Preem Water Cyberpunk 2077

Preem Water (New Variants) | Cyberpunk 2077

by Dona

More natural looking water with a few options to play with!

Creator: CyanideX

Preem Water Cyberpunk 2077

Preem Water Cyberpunk 2077
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Improvements to water animation and texturing in general. There are three options: canon, tropical, and standard.

  • For a clean surface and more realistic scale, Default Preem Water has lowered scale and increased normal texture intensity.
  • Tropical Preem Water has a tropical color and completely diverse light scattering, from depth to sun reflection. In order to enable viewing closer to the ocean floor, it also has a slower animation speed and less refraction. I also cleaned up some of the debris from the seafloor and the shoreline, drawing inspiration from user crubino.
  • With a few notable modifications, Canon Preem Water is the most similar to vanilla. Surface reflectivity has been decreased for less shiny reflections, scatter depth has been decreased for a muddier appearance, wave size has been increased, animation has been slowed down, and normal intensity has been decreased to make the water’s surface appear less appealing.

Along with changing the water’s properties, I also reshaped the sewers’ water flow mesh and adjusted the qualities to better match the surface. Unfortunately, the animated particles don’t quite resemble water because they now have a metallic characteristic and lack translucency. In order to fix the intensity of the waves in specific sections of the map, I also made changes to the world WaterMap.

Preem Water Cyberpunk 2077
Preem Water Cyberpunk 2077
Preem Water Cyberpunk 2077
Preem Water Cyberpunk 2077
Preem Water Cyberpunk 2077



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Download Preem Water Cyberpunk 2077 files:

?Preem Water1.1.0a: Custom water mesh for sewer streams (now with large version). Sewer waste looks less like feces but still limited to the metallic material properties. Custom WaterMap to fix specific still water areas.
?Preem Water – Canon1.0.0b: Canon edition! The pollution and contaminants are here to stay but the surface looks much more like water. Lore-friendly, reality-friendly, eye-friendly. (Also fixed the NCWaterMap – to be added to other versions soon)
?Preem Water – Tropical1.2.0c: Added custom large mesh sewer stream.

Clear water tropics. The pollution and contaminants have been wiped from NC and what’s left is gorgeous blue water. Is it drinkable? Probably not. But it looks nice!

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