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by Dona

LooksMenu Fallout 4 enhances character creation by adding engine tweaks.

Creator: Expired6978

LooksMenu Fallout 4

LooksMenu Fallout 4
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Requires F4SE for game version 1.5.157 or greater

Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes
Fallout 4 Script Extender

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
LooksMenu Customization Fallout 4100% REQUIRED
Maria PresetMust have

Instructions from the author
Credits should be filed.
In this file, the author has not given credit to anybody else.

Version 1.6.20
Fixed lockup from “Clothing” option inside “Body”

Version 1.6.19

  • Memory alignment problem in MemoryManager
  • Compiled dll using vc142 has been resolved.

Version 1.6.5
Added support for Game Version 1.10.64

Version 1.6.3
Added support for Game Version 1.10.40

Version 1.6.2
Added support for Game Version 1.10.26

Version 1.6.1
Fixes text input when saving preset with Game Version 1.10.20

Version 1.6.0

  • HSV colour has been added to the skin and any makeup.
  • LooksMenu Fallout 4 Support for game version 1.10.20 has been added.


  • The feature list is substantially bigger, enabling you to view more things at the same time.
  • Facial characteristics may now be chosen from a list rather than the real face, as in choose part by name.
  • Presets in LooksMenu Fallout 4 may now be stored and reloaded.
  • CBBE If correctly created, Bodyslide Sliders may be utilized in-game.
  • BodyGen may produce random body forms for NPCs.
  • Allows for customizations to the hair palette (for more hair colors)
  • Overlays may be added on top of the current skin. Skin can be changed to a different set of textures or mesh.
  • HSV may be used to colorize skin and cosmetics.
LooksMenu Fallout 4

Skin Override

This feature in LooksMenu Fallout 4 enables an Actor/skin ActorBase’s Forms to be overridden to an alternative; for more information, see the attached Sample Skin Override.


This functionin LooksMenu Fallout 4 is similar to RaceMenu in that textures may be put over the body. Instead of changing the textures separately, it will change the overlay’s overall material. As a target, you may use either a BGSM or a BGEM material file. It should be noted that BGSM materials do not allow alpha blending (BGEM does). Colorization of the overlay is feasible if the texture uses a BGSM and is tagged for Skin Tint; however, colorization is not currently accessible via the User Interface.

Transforming is a new feature to LooksMenu’s overlays that allows you to change the UV map of the body for the overlay so that it may be put anywhere you want. The offset and scale are relative to the material’s given values. This implies that if you make an overlay with a material that changes the offset or scale, the overlay will add to the current offset and multiply the existing scale.

LooksMenu Fallout 4

For constructing overlays, see the example supplied in the optional downloads section.

  • An overlay’s “id” must be unique; this is the unique name utilized by the Script API, and it is comparable to “template.”
  • The “transformable” feature is used to activate or disable an overlay’s translation and scaling (Full body may not make sense to transform)
  • The “playable” attribute is designed to conceal the template when selecting a template in the UI.
  • Overlays may be applied to many slots at the same time, and the overlay can span both the body (slot 3) and the hands (slot 4). (slot 4)

Please keep in mind that this function in LooksMenu Fallout 4 is not intended to be used as swappable skin textures; although this may work, it is not its original purpose. Skin Overrides are designed to be used for changing skin textures.


nowmods download

?CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD LooksMenu Fallout 4 v1-6-20

? LooksMenu Fallout 4 v1-6-20 21-9


Body Morphing is essentially in-game Bodyslide and is limited to a single NPC. To produce morphs, you must already have Bodyslide installed. When constructing in Fallout 4 Bodyslide Mod, pick the “CBBE Zeroed Sliders” preset and check “Build Morphs” to generate the files needed for in-game Bodyslide.


With LooksMenu Fallout 4, BodyGen is a function that enables for random (or specified) BodyMorph creation for certain NPCs or any NPC based on guided files (Because random everything typically ends in a horrible mess). If an Actor is qualified for random generation, their morph listing will be calculated based on the preceding files when the actor is loaded (when you first view them, or load an existing save where they have no morphs).


LooksMenu Fallout 4

The following is a sample templates.ini
Random=7B Upper@0:1.0, 7B Lower@0:1.0, MuscularChest@0:1.0, MuscularArms@0:1.0, MuscularButt@0:1.0, MuscularLegs@0:1.0, [email protected]:1.0

The following is a sample morphs.ini

“#” (Pound/Hash) indicates the line is a comment (Comments should be separate lines)
“=” (Equals) separates Template Name (Left) from the morphs (Right)
“,” (Comma) separated values indicate AND
“|” (Bar) separated values indicate OR
“/” (Slash) separated values indicate a “set” where everything between the next “/” or end of line are OR’d as a group
“:” (Colon) separated values indicate a uniformly distributed range where, if that morph is chosen the value is random
“@” (At) separated values separate between the Morph name and the Value
Increasing the frequency of the entry effectively increases the probability of that entry

Syntax explanation for morphs.ini
“#” (Pound/Hash) indicates the line is a comment (Comments should be separate lines)
“=” (Equals) separates the target (Left) from the templates (Right)
“|” (Bar) left of equals separates target parameters, right of equals indicates OR for multiple templates
“,” (Comma) right of equals indicates AND for multiple templates
Templates can be referenced by name from other bodygen mods

“#” (Pound/Hash) indicates the line is a comment (Comments should be separate lines)
“=” (Equals) separates the target (Left) from the templates (Right)
“|” (Bar) left of equals separates target parameters, right of equals indicates OR for multiple templates
“,” (Comma) right of equals indicates AND for multiple templates
Templates can be referenced by name from other bodygen mods

When targeting all NPCs in LooksMenu Fallout 4:

  • First entry “All” indicates any NPC
  • Second entry “Female” indicates any Female or Male
  • Third entry “HumanRace” indicates


  • Bar separates Plugin name from FormID (without mod index)
  • This would mean only Piper would be generated with the “Random” template

More complicated templates.ini example
Thick=7B [email protected], 7B [email protected] / [email protected] | [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
This separates 7B from the Muscular morphs where it’s a 50/50 probability of choosing either full 7B or Muscular, and a 50/50 split for choosing MuscularChest or Breasts

A full list of morph names can be found when CBBE is installed at:


Where the “morph” field indicates the morph name

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