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by Dona

No Dirty Lens Effect is an exceptionally basic mod eliminates the “filthy focal point” or “focal point soil” impact found in the game.

Creator: RumenWest

No Dirty Lens Effect

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This mod doesn’t have any known conditions other than the base game.

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
Hugs’s preset for Toussaint
Wiedzmin Lighting Mod

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No Dirty Lens Effect is the main change/mod I’ve endeavored at any point ever to do, and comprises of making a solitary surface straightforward. I’ve followed the little aides Cd Projekt Red gave to simplify surface substitution mods and figured out how to eliminate this impact which had been messing with me since the arrival of the game.

Note: This No Dirty Lens Effect mod just eliminates the messy focal point impact and doesn’t change some other screen impact. You’ll in any case see water beads and the focal point flare that was included Blood and Wine, the two of which can be taken out with the accompanying mods

Note #2: The Super Turbo Lighting Mod by Essenthy won’t work in the event that you have the “no messy focal point mod” introduced, so you’ll have to eliminate this mod.

Nonetheless, the STLM mod eliminates the grimy focal point impact as a matter of course.


nowmods download

📥 Download No Dirty Lens Effect Mod

To utilize this, essentially drop the “modNoDirtyLensEffect” envelope into your “mods” organizer. In case this is the principal mod you’re utilizing, you’ll initially need to make the “mods” envelope in your Witcher 3 catalog.

It should look somewhat this way: \<path>\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods\modNoDirtyLensEffect

In like manner, assuming you need to eliminate this No Dirty Lens Effect mod, just erase the “modNoDirtyLensEffect” envelope.

Tried on fix 1.08.1/1.08.2/1.08.3/1.10/1.11/1.12/1.21/1.22/1.30/1.31/1.32

No Dirty Lens Effect

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