Ped Damage Overhaul | Red Dead Redemption 2

by Gemma

Ped Damage Overhaul mod make the fight and violence interactions in Red Dead Redemption 2 become more diverse, livid, and interesting in their own way. It makes the NPCs behave get shot like stumbling and falling when running with a hurt leg, squirming on the ground when injured, lying moaning in pools of their own blood, and much more.

Creator: hinti21

Ped Damage Overhaul

nowmods information

Ped Damage Overhaul (RDR2) in requires: ScriptHook by Alexander Blade

(Script Hook RDR2)

  • Other client’s resources: 
    The assets in the Ped Damage Overhaul file belong to the author, some are from allowed-to-utilize modder’s assets. So if you want to use the assets, don’t forget to seek permission
  • Transfer consent: 
    Don’t upload Ped Damage Overhaul file to other websites in any conditions
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    You must get permission from the creator before modifying the file to improve it.
  • Transformation consent: 
    You are not permitted to change this document over to deal with different games under any conditions
  • Resource use authorization
    Get authorization from hinti21 before you are permitted to utilize any of the resources in this document.
  • Asset use permission (for mods/file are bring sold):  
    No! Don’t allow to everyone use assets from this file in any mobs/files even it’s being sold. For the money, it uses on Steam Workshop or other platforms.
  • Resource use authorization in mods/records that procure gifts focuses:
    You are not permitted to acquire Donation Points for mods in the event that they utilize my resources.

❗️ Some notes from Author:

This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions

⭕️ Credit files:

HJ from

Ped Damage Overhaul version 1.57

  • Added:
    • ini values for configuring shock state behavior
    • ini value for configuring a velocity threshold for DyingStates (set in if NPC moves slower)
    • horse core drain
    • ini values for horse core drain
    • navy revolver to supported weapons
    • ini values for configuring TieYourLasso-modification-values
    • ini value for spine paralysis audio chance
  • Improved:
    • Audio responses from NPCs
  • Reduced: shock state behavior
  • Implemented modifications for TieYourLasso-mod NPC behavior (enabled by default)
  • NPCs move more often when down
  • Introduced “light” config
  • Tweaked:
    • ini for better compatibility with any euphoria Ped Damage Overhaul mods
    • ini values for better gameplay 
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs would loop sounds



Ped Damage Overhaul mod does not only make the gunfights more dynamic and diverse but also keep them that way throughout the game

Once you apply this mod to the game, you will find the NPCs stumbling when trying to run with hurt legs. It gets the wind knocked out of them when getting shot and squirming on the ground when fatally injured. Moaning in the pool of their own blood until face at the death. Even clutching their wounds and stumbling around when hit,… you can see there are many interactions on them

Important Keys

A list of important keys for toggling can be modified through the ini file

  • F9: Toggling the mod on/off (the mod is enabled by default).
  • F8: Toggling “Kill Wounded Mode” on/off (is disabled by default). Ped Damage Overhaul mod adds a feature Dying States which makes NPCs die instead of entering the “Dying States”
  • F7:  Toggling “Longer Bleedouts Mode” on/off (is disabled by default).
    • Base on the default, Ped Damage Overhaul mod makes NPCs in “Dying States” bleed out (max 25 seconds). This thing for not interfere with spawning waves of enemies during missions, only triggered when the first wave is dealt with.
    • In the case “Longer Bleedouts mode” is activated, NPCs take longer to bleed out, more realistic but also hindering during some missions.
  • F2:  Toggling “Friendly Fire” on/off (is disabled by default), it now only work for the Dutch Vander Linde Gang


Main important features:

  • Most of all the features and their characteristics are based on chance, so the behaviors will not be the same every time you encounter them. These things make the fight more diverse and keep them interesting for longer than vanilla does
  • Every feature can be enabled, disabled, or tweaked in the ini file! Red Damage Overhaul is not only a mod but also enables you to create your own experience
  • This mod change behaviors and attributes of human NPCs, animals or anything else that can remain untouched

Light version:

  • React to where NPCs are being shot
    • Leg shots will make them stumble when trying to run
    • Hand shots will disarm them
    • Torso shots will stagger them
  • NPC’s health decreases below a certain threshold will make them fall over and don’t get back up. Then they go through different stages of dying (random behavior). Finally, NPCs will die because of blood loss.
  • NPCs sometimes audibly react in hopeless situations such as panicking, begging, cursing, etc
  • A bleeding feature that makes NPCs lose health after being fatally injured. This features operates based on chance, so NPCs don’t all bleed out in the same amount of time.
  • NPCs burn alive for longer when set on fire. There is also have a small chance of NPCs surviving a fire although they will not be able to do much afterward
  • Based on NPCs’ health, they can have a chance of staying on the ground for a random amount of time when shot, so you can now knock the breath out of your opponents.
  • Ped Damage Overhaul adjusted all behaviors the movement and pain sounds

Standard version

The same features as in the Light version, however, this version have some other additions

  • Tweaked
    NPC health and player damage are now no more bullet sponges
    NPC damage to offer more challenge to the player (since NPCs don’t eat bullets for breakfast anymore).
  • Improved the feeling between weapons, their condition and ammo types in combat
  • NPCs are less accurate shots and their accuracy declines along with their health.
  • Arm and leg shots do less damage to NPCs.
  • All NPCs can be disarmed (yes, even lawmen).
  • Hogtying disarms NPCs, so if they manage to get loose, they can’t shoot you – they might draw a hidden knife, though.

Overhaul version

Features same as in the standard version and add some others

Core drain (health, stamina, dead eye) has been moderately increased – now hunting and buying food become necessary options
Cores will be fully drained after death
Additional 25% of the money lost after death


  1. Download Alexander Blade’s ScriptHook and Extract Zip file
  2. Then go to the bin-folder and copy the Dinput8.dll and ScriptHookRDR2.dll into your RDR2 installation directory (where the exe of RDR2 is)
  3. Download the zip file of this Ped Damage Overhaul mod and extract it
  4. Choose either the realistic or standard version and open the respective folder
  5. Take all the files from the folder (PedDamageOverhaul.asi, PedDamageOverhaul.ini) and put them into your RDR2 installation directory (where the exe of RDR2 is)
  6. Start the Red Dead Redemption 2 game and have fun
nowmods download

? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Ped Damage Overhaul v1.57

Optional files

Alternative Config (longer burning only)

? If you like playing Red Dead Redemption 2, you can check out other mods here:

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