Mod Configuration Menu Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mod Configuration Menu | Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

by Dona

Mod Configuration Menu Mipen’s fork of ModLib that focuses solely on providing a library for generating a single Mod Option screen for modifications.
ModLib Settings can be shown.

Creator: Aragasas

Mod Configuration Menu

Mod Configuration Menu
nowmods information

Nowmods requirements

Mod nameNotes
ButterLibRequired for v4 and later. Loaded after UIExtender or Harmony.
HarmonyRequired for v4 and later. Always on top of the loading order.
UIExtenderExRequired for v4 and later. Loaded after ButterLib or Harmony.

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
Adjust elite militia spawn chance in settlements
Adopt CompanionsFor Adopt companions 2.0.0+
AI MarriageLatest Version (Currently 4.0.7)
Alert on High Selling Price
Allegiance Overhaulas of 1.1.4 AO requires MCM v4 mod to work
Androgath’s Fire ArrowRequired as of 1.1.0 version to make mod more configurable.
Another Achievement ModuleSelect your required version. Supports both v4 and v5
Arena OverhaulEssential
Attributes ReloadedRequired to in-game menu work
Auto Resolve Rebalancednow required
AutoBlockerOnly needed for the MCM version of AutoBlocker(AutoBlocker_MCM).
Balanced Tournament Armor
Bandit Militias
Banner Kingsv5.0.4 or higher
Bannerlord Banks updated for e.1.7.2
BannerLord Banks wMCMSee Download guide on its own page for more information.
Bannerlord CheatsRequired by Bannerlord Cheats.
Bannerlord Cheats – Chinese Translation
Bannerlord Cheats – Patch FR
Bannerlord Cheats RUSТребуется
Bannerlord Realistic OverhaulRequired MCM for the different configurations allowed in the modules
Bannerlord Tweaks – Chinese Translation
Bannerlord Tweaks – UpdateTested with 4.1.2 (1/13/2021)
Barter Cheat (Trade Offer)
Basilisk Guild
Battle BuddiesMust be loaded before Battle Buddies
Battle RegenerationOptional, but highly recommended.
Bear My BannerOnly required for the MCM version of Bear My Banner
Bear My Banner Updated for MCM
Better AttributesOptional – Allows you to change settings in game.
Better CombatOptional – Allows you to change settings in game.
Better Fief Trades
Better HorsesOptional – Allows you to change settings in game.
Better Prisoner Recruitment(Optional)
Better PrisonersOptional – Allows you to change settings in game.
Better Save and Load
Better SkillsOptional – Allows you to change settings in game.
Better SmithingRequired to change mod settings.
Better Smithing ContinuedRequires MCMv5 since mod version; use MCMv4 for older versions.
Better Time (latest build)
Blood Shit and Iron – Wage ModelREQUIRED
BUTR’s Player SwitcherRequires at least v4.3.16
BUTR’s Yell To InspireRequires at least v4.3.16
Butter EquippedVersion 5.3.1 or higher
BuyPatrolsPlease download the latest option and make sure it loads before BuyPatrols in mod load order.
Calradian Clans
Calradian Immersive FlavourDuh.
Can’t Run Forever
Captivity EventsSoft Dependency to edit and view settings. Settings can also be editted through, Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\zCaptivityEvents\ModuleLoader\CaptivityRequired\Events\CESettings.xml
Captivity Events Russian TranslationКаптивити ивентс используют его для чего-то
Chase Em Downv5.0.0 and up
Clone Mod
Color Blind Accessible UI
Configurable Battle Scenes(optional)
Configurable Town Gold(Optional)
Crafted Item Copyright – 1.5.1 and UpTested with 4.1.2 (1/13/2021)
Cultured Start (latest build)
Cultured Start (Rus)Обязательно!
Custom Banner Colors
Custom Character Development
Custom CrosshairMCMv4
Custom Crush Through
Custom Skill And Perk Effects
Custom Tavern MercenariesThis is required for 1.0.5 +
Custom Weather
Customizable Troop Wagesand all it’s requirements
deMount and Sprint
Deserving Companions
Designer225’s Miscellaneous PatchesOptional, but highly recommended.
Detailed Character CreationRequired for v1.1.16 and earlier. Optional for v1.2.0 and later, but highly recommended.
Detailed Character Creation (Rus)Обязательно!
DiplomacyRequires 5.4.5 or newer.
Diplomacy ‘TR LocalizationDiplomacy için gerekli
Diplomacy Fixes – Updated by 3ger (e1.5.7 Stable – e1.5.9 Beta)Required.
Diplomacy RUSТребуется 4.3.10 или новее.
Diplomacy v1.1.18 – Russian TranslationТребуется 4.3.10 или новее.
DismembermentPlusRequired to implement Setting Menu
DynaCultureOptional – required only if you want to tweak settings
DynaCulture Re-uploadOptional – required only if you want to tweak settings
Enhanced Smithing
Fighting Together RelationshipOnly required for older versions of the mod, uses a config file instead for now.
Fire Swords Polearms and Axes
Flexible Companions
Fluid Combat Overhaul fixv4.3.15
Fluid Combat Overhaul for 1.0.0
FluidCombatOverhaul – ButterLibRequired v4
Founta’s Tweaks
Gay Marriage Fix
Heal on Kill
Hero Enhancement
Hideout PlusRequires 5.4.5 or newer
Houses of Calradia – UpdatedOptional but recommended
I Dont Care – Campaign Log FilterNeeded for the mod settings
Improved Custom Camera Fixv4.3.15
Increase WorkshopCapDownload MCMv5 for the release version. MCMv4 if you use any earlier game version.
Inns For My Villages
Invulnerable Mod
Kaoses Parties Sizesv4.3.10 and above
Kaoses Parties Sizes – Updatedv4.1.0+
Kaoses Party Speedsv4.3.10 and above
Kaoses Projectilesv4.3.10 and above
Kaoses tweaksv4.3.10 and above
Kaoses Tweaks 0.2.14 RUSv4.3.10 и выше
Kaoses Tweaks 1.0.0 and MCMv5 PARTIAL FIX
Kaoses Tweaks Updated
Kaoses Wagesv4.3.10 and above
Kill Bandits Raise Relationsrequired for mcm version
Kingdom Annexation
Kingdom Decayv5
Kingdom of Looters 1.7.2
KingdomStrategiesCommand (Reworked)
Knock ‘Em DownRequired to use Knock Em Down
Krisan Party Sizes
Light Combat Mod Collection Chinese translation
Longer and Bigger Crafting Parts with Uniform Scaling
LootEveryoneMust be installed, along with ButterLib, Harmony, and UIExtender
LootLordMust be installed, along with ButterLib, Harmony, and UIExtender
Manage Remote Companions – Chinese Translation
Manage Remote Companions and Partiesv4.1.0+
Marry AnyoneSoft dependency. Recommended if you want to use PerSave settings.
Marry Anyone – FixedSoft dependency. Recommended if you want to use PerSave settings.
Marry anyone continue
Mercenary Maidens (Clans) 1.8.0 Beta
Mod Configuration Menu – Chinese Translation
Mod Configuration Menu – German Translation (Gameversion 1.0.1)
Mod Configuration Menu – Spolszczenie (Polish translation)v3.1.0 lub nowsza
Mod Configuration Menu —- traduzione italiana
Mod Configuration Menu Korean TranslationOriginal Mod
Mod Configuration Menu Russifier (Russian) (Outdated)Мод, для которого предназначен перевод
Mod Configuration Menu Traduction Francaise – French TranslationMod original
Mod Configuration Menu UA
More Companions For My Tavern
More Mercenaries For My Tavern
MoreGoldAWCM (Income Multiplier)
MoreGoldAWCM for 1.8.0
My Little Warband1.0.1 and later

Credits and distribution rights

  • Assets of other users: All of the assets in this Mod Configuration Menu file are either the author’s or free-to-use modder’s resources.
  • Upload authorization: Under no circumstances may you upload this material to other websites.
  • Permission to modify: You must obtain my permission before modifying my files in order to enhance them.
  • Permission to convert: Under no circumstances are you permitted to convert this Mod Configuration Menu file for use in other games.
  • Permission to utilize an asset: You must obtain my permission before using any of the materials in this Mod Configuration Menu file.
  • Asset use authorization in purchased mods/files: This file’s assets may not be used in any modifications or files that are sold for money on Steam Workshop or other platforms.
  • Permission to utilize assets in mods/files that earn donation points: You cannot earn Donation Points for your modifications if they use my materials.

Notes from the Author
This author has made no further remarks about file permissions.

File credits
MCM Logo – Drogean

  • Version v5.4.5
    • v1.0.2 stealth update fix. We ship Newtonsoft.Json 13 for backwards compatibility
  • Version v5.4.4
    • Fixed comparison if the translated group name yields the same value
  • Version v5.4.3
    • Fixed settings load
  • Version v5.4.2
    • Setting could be not built instantly as expected, fixed
  • Version v5.4.1
    • Fixed LOADING_COMPLETE recursion. Now accessing settings Instance will give a null instead
    • Fixed and cleaned up localization
  • Version v5.4.0
    • Refactored a bit the UI
    • Removed Sandbox as an indirect UI dependency
    • MCM UI now only depends on Native
    • Added support for ILRepacked MCMv5.dll, fixed some soft dep issues
    • Added LOADING_COMPLETE event
  • Version v5.3.2
    • Some possible null reference fixes in the UI
  • Version v5.3.1
    • Fluent PerSave settings were not loading/saving correctly
  • Version v5.3.0
    • UI performance improvements.
    • UI was not seeing external changes, fixed
    • Groups now handle missing groups in-between!
  • Version v5.2.0
    • UI fixes. Dropdowns are handled correct now in a lot of usage cases.
    • Huge thanks to bm001 for reporting those issues!
  • Version v5.1.1
    • Updated ButterLib
  • Version v4.1.2
    • Fixed a crash caused by opening ModOptions menu 3 times.
  • Version v4.1.1
    • Fixed UI sliders.
    • Fixed Preset support for FluentBuilder.
    • Fixed Fluent support.
    • Added support for External settings
  • Version v4.1.0
    • Added Preset support for FluentBuilder.
    • Using as a Soft Dependency will provide the ability to load/save settings.
    • Added PerSave settings that replace PerCampaign
    • General improvements
  • Version v4.0.7
    • Fixed missing ModOptions menu in Options screen Mod Configuration Menu
  • Version v4.0.6
    • Added ButterLib settings
    • Fixed OptionsVMMixin not triggering on Escape
    • Fixed SetSelectedIndexAction
    • Added json2 format that handles Dropdown as an integer
  • Version v4.0.5
    • Fixed ModLib Compatibility Layer issues
  • Version v4.0.4
    • Returned Implementation Loader
    • Better reflection in UI SubModule
    • Better reflection in Implementation SubModule
  • Version v4.0.3
    • Fixed MCMv3 and ModLib not returning setting instances in OnSubModuleLoad()
  • Version v4.0.2
    • Fixed SubModule names
  • Version v4.0.1
    • Explicit loading of Implementation and UI sub-modules Mod Configuration Menu
    • Version v4.0.0
    • Switched to v4 (API not finalized)
    • Added MCMv3 compatibility layer
    • Removed MBO compatibility layer
    • Added Harmony, ButterLib and UIExtender deps
    • Refactoring
  • Version v3.1.9
    • For e1.4.0/e1.4.1/e1.4.2
    • Fixed Group translation bug
    • Fixed Fluent API settings loading Mod Configuration Menu
    • Fixed XML settings reading
  • Version v3.1.8
    • For e1.4.0/e1.4.1/e1.4.2
    • * Fixed editing box in option screen
    • * Fixed Preset reset issue
    • * Fixed nested setting serialization
    • * Made search box bigger
  • Version v3.1.7
    • For e1.4.0/e1.4.1/e1.4.2
    • Fixed mission crash
    • Improved GroupName handling, localized strings will work now
    • Improved Search Box
    • Improved Hint visibility Mod Configuration Menu
    • Fluent API improvements
    • Better settings serializing
  • Version v3.1.6
    • For e1.4.0/e1.4.1/e1.4.2
    • Fixed ModLib conflict
    • Fixed int/float slider value box font
  • Version v3.1.5
    • For e1.4.2
    • Better UI spacing
    • Fixed Fluent API
    • Better UI injection
    • Setting names are translatable
  • Version v3.1.4
    • For e1.4.0/e1.4.1
    • Fixed ModLib settings display issue
  • Version v3.1.3-e1.4.1
    • For e1.4.1
    • Should fix the performance issues
    • Fixes value format Mod Configuration Menu
  • Version v3.1.3-e1.4.0
    • For e1.4.0
    • Should fix the performance issues
    • Fixes value format
  • Version v3.1.2-e1.4.1
    • For e1.4.1
    • Added translation support
    • Fixed group ordering
    • Internal fixed
  • Version v3.1.2-e1.4.0
    • For e1.4.0
    • Added translation support
    • Fixed group ordering
    • Internal fixed
  • Version v3.1.0-e1.4.1
    • For e1.4.1
    • Released 3.1.0 as Stable
  • Version v3.1.0-e1.4.0
    • For e1.4.0
    • Released 3.1.0 as Stable
  • Version v3.0.16-beta
    • Splits MCM into 3 Modules:
    • * ‘Mod Configuration Menu Beta’ – main module Mod Configuration Menu
    • * ‘MCM Beta MBO Integration’ – loads mods that use old MBOv1/MCMv2
    • * ‘MCM Beta ModLib Integration’ – loads mods that use old and new ModLib. Should load before ModLib
  • Version v3.0.15-beta
    • Fixed dependency CTD issue
  • Version v3.0.14-beta
    • Fixed dependency CTD issue
  • Version v3.0.13-beta
    • Fixed Dropdown save/loading with v2 API
  • Version v3.0.12-beta
    • Contains some preview changes like Presets. You should click on the ‘Default’ preset to restore/reset the settings to their default values
  • Version v3.0.10-beta-hotfix
    • v3.0.10-beta didn’t contain SubModule.xml
  • Version v3.0.10-beta
    • Should fix potential bugs from mods that use MBOv1 like DCC
  • Version v3.0.9-beta
    • Fixed old ModLib save/loading issues
    • Fixed encyclopedia UI issues
    • Restored the old behavior with Mod Options menu. Can be changed in ‘MCM UI’ settings
  • Version v3.0.8-beta
    • Fixed Bannerlord Tweaks issue with smiting.
  • Version v3.0.7-beta
    • Fixed ModLib loading and ModLib.Paches error
  • Version v3.0.6-beta
    • Fixed the options menu crash Mod Configuration Menu
  • Version v3.0.5-beta
    • Fixed the leave mission crash
  • Version v3.0.4-beta
    • Fixed the issue with Kill Bandits Raise Relations and Troops Give Reputation
  • Version v3.0.3-beta
    • Fixed the ERROR property name
  • Version v3.0.2-beta
    • Loading before native modules now works
  • Version v3.0.1-beta
    • Fixed MCMv2 settings
  • Version v3.0.0-beta
    • Beta release for e1.3.1 and e1.4.0
    • Setting can be shown in the game’s Option menu
    • Should be compatible with the old and new ModLib
    • Should work on the latest stable and beta
    • MCM should be loaded before ModLib or any mod that used MCM or ModLib
  • Version v2.0.11-beta2
    • Fixes an issue with ModLib options loading Mod Configuration Menu
  • Version v2.0.11-beta
    • Standalone release only.
    • Should fix the major problems with the older versions compatibility
    • Fixed an issue that causes the settings not to be updated when changing options ingame in some cases
    • Huge thanks to ReaperAnon for the help with the development!
  • Version v2.0.10
    • Starting with 2.0.10, the SubModuleClassType for the integrated MCM in SubModules.xml will change at every release, adding V(%VERSION%) at the end of the name. So, for it will be MBOptionScreen.MBOptionScreenSubModuleV2010
  • Version v2.0.9
    • Added the ModLib Substitute. ModLib is not required anymore.
    • Fixed ModLib’s editable values
    • Internal improvements for modders
  • Version v2.0.8-hotfix
    • Mod authors are encouraged to switch to v2.0.8 as there is an issue with widget name colliding with previous versions!
  • Version v2.0.8
    • Mod authors are encouraged to switch to v2.0.8 as there is an issue with widget name colliding with previous versions!
  • Version v2.0.7
    • Fixed Dropdown related issues
    • Fixed in-game menu doubling after each new campaign load
    • Fixed second Done click
    • Fixed the game ‘unpausing’ when entering options from the campaign
    • Rebranding To Mod Configuration Menu
  • Version v2.0.6
    • Minor fix for modders
  • Version v2.0.5
    • Should fix the issues with v1 of MBOptionScreen
  • Version v2.0.4
    • Added Dropdown property Mod Configuration Menu
    • Introduced v2 API of settings definition
    • Improved overall stability and compatibility with other ModLib
    • Major internal refactor
  • Version v1.1.15
    • Removed ModLib.dll as it will not work in every case
  • Version v1.1.14
    • The previous workaround didn’t handle typeref exceptions when ModLib.dll was required
    • This is fixed by introducing a ‘stub’ ModLib.dll
  • Version v1.1.11
    • Added a fallback mechanism for when ModLib is not loaded into the game
  • Version v1.1.10
    • Quick save fix for MBOptionScreen options
  • Version v1.1.9
    • Added an option to not hide ModLib menu Mod Configuration Menu
    • ModLib’s settings are now handled by it’s own save/load code. This way setting between ModLib and MBOptionScreen ModLib are shared
    • Groups are sorted with respect to number order
  • Version v1.1.8
    • Fixed resetting options
    • RequireRestart implemented. Setting that do not require restart will not cause one
  • Version v1.1.7
    • Fixed issues with ModLib
    • Resetting any MobLib Setting will still not display right, working on it
  • Version v1.1.6
    • Initial release Mod Configuration Menu


AKA MBOptionScreen Standalone.

Sources available at GitHub!
Credits to Drogean for the MCM Logos!

MCM is a Mod Options screen library designed to let modders use its API for defining the options.
It can also display settings from other API’s like ModLib, pre 1.3 and post 1.3, MBOv1/MCMv2/MCMv3, by using the compatibility layer modules.

MCM supports two setting types – Global and PerSave. Global are shared across characters and saves, PerSave are stored within the save file!

It provides 5 types of options:
* Bool
* Int Slider / Textbox
* Float Slider / Textbox
* Textbox
* Dropdown

The settings can be defined at compile time by using the Attribute API and at runtime by using the Fluent Builder.

See the Docs for more details!


MCMv4 introduced new dependencies – Harmony, ButterLib and UIExtenderEx, reducing its own code and removing a lot of unnecessary abstractions and workarounds..
Harmony is used to have a single 0Harmony.dll across the game
ButterLib is a general modding library that eases mod development
UIExtenderEx is a fork of UIExtender that does the same thing, but the inside implementation is different.

Documentation for v4 is available.

Mod Configuration Menu Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Mod Configuration Menu Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Mod Configuration Menu Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install it?

  1. Find the Modules folder in your Bannerlord installation location. For Steam users, this is usually here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules
  2. Download the latest version of this mod and drop the folder inside Modules from the archive into your game’sModules folder.
  3. Start the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord launcher and select all Mod Configuration Menu mods to be loaded.

Your Modules folder structure should look something like this:

Mod Configuration Menu Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Your mod order in the launcher should look something like this:

Mod Configuration Menu Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Based on the Beta experience, users are expected to have two issues that can cause an CTD:

  • Blocked DLL’s
  • Harmony installation issues.

Unblocking DLL’s

You may need to right click on every Bannerlord.MBOptionScreen.*\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\*.dll files, click Properties, and click Unblock if you extracted the zip file with Windows Explorer or other programs that try to secure extracted files.

Harmony installation issues

Check Harmony’s Troubleshooting for more info on how to fix it.

No other than MCM’s settings visible

There were similar reports. Most likely some mod like DCC is loaded before MCM. Make sure that DCC or any other mod depending on MCM is loaded after MCM!

Mod Configuration Menu Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Mod Configuration Menu Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


nowmods download

Main files:
?Mod Configuration MenuFor v1.0.0/v1.0.1/v1.0.2
v1.0.2 stealth update fix. We ship Newtonsoft.Json 13 for backwards compatibility
Optional files:
?Mod Configuration MenuFor e1.4.3/e1.5.0/e1.5.1/e1.5.2/e1.5.3/e1.5.4/e1.5.5/e1.5.6/e1.5.7/e1.5.8/e1.5.9/e1.5.10/e1.6.0/e1.6.1/e1.6.2/e1.6.3/e1.6.4/e1.6.5/e1.7.0/e1.7.1
Backported freezing textbox bugfix
?Mod Configuration MenuFor e1.7.2/e1.8.0/e1.8.1/e1.9.0
When loading incorrect Json, reset with saving a correct default


  • 4.1.0 Requires a clean install! Do not just replace the folder, delete the old Bannerlord.MBOptionScreen!
  • Make sure that Mod Configuration Menu v4 loads BEFORE ModLib!

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