SCI-FI Fantasy Core

SCI-FI Fantasy Core (Frontiers) | No Man’s Sky

by Mei Mei

SCI-FI Fantasy Core is a game overhaul for No Man’s Sky changing gameplay, adding new gameplay mechanics, improving visuals, planets terrain, flora, fauna, adding diversity, buildings, and custom new props.


No Man’s Sky SCI-FI Fantasy Core (Frontiers)

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SCI-FI Fantasy Core is a game overhaul for No Man’s Sky changing gameplay, adding new gameplay mechanics, improving visuals, planets terrain, flora, fauna, adding diversity, buildings, and custom new props.

Most of the changes are not visible for vanilla players, but you can instance a game with them still. The Alpha Vector bonus ship given by the mod is visible by vanilla players and will stay in your save after the mod removal.

This mod can be switch to vanilla as often as you want. The mod is compatible with any mods as long as their filename starts by an underscore.

NOTE FOR MODDERS: “SCI-FI Fantasy Core” Aims to be a layer for modding, and that is easy to maintain (quickly updatable) The inhibitors (quickly updatable, 100% made of vanilla files), responds to people wishes, but it is also a start for furthers mods. I gave a detailed description of them so that, people take the inhibitors and tweak them to create their own mods, that will tweak the core. It’s also an interesting and easy way to learn modding for newbies. Since inhibitor’s descriptions give info on what the vanilla game files are changing, and with some advice on what they do to the game.



  1. Drag the MOD pack of the archive into [NMSGAMELOCATION]/PCBANKS/MODS/
  2. Remove <Disablemods.txt> located in [NMSGAMELOCATION]/PCBANKS/
  3. Add the inhibitor pack to the SCI-FI Fantasy Core mods folder without caring about compatibility warnings (the <_> prefix will overwrite the core file, which is what we want)
nowmods download

? Download No Man’s Sky SCI-FI Fantasy Core – Frontiers Version

Optional files:
? No Man’s Sky SCI-FI Fantasy Core Documentation
? No Man’s Sky SCI-FI Fantasy Core Inhibitor – Frontiers Version
? No Man’s Sky SCI-FI Fantasy Core Tweakers -Frontiers Version

Any of the following aspects can be disabled by adding the corresponding inhibitor given with the mod. If the one you are needing is not given, you can ask me to add it.

Frontiers Features Change

  • Realistic Pet behaviour (Reworked the way pets are spritting, getting tired and walking with you. Pets will guide you to the things they can spot far in the distance)
  • Settlements NPC’s gives missions
  • Settlements can be decorated with interactive objects and decorations
  • Frontiers doesn’t support Dragonfly Geobay creation (but Dragonfly is still in modded tradingposts)


  • SCI-FI Fantasy Core improved sunset colors and day skies
  • Spaceships hot trailis removed for more realistic rendering (trails are syill visible in combat, if you use a custom trail or for any player seeing you
  • Spaceships have more detailed and shiny metalic parts. Shuttles have fresh paiting and/or metallic shinny parts
  • Reduction of storms bliding
  • Blur effect in the distance – you must active depth of field in the photomode lens tab in order to be able to control the focal point
  • Planets filter are brighter
  • Water is more reflections and transparent
  • Menus are more pleasing with custom backgrounds images


  • Asteroids overhaul: More sparse, possibility of huge ones, no more clipping on them, they spawn more often rare items, contact with them is lethal
  • More traffic in space. Added custom spaceships models
  • Trading routes are hidden
  • Derelic freighters mission now happens in a procedural crash site
  • SCI-FI Fantasy Core sentinels ships are roaming in space and can be purchased
  • Spaceships AI improvements
  • Spaceships land more often on planet surface
  • Improved spaceships controls: Can hover on planets, booster is more efficient [almost Pulse speed + Direction controls (useful to enter planets atmosphere faster, or in pulse breakdown)]
  • Improved spaceships combat system: More efficient enemy weapons, more dodgy and faster enemies. Enemy health balanced according to their numbers and to their wanted level)
  • Player’s multi-tool mining speed is 5 times faster
  • Take-off are 25% cheaper (this value will change from a ship to another and also it will depend on the game mode)
  • Jetpacks (suit and mech) have larger tanks (depends on the level of SCI-FI Fantasy Core upgrades installed (can reach almost infinite(use jetpack is using the lifesupport aswell))
  • Hyperdrive range is boosted
  • One Warp cell can be used for 5 jumps (spaceships breakdown will be surprising/not a routine)

Gameplay changes

  • Faster game start (mining x5, that feature is only Prisms version), exocraft geobay is only 4 metal plates and 1 ion battery, and can be stacked as an item in inventory (you don’t have to build it each time), bets for creatures, creatures mounting is more efficient)
  • Cameras overhaul: all cameras have larger FOV, Camera will place more far or on shoulder depending in SCI-FI Fantasy Core situstions (like while mining on vehicles) The camera will not shake unless massive scale events happen (nearby Sand-worms or volcanic eruptions) The spaceship is not visible while warping between 2 systems
  • Exocraffts control rework so that they are an efficient way to travel on planet surface. (Able to climb mountains and fast travelling. Each exocrafts have its own adventages) It is recommanded to install a boost update on every vehicles + Mech perform 360 turns fast
  • Sentinels combat improvements: Sentinels are more dodgy, they will hide from player sight, their attacks are more powerful and short. Combat escalade faster. The walker will act like a boss and will use a machinegun as a final attack when his life is low. It’s attack is very powerful but still dodgable if you focus it. With SCI-FI Fantasy Core, dogs act like sipers, and drones will take high sky to locate your position
  • Player’s onfoot movements are improved: Turns are faster, jetpack is more controlable in air and can be use as a way to travel. Rocket boots do a bigger jump that allows to take off for flying or to get out of caves. Player swims faster, and jetpack under water is more efficient. The player walk by default, you will have to use the sprint action in order to run (or use the jetpack). Player is not slowed down while using multi-tool shield (for more dynamic combats)


  • Exocrafts geobays are cheaper and can be stack in inventories
  • Addition of the dragonfly exocraft which is a version of the submarine athat can go on planet surface
  • Trading posts have more interactive onjects which some are only available for a particular race system. They have save point tables, missions terminals, several solo missions terminal, purchasable weapons on Vykeen systems, suit upgrades on Korvax Systems, Spaceships upgrades terminals on Gek systems, player customization stations, Exocrafts Geobays (useful for doing collect missions)
  • Player customization have more advanced body option with several shades of weight or height. As well as more facial shape options
  • Electromagnetic generators don’t require electromagnetic fields to work, which can be use if you don’t want to have to worry about electric powering
  • Light tables and beds are save points
  • Large Computer Desks are signal scanners. Shelf storage, lockers, worktops & draws, opens character customization
  • Bed and Light tables are save points
  • Screen monitors open NPC’s missions interface
  • Weaponrack allows to infinitly buy new multitools (the seed depends on the weaponracks)
  • Plants pot decorations
  • Generates sodium, salt, carbone, or Oxygen
  • Fan Ventilation generates oxygen
  • Roof monitors & robotic arm infinitly open upgrade suit interface (same costs that on space stations)
  • Collect all ferrite substances in Large Flat Crates SCI-FI Fantasy Core
  • Collect silver, Copper, Platine & more in Cubic Crates
  • Collect chromatic metal, lonised cobalt, nanites, and more in Freighters Hangars Crates
  • Collect Chore on sea plants Decorations
  • Freighters hangars have spaceships upgrades station very convinient since you can switch ships fast
  • Freighters Hangars jave nexus portals which allows to quick fo to a base (faster than calling the nexus)
  • You can build wood and concrete eartch parts inside your freighter
  • You can buil underwater base parts above planet surface
  • Every building items are resizable
  • When starting a new game you will have the Alpha Vector spaceship as the default spaceship and a nice multitool
  • Default player skin is replaced by a nicer one (you must save it in the characters customization save slots in order to have it in vanilla as well)
  • Default characters presets are nicer (some are chars from the trailers of the mod) (you also have to save it in the characters customization save slots in order to see it in vanilla as well)


  • Atmospheric SCI-FI Fantasy Core procedural NPCs Freighters looking for distress signals (some can be under attack)
  • Changes on sandworms:
    • Sandworms spawn more ofter
    • Sandworms slides on planet surface
    • Sandworms have collisions
    • Sandworms avoid structures
    • Sandworms can be interacted with when close enough (loot Ancian bones)
    • Sandworms take damages
    • Sandworms can performs 360 turns
    • Sandworms are more different in sizes (much more bigger or smaller)
    • Sandworms are visible on bioculars and can be scanned (very challenging)
  • Planets fauna diversity improved
  • Creatures behaviors and animations improvements
  • Creatures can be smaller and larger
  • Pets riders and fly faster
  • Fiends spawn more numerous but with low Health (make fiends combats scarier and fun)
  • Creatures spawn more far ub tge sustance
  • Flying snakes tails improvements
  • Rare creatures spawn more often
  • In SCI-FI Fantasy Core, planets have more various type of terrain
  • Terrain have fantasy shapes hills and resources formations (mainly compatible with vanilla terrain, you might have to use the multi-tool’s terrain manipulator tool to remove things while passing from vanilla to modded)
  • Fantasy planets generation: planet color changes, planes have E3 props, buildings, and other custom props
  • Planets have higher density
  • Planets with high storms have broken trees on the floor
  • Caves have treasures chests, fiend eggs, and predators hidden in them
  • Redesigned biomes

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