by Expired6978

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
(Fixed) Crickets Presets – Dean Woods (Scourge of the Commonwealth)
(Preset) Harley Quinnfor tattoos and face details
-Payday 2- Hoxton Character Preset
20 Attractive Female Face Presets
2B LooksMenu Preset
A Few Commonwealth Faces
A set of six random presets
A Small Collection of Presets for NPCs
AarlaunaRose’s Character Tweaks – MacCreadyNot required, but recommended

Author’s instructions
If you want to release a looksmenu preset that requires LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4 then you don’t need to ask.

File credits

Donation Points system
This LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4 mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points


For new clients this is a mod that adds many new choices to modify your male and female person, for example, face paint, tattoos, scars, cosmetics, temples, hair tones, and so on! These are the liberal modders who made this all conceivable!

LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4

A few Patches are as yet missing because of the first mod page being erased by a potentially compromised mod creator account so kindly be patient in case you are as of now utilizing 2k face surfaces or the HD dlc pack.

LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4


nowmods download

📥 Download LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4

Optional files:
📥 HD DLC fix
📥 LMCC 2k Face Textures


  1. Download the principle document from the records segment of this page. Introduction with either the Nowmods Manager, or physically. 
  2. Make sure LMMC is last in your load order
  3. Open your INI files through MO2/NMM/Vortex whichever you use, MAKE SURE its through the Mod Manager you’re using and not the files in your documents folder or elsewhere.
  4. In your Fallout4INI or Fallout4Custom Ini, add this to it under [Archive]

If your Fallout4Custom INI doesn’t have an [Archive] section in it, then just copy and paste this inside of it and save.


LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4

Known Issues

For anybody that is having issues at making the 2k form works, the arrangements it’s really basic. You need to introduce the typical form first and overwrite everything with the 2k form after. I like modders’ works however god damn the majority of them are so apathetic at composing guidelines.

LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4

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