Top Phasmophobia Mods You Must Try

[Updated 2022] Top Phasmophobia Mods You Have To Try


The unique horror game Phasmophobia is one that fans of the genre should definitely play. Players can have a great time exploring spooky places with their friends. It’s incredible how enjoyable and addictive the experience can become for a game that is meant to be quite spooky. The following mods can help players who want to make this PC game more meaningful than ever.

Top 15 Phasmophobia Mods You Must Try

For those of you who enjoy the feeling of horror and suspense, here are the top 15 most downloaded mods.

phasmophobia mods
The Top 15 Phasmophobia Mods You Must Try

1. Phasmo Gadget

Phasmophobia is a fear of different kinds of ghosts. Due to their overwhelming impact on players, it can be difficult to distinguish between all of these types.

Players can better understand how to recognize ghosts in the game with this Phasmophobia mods – Phasmo Gadget mod. It’s a fantastic way to simplify the process and make it more approachable for players, especially those who are just getting started.

2. Phonophobia

The game becomes even more unsettling thanks to this Phasmophobia mods addition of numerous eerie sound effects. It’s possible that the mod hasn’t been updated recently. However, it accomplishes the desired result and amplifies the fear associated with phasmophobia.

3. Phasmophobia Silver Cross 

The cross that appears in Phasmophobia is a fairly simple object that only goes as far as necessary. It can be used by the player to prevent the ghosts from attacking in their physical form. Of course, players who want to use mods to change every aspect of the game are free to do so.

As implied by the name, this Phasmophobia mods changes the cross into a shiny, silver version. Some players will undoubtedly appreciate the subtle but noticeable visual change.

4. Among Us Tarot Cards

The use of the phrase “multiplayer indie games” has become commonplace. It will be impossible to ignore bringing up Among Us’ enormous popularity. The pandemic has greatly increased the game’s popularity. With players who enjoy working together as a team to thwart the impostor’s murderous schemes.

With the help of this mod, Phasmophobia mods now feature tarot card images of the crew from Among Us. Fans will enjoy this entertaining mod. even more so if immersion is not their top priority.

5. Exorcist – Let’s ReShade Phasmophobia

For virtually any game, players can download a variety of reshade mods to completely alter the experience. After all, a visual makeover is a fantastic way to add interest to any game.

One of the mods on this list with the most features is the Exorcist reshade mod. The game then operates entirely in black and white. At the same time, bring the image to life by heavily utilizing the game’s terrifying atmosphere.

6. Scooby-Doo Edition

Phasmophobia mods best moments are compensated for by how cooperative it is. Actually, most people might say it’s like a fantastic cartoon about a group of friends looking for paranormal activity.
Players who enjoy Scooby-Doo can experience the same emotions by using the Phasmophobia Scooby-Doo Edition mod. With this fantastic mod, players can experience what it’s like to be part of a clumsy gang searching for ghosts.

phasmophobia mods

7. Fossu’s Light And Dark ReShade

Even though Phasmophobia mods occasionally offers enjoyable gameplay, it is still a horror game. This is where the Light and Dark ReShade mod by Fossu comes into play.

There are numerous mods that change Phasmophobia’s graphics in various ways. However, Fossu’s reshade mod significantly ups the game’s creep factor. For players who want to participate in the ghost-hunting action.

8. Phasmophobia Assistant

Though Phasmophobia appears to be a straightforward game, it actually offers a surprising amount of variety. Try Phasmophobia mods Assistant if you want this game to feel more engaging.

With this Phasmophobia mod, the game gains a straightforward tool. allows the player to change a lot of the game’s elements. Additionally, it acts as a list of categories that will help the player with their research.

9. Horror Ambiance

Phasmophobia has a number of components that add to the eerie atmosphere. Certainly effective in this context is sound. However, some players might want the game’s atmosphere to be amplified.

In this regard, Horror Ambiance is a fantastic Phasmophobia mods. It modifies a few of the game’s original sound files. Make background noise an ongoing source of awe and fear in the game.

10. Ghostbusters Radio

One of the best game mechanics in Phasmophobia is without a doubt the radio present. How this radio works as a fantastic communication tool. Before vanishing when the player distance is a surprisingly fun game mechanic.

Despite this, there is no justification for this radio to have some unique sounds. utilizing the Ghostbusters Radio mod. The upbeat Ghostbusters theme song took the place of the radio’s customary sound.

11. Ghostbusters Edition

Of course, players don’t have to stop with their entire Ghostbusters transformation at the radio. After all, the concept of phasmophobia is comparable to the close bond between the Ghostbusters. And altering the game to truly immerse yourself in this universe can be a great way to liven it up.

The Ghostbusters Edition mod performs as anticipated. With the addition of numerous Ghostbusters-related items and secrets, the game’s texture is altered. Participating in a ghost hunt gives the player a distinctive experience.

Phasmophobia mods Reddit:

12. Cam’s Reshade Preset

Horror games often have a dark theme that adds mystery and spine-tingling tension. That is what Cam’s Reshade Preset accomplishes. Having said that, the Phasmophobia mods artificially created soft lighting for an elegant title looks pretty good. Because the majority of the players are completely terrified.

13. New TV

The TV’s noise and screens are frequently used to great effect in horror movies and television shows. It’s a well-liked strategy that works well. However, Phasmophobia doesn’t really make the most of the TV’s presence.

Players can take advantage of this subtle but observable change in gameplay with the New TV mod. Although expected, the inclusion is still appreciated.

14. Coca Cola Anime Book

Phasmophobia mods’ oppressive characteristics can occasionally be perplexing. This is particularly true when the game runs out of tricks to use to surprise the player.

The most stupid thing you can download for Phasmophobia is the Coca Cola Anime Book mod. Its brilliance stems from that. Normally, the notebook is full of strange and spooky messages, but lately, cute anime girls have taken their place. Players simply cannot help but laugh at this because it feels so absurd.

15. Phasmophobia Pink Mod

Speaking of making Phasmophobia adorable, another Phasmophobia mods also displays this strangely entertaining style. For players who prefer something completely different, the Phasmophobia Pink Mod is a fantastic addition to the game.

The texture of this game’s cherry blossoms is almost everywhere. Most people will mistakenly believe they are playing a horror game because it is so strangely beautiful!


One of the top horror video games for a long time is Phasmophobia. The focus on co-op gameplay may have killed off the game’s atmosphere. But Phasmophobia is one of the most innovative titles because of its clever way of working. Phasmophobia mods have many special features that are essential for the success of the game. A game will end relatively soon if this is not done.

Players can only enjoy the base game for so long before losing interest. Although not exactly, the game’s content can be powerful. As a result, the majority of players chose to download some mods to enhance the appeal of the game. Here are some top Phasmophobia mods that can make playing more enjoyable.

The top 15 Phasmophobia mods are listed. As can be seen, Phasmophobia has a lot of unique and intriguing mods. The player’s experience will become even more unique as a result. For more information, look at some of our GAMING NEWS and MODDING GUIDES

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