Pip-boy overhaul

Texture Overhaul PipBoy UHD 4K | Fallout 4

by Dona

Pip-boy overhaul mod overhauls the pip-boy with new techs as: Ambient occlusion, Better normalmap, Depth on texture , New light/screws and cogs.

Creator: Gorgulla

Pip-boy overhaul Fallout 4

Pip-boy overhaul
nowmods information

This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Mods requiring this file:

Mod nameNotes
Hailey-a stealth save game
sayaheca’s personal retext compilationfor the pipboy texture modification

Credits and distribution permission:

  • Other client’s resources: Every one of the resources in this document have a place with the creator, or are from allowed-to-utilize modder’s assets.
  • Transfer consent: You are not permitted to transfer this Illuminated billboards Fallout 4 document to different destinations under any conditions.
  • Alteration authorization: You are not permitted to alter my records, including making bug fixes or enhancing highlights under any conditions.
  • Transformation consent: You are not permitted to change this Illuminated billboards Fallout 4 document over to deal with different games under any conditions.
  • Resource use authorization: You are not permitted to utilize resources from this document under any conditions.
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Author notes

Authorizations: This mod is given “with no guarantees”. Aftermath Texture update disavows all guarantees, communicated or suggested. You concur that you won’t imitate, duplicate, copy, sell, exchange, lease or exchange the mod (or any part thereof) for any reason.

File credits
Map base by Yuril, Thank you very much!

Version 2.3.1
Added a remake: 200 years old pipboy by Badou6890

Version 2.3
Added option to have a black screen instead of a green one.
Improved the details on the pipboy.

Version 2.2
Added some weathered Fallout 4 fontish text for the holotape and also sculpted the text on the normal.
Fixed NMM Bug

Version 2.1
Holotape is completely redone with much more details.
The Pip-Boy is now completely overhauled.

Version 2.0
Added glass texture for display
Also added a cracked glass display texture option.

Pip-boy overhaul mod now has a All In One installer with all options, enjoy!


  • Up to 8x the goal for the Pip-Boy.
  • Unpretentious Ambient impediment on the model.
  • Normalmap and diffuse together to give more profundity.
  • Better improved normalmap.
  • New screws, gear-teeth and light.
  • Totally revamped holotape.
  • Discretionary glass surface for the presentation.
  • Discretionary reasonable broke glass for the presentation.
  • Not a basic recolor.
Pip-boy overhaul

Go ahead and add as much pictures as you need and on the off chance that you like the mod, support or then again vote it so others can discover it and furthermore urge me to proceed.


Use Vortex or concentrate the compress to your information organizer. There ought to be an organizer named surfaces.

nowmods download

? Download FTO Pip-Boy All in one

Optional files:

? 200 years old pipboy by Badou6890


This mod is made by Gorgulla and is ONLY permitted to be transferred by Gorgulla on Bethesda.
On the off chance that you discover it somewhere else, IT’S STOLEN.
You are not permitted to change my mod and transfer it as your own.

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