NPC Map Locations

NPC Map Locations | Stardew Valley

by Dona

NPC Map Locations shows the areas of NPC and ranchers on the guide page and on a minimap. Gives altered guide pages that are significantly more exact to the game.

Creator: Bouhm and Pathoschild

NPC Map Locations

nowmods information

Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes

Mods requiring this file:

Mod nameNotes
Locations of APi and APIHouseRequired
NPC Map Locations – UkrainizacijaNeed to install | Потрібно завантажити
NPC Map Locations PL
Yagisan’s Custom NPCs for NPC Map LocationsRequired

Author’s instructions
– This is an open-source project. Modders are allowed to contribute at:
– This mod gives its own guide resources that are intensely changed from the first. Anybody is allowed to make recolors/changes of these resources without consent. 
– Do not have this mod on different destinations or stages without my consent.

File credits

Map recolors:
– Minerva (minervamaga) for Ace’s Expanded Farms
– Ria (riazaia) for Eemie’s Recolour and Starblue Valley
– Elle (junimods) for Elle’s Dirt and Cliff Recolor
– SilentResident for Farm Extended
– HESPERONIS for Stardew Foliage Redone
– Countbuggula for Starblue Valley for Stardew Valley Expanded

– HappyHackingNinja for Chinese
– superdadidou for French
– Markus and Nanogamer7 for German
– simplefield for Japanese
– qqkookie for Korean
– josemscnogueira, Felipe, and Gustavo for Portuguese
– Cpt.Cancer for Russian
– Edith for Spanish
– LunaLuti for Turkish

Version 2.2.1

Version 2.0.0
Reworked tracking system, cleaner code for open source
Modified map page that is more accurate to the game
Translations for localization
Game content update
Menu tweaks, minor features

Version 1.44
Custom villager names compatibility
QoL change with mod menu
KeyNotFound exception fix

Version 1.42
SMAPI 1.1 Update
Cross-platform compatibility with Linux/Mac
Show Hidden Villagers feature
Version Checker Feature
Configurations, bug fixes, etc

Version 1.31
Bug fixes

Version 1.10
New menu
Immersion settings
Show NPC options
Pretty big update, took awhile because I was trying to figure out creating all the menu stuff.



If a farmhand has the mod installed but the host does not, it will not work.

  • Redrawn map page that is significantly more precise to the game
  • Precisely tracks NPCs, ponies, and players (made conceivable with redrawn map)
  • Occasional guides that change with season (counting recolored maps)
  • Multiplayer support
  • Minimap HUD that can be resized/moved around screen/flipped on or (off naturally)
  • Mod menu for changing mod arrangement in-game
  • Shows areas of ranch structures and lodges
  • Backing for map recolors that naturally load dependent on introduced mods
NPC Map Locations
  • Loads of designs for appearing/concealing characters including when conversed with, when inside a similar area, when inside a predetermined closeness level, missions or potentially birthday celebrations, and so forth
  • Consequently changes following for custom guides (eg. when utilizing Farm mods bigger than the vanilla Farm)
  • Similarity with LOTS of NPC/map mods, with future-sealing.
  • Backing for custom or modded areas/maps
  • Backing for custom NPCs or NPC mods including new sprites and changed names
  • Backing for custom NPC outfits 
  • Interpreted for all upheld SDV restrictions
NPC Map Locations


nowmods download

? Download PC Map Locations 2.6.6

? NPC Map Locations 2.5.11

Mod Configurations

Using the Mod Menu:
– For Keyboard + Mouse: While the map is open, press the ‘TAB’ key to open the mod menu.
– For Controllers: While the map is open, press the ‘Y’ button to open the mod menu.

Minimap (disabled by default)
– Configurations in the mod menu.
– Can be moved around by holding CTRL + dragging with the mouse

NPC Map Locations

Common Problems

Copy townspeople when utilizing different mods with NPC following (UI Info Suite and Foxyfficiency)
UI Info Suite and Foxyfficiency have an element to show townspeople, and accordingly having it introduced alongside this mod will show copy locals. To keep utilizing this mod, there are choices in UI Info Suite and Foxyfficiency to debilitate only the NPC following (take a gander at the particular mod pages for more data).

Dark screen/Game freezes/crash on macOS/linux
Update Mono for macintosh here:
Update Mono for linux here:

Source code is available on my github.

NPC Map Locations

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