Modular Gloves Collection

Modular Gloves Collection | Cyberpunk 2077

by Dona

Modular Gloves Collection replaces different middle things with gloves. Separate left/right hand models and tones. Female V as it were.

Creator: Echorra

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Modular Gloves Collection

Modular Accessory Collection
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This Modular Gloves Collection mod replaces different middle things with gloves. You can pick yourself which middle thing will be supplanted, and add different glove models and shadings to one or two hands. This mod uses space 1 and 2 of the accessible 15 openings. I plan to add more things over the long run to top off the leftover spaces and permit you to make your own blends of extras.

How this mod works

Thing to Replace – Install at least one chronicles from this Modular Gloves Collection organizer. These figure out which middle item(s) will be supplanted. You can utilize more than each in turn, this will build the measure of things that are supplanted with the frill from this mod. Without somewhere around a solitary replacer document this mod will sit idle. You can discover this envelope in the “Replacer Archives” principle document.

Modular Gloves Collection

The “MAC – Torso – Replacer Archive Codes.txt” record remembered for the “Replacer Archives” download contains a rundown of codes showing the things each replacer document replaces. Photos of the apparel model supplanted by each replacer document are likewise remembered for the “Replacer Archives” download, and furthermore in Modular Gloves Collection on this page.

Modular Gloves Collection

Collection – Install the Modular Gloves Collection documents you browse this envelope. Each document adds a glove model when the supplanted thing is worn. Left hand gloves use opening 1, right hand gloves use space 2. The main exemption are the different bracers from the Rogue gloves which can be placed in space 1, 2, 10 and 11. Introduce just a solitary file for an opening, if not they will overwrite one another. You can discover this envelope in the “All-in-one” primary record or the particular glove discretionary documents.

Modular Gloves Collection


nowmods download

? Download All-in-one Modular Gloves Collection

? Hide Weapon Grip or Gorilla KnucklesStandalone file. Hides weapon grip decal, device or both. Hides left, right or both gorilla knuckles.
Prevents clipping with certain gloves.
? PicturesOptional. Contains the photos utilized on the mod page in the legitimate envelope structure.
? Replacer ArchivesNeeded for the mod to work. Introduce at least one files to choose which item(s) to supplant.
Indistinguishable from the Replacer Archives document accessible for other Modular Accessory Collection mods, no compelling reason to download on different occasions.

Optional files:

? Alt GlovesAlt gloves for one or both hands. Requires main file “Replacer Archives” to function.
? Boxer GlovesBoxer gloves for one or both hands. Requires main file “Replacer Archives” to function.
? Claire GloveClaire glove for the right hand. Requires main file “Replacer Archives” to function.
? Fingerless GlovesFingerless gloves for one or both hands. Requires main file “Replacer Archives” to function.
? Judy GloveJudy glove for the left hand. Requires main file “Replacer Archives” to function.
? Meredith GlovesMeredith gloves for one or both hands. Requires main file “Replacer Archives” to function.
? Ninja GlovesNinja gloves for one or both hands. Requires main file “Replacer Archives” to function.
? Panam GlovesPanam gloves for one or both hands. Requires main file “Replacer Archives” to function.
? Ripperdoc GloveRipperdoc glove for the left hand. Requires main file “Replacer Archives” to function.
? Rogue GlovesRogue gloves for one or both hands. Full, glove and bracer variants. Requires main file “Replacer Archives” to function.


  • Extract the .7z Modular Gloves Collection documents and spot the .chronicle records you pick in the mod envelope situated at Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod.
    In the event that the mod envelope doesn’t exist essentially make it.
  • Default game introduce area for steam is C:\program documents (86x)\steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077
    Default game introduce area for GOG is C:\program documents (86x)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Cyberpunk 2077
  • To uninstall eliminate the documents from the mod envelope.

?‍? How to install Cyberpunk 2077 mods with specific instructions

Modular Gloves Collection

Installation example

Suppose you need to supplant the spiked coat with the ripperdoc gloves, right hand Alt glove and a Rogue bracer. You then, at that point, place the accompanying files in the Modular Gloves Collection mod organizer:


The real documents can contrast contingent upon the shadings you pick. For the bracer in this specific model a chronicle that utilizations space 11 could likewise have been utilized, it would have no effect.

Modular Gloves Collection

Glove limitations

Gloves have a few issues that I have either (to some degree) fixed or are unfixable:

  • Cutting will happen with specific gloves utilized in mix with various cyberarms. Each arm has a somewhat unique model, and these are likewise unique for first and third individual. I have dispensed with most section however for certain arms and a few activitys it is a bad dream.
  • The cyberware decals that get put on your arms with the diverse cyberarms cut effectively, particularly with tight gloves. These decals drift over your arm, which makes addressing this issue generally incomprehensible. The gloves Modular Gloves Collection would turn out to be too huge.
  • The knuckles on gorilla arms and the weapon hold on your right hand cut with (a portion of) the gloves. I have incorporate a discretionary document that makes these undetectable.
  • With mantis edges the gloves won’t follow your hands accurately when you have the mantis cutting edges dynamic.
  • With the shot dispatch framework the glove on your left hand won’t follow your hand accurately when pointing or shooting the cannon.
Modular Gloves Collection


Not viable with different mods that change a similar thing as the replacer archive(s) you’ve picked.

Each replacer Modular Gloves Collection document replaces ALL things that utilization that specific dress model.

Different mods that supplant any of these things won’t be shown while the replacer file is introduced.

Modular Gloves Collection

Thanks to

Johnson for figuring out how to make items appear correctly on your arms when using a 15 slot ent
Nim for the guide on making unique entities Modular Gloves Collection
alphaZomega for the Noesis plugin and 010 template
Rfuzzo and the Wolvenkit Team for CP77Tools
The Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Discord for their amazing tutorials

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