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Guidance To Use Minecraft Seed Finder Bedrock

by Dona

One of the apps made by Chunk Base is Minecraft Seed Finder. It is designed for detecting biomes, as you could infer from the title. Here is the instruction if you want to learn more about Chunk Base’s Minecraft Seed Finder.


Here are the prerequisites you must meet in order to use Minecraft Seed Finder to locate the biome and find.

minecraft seed finder
The prerequisites you must meet in order to use Minecraft Seed Finder


To utilize Minecraft Seed Finder, you must be aware of your world’s seed for technical reasons. The situation is different if your goal is to discover the germ of a new universe. This program can get the seed from your save game if you’re playing SSP. Along with that, you may use the in-game /seed command. If you have the necessary privileges, you may use the same command in SMP. But in all other cases, you rely on the server’s owner. The person who created the game’s save game and configuration files.


The Biome Finder app offered by Chunk Base makes use of a few recent web technologies. Some functions may thus be disabled for outdated browsers as a result. for everything to function. It is advised that you use the most recent version of a popular browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Edge.

How to use the seed finder tool for Minecraft

Seed Selection

Selecting a seed and version is the first thing you will need to accomplish. You are welcome to manually write it in or load it from your game save. The level.dat file may be dropped into the browser window or selected by clicking Load from Save… and selecting your level.dat. For those who are unsure what level.dat is, it is a little file that is present in each save the game for Minecraft. The save games may be located in your Minecraft installation’s saves folder. To access the folder on Windows, you may use the shortcut %appdata% %minecraftsaves.

You may deposit and reuse the seeds on the Minecraft Seed Finder by using levels. It implies that you do not need to constantly load the save game. The seed will automatically be saved as a level when it loads from one.

You should also be aware that seed is always a number with up to 20 digits. Even if you write something else, such as characters, it will automatically be turned into a number. In essence, the Biome Finder by Chunk Base accomplishes this in a similar manner as Minecraft. Therefore, using letters or other characters is safe.

minecraft seed finder
How to use the seed finder tool for Minecraft


Once you’ve entered the seed and version, you may use the map. The arrow keys can be used to scroll while the mouse cursor is over the map. Keeping down the left mouse button allows you to move the mouse. You may zoom in and out using the mouse wheel or the slider below the map. By double clicking on the map, you can always take away and add markers. You may save the current map as a png image file by using the Save Map button.


When utilizing a touch-enabled device. Under the map, you can also choose whether to enable or disable the touchscreen control. You can pinch to zoom in and out when that option is turned on. You may navigate by dragging your finger around the map. Additionally, you may press once, then hold to place a marking on the map. Likewise, if you wish to easily enable or disable the feature. Double tapping on the map is all that has to be done. Is the Chunk Base Biome Finder compatible with Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Thankfully, the list of Biome Finder versions includes Bedrock Edition. The full list of Biome Finder versions is provided below for those who are interested:

Java Edition:

  • Java 1.16 and above
  • Java 1.14 – 1.15
  • Java 1.13
  • Java 1.9 – 1.12
  • Java 1.7 – 1.8

Java Edition – Large Biomes:

  • Java 1.16 and above (LB)
  • Java 1.14 – 1.15 (LB)
  • Java 1.13 (LB)
  • Java 1.19 – 1.12 (LB)
  • Java 1.8 (LB)
  • Java 1.17 (LB)

Bedrock Edition:

  • Bedrock 1.14 and above

More apps

In addition to the Minecraft Seed Finder, Chunk Base also offers a few more tools. Other ones are Stronghold Finder, Village, Ocean Monument Finder, Dungeon Finder, Slime Chunk (Slime Finder), and Village.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Minecraft Seed Finder and the previously listed applications. You should go to Chunk Base’s official website instead. The good news is that each tool has a comment area. As a result, you may simply post a question in the comment area if you have any. Making a comment is similar to initiating a conversation. The others who visit the same page will see your post. To assist you resolve the problem you are having, they could repeat your message.

minecraft seed finder


Each Minecraft Seed Finder instruction has been thoroughly covered. Please visit our website if you have any further queries. Enjoy the game right now.

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