No Forced Scope

No Forced Scope | Red Dead Redemption 2

by Dona

No Forced Scope RDR2 enables Sniper Rifles to peer down sights. Do you adore the Carcano or Rolling Block rifles yet disdain that you can just utilize them as marksmen and can’t utilize them as normal rifles? Well in the event that you do, this mod is intended for you.

Creator: MaVeRicK

No Forced Scope RDR2

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Lenny’s Mod Loader

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Fundamentally gives the Carcano Rifle and both Rolling Block rifles the capacity to point down sights. You can in any case switch among extension and sights like you can on different rifles.

Likewise, assuming you need to totally eliminate the degree from them I’ve made a discretionary record that allows you to do that at the weapon store. Very much like with different rifles, go to weapon customization and introduce ‘No Scope’.

You can then uninstall this discretionary record and the extension will remain eliminated, it will not break the weapon, and you can even re-introduce any degree you like back on the expert rifleman. This ofc won’t chip away at the Rare Rolling Block since you can’t redo it.

No Forced Scope RDR2


Lenny’s Mod Loader is Required to utilize this mod.

Duplicate ‘No Forced Scope’ envelope into ‘lml’ organizer.

Duplicate ‘No Scope Catalog’ organizer into ‘lml’ folder, modify your weapon, then, at that point, erase this envelope.

nowmods download

Download No Forced Scope RDR2

No Forced Scope RDR2


The principle mod alters the weapons.ymt and will struggle with any mod that alters this document. In case you are utilizing Red Dead Offline you can duplicate the mod.xml which is incorporated to the lml envelope to fix the heap request.

The discretionary mod alters catalog_sp.ymt which will struggle intensely with different mods like NPC Catalog and Red Dead Offline.

You can introduce it just to eliminate the extension then, at that point, eliminate it once more.

Assuming you have another mod that alters Catalog_sp.ymt document, alter the mods.xml record in your lml organizer to make my mod ‘No Scope Catalog’ be rearward in the heap request segment.

No Forced Scope RDR2

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