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MEGA RESHADE PACK for GTA 5 and NVE | Grand Theft Auto V

by Gemma

Explore 19 different visuals for GTA 5 in MEGA RESHADE PACK. Each one is optimized for Ray Tracing Shader (RTGI) and based on NVE.

Creator: LT_Ripjaws

Mega Reshade Pack GTA 5

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The presets is one of the best choices for NVE GTA with its MEB ENB. There are some presets recommended only use in specific weather.


  • Endless Rain, this one really suits Rainy weather
  • Rainy Nights for Night time’s rainy weather
  • Snowy for Snow weather
  • Silent Hill for foggy weather
  • Wastelands for Foggy weather
  • The others can be used at any time


nowmods download


  1. Intall the Mega reshade pack for GTA5, put in the mind Dont Install Any Shaders!
  2. Copy preset folder and reshade-shader folder to the game directory
  3. Start to run the game
  4. Open menu with Home key, then go to the settings tab, and manually select shaders and texture path from the“effect search path section”. After that, go back to the meny and press RELOAD. NOW choose a preset and play!


The game happen crashes, please make sure in ENBLOCAL.ini, it is set as EnableProxyLibrary=true, InitProxyFunctions=false, ProxyLibrary=d3d11.dll.

In your install not include basic shaders and no shaders are seen in the reshade menu, you should go to the settings tab and specify the shaders and textures path manually.

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