Pretty Combat Animations SSE

Pretty Combat Animations | Skyrim Special Edition

by Dona

This Pretty Combat Animations mod adds a slew of new weapon idle animations, including walk/run/turn animations. You can replace the vanilla with a different style; just give it a shot and I hope you enjoy it.

Creator: dualsun

Pretty Combat Animations SSE

Pretty Combat Animations SSE
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Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes
Fnis-Gender Specific Animations
Fnis-Skeleton AM Fix

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
Tutorial Dual Sheath Redux 32 to win10 64 (German)
Tutorial Dual Sheath Redux 32 to win10 64 AND SSE

Author’s instructions

by my agree before, not allow reproduce Pretty Combat Animations transhipment.

File credits

Version 1.376a

  • Add vanilla option for fomod 1hm and dw option group, So now if you don’t want to use my PCA 1hm style, or If you planning to use my “1hm and dw animations overhaul” and “Magic Casting Animations Overhaul” mod, you can skip all 1hm option from pca provide as well.
  • Add male style bow idleheld option, female can use as well, but you need manually copy from male folder to female folder.
  • Adjust sneak turn animations, now sneak turn right is much better.
  • Add PCA light version which is remove 1hm option, pca 1hm overhual is takecover it.
  • Fix 2h runforward camera height.

Version 1.38

  • Fix idle position problems that I found. 1.38 is no longer contain with 1hm option Pretty Combat Animations, Please download PCA branch mod “PCA-1hm Overhaul”


This mod adds a slew of new weapon idle animations, all of which are fully functional (including walk/run/turn). You can replace the vanilla with a different style. Just give it a shot and I hope you enjoy it.

Because male and female skeletons differ, male hands are slightly longer than female hands in the default game set, which is why vanilla bow draw idle female hand cannot touch arrow chord, twisting the hand position in bow animation is the best solution for female can touch arrow chord when using bow….

Pretty Combat Animations

I twisted the hand position for female characters so that they could properly touch the bowstring. Unfortunately, the xpms or xpmse “extended sliders for ece” option will change the bow/hand size, which means the female character will no longer match my specific twist bow animations if you choose this option. Furthermore, my specific twist bow animations are only designed for vanilla bow weapons; some custom bow sizes differ and may not match.

Once you install Pretty Combat Animations, if you see “2hm equip” “bow drawlight” “bow drawheavy” “bow drawn” and “bow release” (bow is included with sneak) under [animations] and [animations>female] both folders, all under [animations>female] are specifically twist for female character, don’t replace each other, and FNIS “Gender Specific Animation” generate is essential if you use female character.

Pretty Combat Animations


  • Downlaod the main file
  • Install FNIS and pick “skeleton arm fix” generate once you install or remove Pretty Combat Animations.
  • Special Thanks “barbanium” who is help me improve my fomod setup.
nowmods download

? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Pretty Combat Animations

Known Issue

The vanilla 1hm draw(equip) animation is 43 frames; if any custom 1hm draw animation frames exceed this value and you repeatedly press the “R” key to try to draw or withdraw your weapon, you may encounter stuck issues. Unfortunately, my Pca 1-handed sword back sheathing style has more than 43 frames and I can’t reduce it to 43 frames, so if you use my 1hm back sheathing style, please wait for the draw(equip) animation to finish before withdrawing (unequip) the weapon again.


you can found the animation file in path:
X:The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim >Data >meshes >actors >character >animations > xxx.hkx.
just remove it,now the character will return vanilla idle with original game set.

Pretty Combat Animations

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