Minecraft Pig Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know About Minecraft Pig


Minecraft Pig are commonly known mobs that are not aggressive to the player and may be found in all biomes across the world of Minecraft. Minecraft Pig is probably one of the first enemies that players will run into when they initially enter a gaming environment. They frequently inhabit grassy biomes since there is a plentiful food supply there.

Even if they are frequently observed. Players will want to be completely knowledgeable about these mobs’ interactions and behavior. Pigs may appear to be very harmless based on their appearance. But these animal hordes are far more complex than first appear.

Minecraft Pig mob breakdown

Pigs have varying spawn behaviors depending on the version of Minecraft to be used.

Pigs spawn in groups of four in Java Edition when the light level is nine. In most grass biomes, or higher. The only grassy biomes where pigs cannot spontaneously spawn. Are the biomes of snowy plains, meadows, and woody badlands.

Minecraft Pig spawn in bunches of one to three in Bedrock Edition when the light level is seven or above. They cannot reproduce naturally in the icy tundra and woodland badlands plateau biomes.

Pigs often wander the region where they spawn, avoiding any possible dangers like high falls or surface lava. They are very docile and only run away in fright when a player strikes them.

Pigs are of no interest to hostile crowds, and they won’t actively pursue them. A dead pig will drop one to three pork chops. Alternatively, if it is killed by fire, grilled pork chops. If slain by a Minecraft player, it will additionally drop 1-3 experience points. Or a tamed wolf and a saddle, if it has one.

Minecraft Pig go into love mode when given carrots, potatoes, or beets. When two pigs are nearby and are both experiencing love, they will unite and breed.

After mating, a piglet will spawn, and the parents will go through a five-minute cooldown period. During this time they won’t be able to reproduce. Piglets mature into adults in real time in 20 minutes. However, by giving them carrots, potatoes, and beets, you may speed up this process. Each time the piglet is fed, its maturation speed increases by 10%.

minecraft pig
Complete guide to Minecraft pig

In case they so want, Minecraft users can also ride pigs. Players may mount and ride a pig by fastening a saddle to it. They won’t be able to manage the pig, though, by default. Using a carrot on a stick can change this. It will induce the pig, much like a horse, to obey the player’s riding orders.

It’s interesting to note that pigs may change in Minecraft. Pigs will become zombie-like piglins if struck by lightning. Piglets who experience the same fate will turn into infant zombified piglins.

If the pig is wearing a saddle, it will discard it when it transforms. Setting the difficulty to Peaceful is the only method to stop a pig from turning into a pig due to lightning. As a result, the pig will only sustain lightning damage.

minecraft pig
Minecraft Pig mob breakdown

Complete guide to Minecraft pig

One of the very few mobs that can be ridden are pigs. Equipped with a saddle, horses can be led. Pigs can be saddled as well, but they need a carrot on a stick to be led. The same is true with Striders, although they come on a stick-shaped twisted fungus.

Pigs only have five healthy hearts. For this reason, one can be killed with exactly two strikes from a stone sword (2.5 hearts of damage). However, not even a non-enchanted Netherite blade can kill a pig in one blow. Per hit, they deliver four hearts.

When pigs are found, they are often adults. In the wild, pigs only have a 5% probability of spawning as young. They may be crossed with beets, potatoes, or carrots to produce a baby pig.

Under normal conditions, pigs only ever drop pork chops. Unless looting is involved, they drop up to three pork chops. You can get six pork chops from looting III. The saddle will fall off a previously mounted pig.

When killed or bred, they also provide XP. A player’s or their tamed wolf’s killing of a pig will cause it to drop up to three XP orbs. They can give birth to up to seven offspring. They must wait five minutes before mating again after that.

minecraft pig
They can give birth to up to seven offspring

Unsurprisingly, one of the most annoying gangs started off as a pig. What gamers currently know and adore as the creeper was created as a consequence of a miscoded pig.

A pig from Minecraft who had the unfortunate experience of getting hit by lightning. Which is extremely unlikely, will transform into a zombie-like piglin. It will transform into a baby zombified piglin if it is a piglet.


You now know everything there is to know about Minecraft Pig. Regarding their utilization in the coolest game. View more MINECRAFT GUIDES like this one on our website.

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