Performance Booster and Plugin Extender

Performance Booster and Plugin Extender | Monster Hunter: World

by Gemma

Start plays the Monster Hunter: World game more smoothly by improving performance booster and plugin extender. The game experience also becomes better when removing swathes of extremely unoptimized code, even they are ultimately irrelevant to function in the game. Besides, the advanced plugins are also added in this mod which to run properly. Hope you enjoy it!

Creator: AsteriskAmpersand and Moonbunnie

Performance Booster and Plugin Extender

nowmods information

Nowmods require: Stracker’s Loader

Mods require:

(UPDATED) Weapon Cheat for Fatalis Alatreon Safi and Kulve – (Needed for Stracker’s Loader)-mhg- Custom Quest Pack – Required to load Custom Quests
A Birthday Party Gone Wrong. Custom Post-Game Quest – Needed by the loaderAT’s Return – Uniques HR monsters with MR stats – includes Extreme Behemoth and alpha tempered monsters
All Bow Shots Are Dragon PiercersAll Bow Shots Are Xeno’jiiva Beams (Packed Separately)
ALL bowgun and bow can use all ammo and coating plus or norm and rapid fire MOD last version supportAzure Blaze Longsword(LS)- Weapon EFX Commission
All Deliveries are freeArena Training Quest Pack
Casual Monsters
Casual quests
Charles Titor’s Quest BundleDash for some weapons
Cheat Table Monster Hunter World Requirement for CRC Bypass (Prevent Crashes)Classic Alatreon Rework (No Eschaton Judgement or Clagger)
Coral Orchestra Buff RNG ManipulatorCustom Rainbow Pigment
Enhanced Mantle MOD last version supportDragonpiercer rework
EX Quest Pack – As of Iceborne update 15.X.X, required to load questsEnhanced skills and set bonus MOD last version support
Fair Challenge Fatalis Questflame kirin
FerrousVerneuil – If the game is closed during use, then you need this modLance Quality Of Life Overhaul – tested on 1.3 (optional but suggested)
Helios and Skadi Alatreon – Quest CommisionHellblade Glavenus – MHWI
How rapid-fire should beIceborne Lance Rework
Infinite Monster Guiding Lands TimerGunner Defense Rework
Mess-around Quest Pack
MHRise LongSword
MHRise LongSword-Version B-fixMHW Randomizer Quests
mhxx valor longswordMore Fatalis latest version
My Monster Hunter World Iceborne ModsName Editor Table Fatalis Edition
Normal Sharpness With PurpleOP Cheat Beastking Thunderbow
Rephatreon by Charles TitorResurgence – Returning Monster – Crimson Fatalis
Resurgence – Returning Monster – White FatalisRise and Valor style long sword (MUST)
Rose Style – Switch Axe RedoneSealed Feystones Quest (S.F.Q)
Shield axe defense hit derivation modificationSimple MH rise-style quick sheathe
Slimmer Samurai Layered ArmorSpookei-Spookei Quest
Stracker’s Loader This is the CRC FixStygian Rajang
SupaOneShot GodTier Cheat Weapons ver_15.00.01 (Must be installed ! this will fix your random crashes)Switch Axe Frontier Laser Effect Replacement
The Last Vaal Hazak – Modpack CommisionThe TRUE GOD comes to the world
Tic Rate FixTigrex Swipe Longword
Valor LS version 1.1 updated for IB 15.XXValor.DLL file update
Violet Frost NamielleWorst Mod Ever
Xeno laser (Wyvernheart) or (Normal 3) or (both)Performance Booster and Plugin Extender

Other client’s resources: 
This author has not specified whether they have used assets from other authors or not

Transfer consent: 
Don’t upload Performance Booster and Plugin Extender file to other websites in any cases

Modification permission: 
You must get permission from the creator before modifying the file to improve it.

Transformation consent: 
You are not permitted to change this document over to deal with different games under any conditions

Resource use authorization
Get authorization from me before you are permitted to utilize any of the resources in this document.

Asset use permission (for mods/file are bring sold):  
No! Don’t allow to everyone use assets from this file in any mobs/files even it’s being sold. For the money, it uses on Steam Workshop or other platforms.

Resource use authorization in mods/records that procure gifts focuses:
You are not permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods in the event that they utilize my resources.

❗️ Some notes from Author:

  • This creator has not provided any additional notes regarding Performance Booster and Plugin Extender file permissions


To use Performance Booster and Plugin Extender mod, require download: stracker nativePC loader

Firstly, thanks to further research by Moonbunnie, the Performance Booster and Plugin Extender mod is now back to a more aggressive version in terms of performance improvement.

Performance Booster and Plugin Extender

As the short description above, you can understand by the way that the performance for the game is improved by removing swathes irrelevant to the game functioning, and enabling more advanced plugins

The most noticeable on CPU-constrained systems is the performance gain. It has given the atrocious “multithreaded” code the game runs on, almost everyone is CPU constrained unless they are using a Threadripper

The unnecessary CRC Code is removed, these codes repeatedly check the in-game memory region for bit errors. However, these regions are never touched and the game crashes only when bugs in the regions are detected —> so these things make error detection ultimately pointless, the code becomes unnecessary and just a detriment to performance. It’s done repeatedly and checks for around 250KB regions 32 times per rotation, so that is a massive waste of CPU usage

The plugin in Performance Booster and Plugin Extender mod has been tested to be stable up to 20 consecutive hours of playtime. It’s also confirmed to be stable for that long, much longer and even indefinitely


  • Moonbunnie for the injection values and offsets
  • Caliber for the original code optimization ideas
nowmods download

? Download Performance Booster and Plugin Extender

? If you are a fan of Monster Hunter: World RPG game, don’t skip these pieces in

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