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Pro Guide Valorant Map Strategy Maker – How To Win More Games

by Dona

More players have started to join the ranks now that Valorant is the hub of activity. We will deal with a tactical shooter. Understanding your surroundings is therefore crucial. As players continue to develop their strategies based on the available spaces. Take a look at the tactics of our Valorant map strategy maker.

Valorant Map Strategy Maker Split Map Guide

Before time runs out, your team must place itself on each map in a specific location. Until the hurdles come down, you can move during the Active phase, which lasts for 1:40 minutes. So, in order to choose where to go, you’ll need to have at least a basic understanding of the Valorant Map Strategy Maker.

  • You instantly have two sides assigned, as you may already know from first-person shooter games. The parties are referred to as Attackers and Defenders in Valorant.
  • All of the maps relevant to the function of your team will be covered in depth. both as an attacker and a defender. The three current Valorous maps are listed below:
  • The Split map has three lanes. Players of League of Legends and other MOBAs will recognize this pattern right away. One lane runs through the middle, and two more lanes lead to locations A and B. There are tunnels beneath the ground and vertical zip lines. But first, in order to better understand our surroundings, let’s take a broad view.
  • On the map, spawn points have been noted. Your team is situated at the Attacker’s or Guardian’s spawn. Whether you are the Defender or the Attacker. Until they change sides after 12 rounds, teams always spawn in the same location on the map.
  • Examine the roles map for your team. It will be crucial for you to master the standing, defending, and ransacking positions throughout gameplay.
valorant map strategy maker
Valorant Map Strategy Maker Reddit

Your team is the Attackers

The Spike will be planted at A and B Sites in Split.

When the barriers are dropped in the opening rounds, your team requires at least one player at each one.

Defenders typically have alert points at B-Main and A-Main. At these two places, there will always be someone adding abilities.

The Defenders prefer A-Ramp since they can transform the A-Main floor into lava. If you’re not certain that the bases and corners are secure, don’t rush there.

Watch out for B-Link because Defenders may use it to “circle” you. Before you even approach the planting area.

The Bottom Mid is a well-known battleground region and the meeting point of two places. When traveling there via A-Sewer, exercise caution. In order to avoid losing your position due to water splashes, try walking rather than running when crossing the aisle.

Since you have planted your spike on A, the following callouts need to be avoided:

  • A-Rafters
  • A-Tower
  • Screens

Considerations if your spike was planted on B include:

  • B-Main
  • B-Tower
  • B-Alley

Your team is the Defenders

The barrier placements are relevant to Defenders. Before entering a site quickly, check the others.

The entire A-Main is a battlefield. Make inquiries before revealing your identity. To avoid the enemy vision, use smoke.

Although A-Rafters is a well-liked location for poking enemies, do not linger there for too long. Running here will be too noisy; instead, move to walk.

View the A-Sewer and the Bottom Mid from the Top Mid. Because an Attacker is always hiding there right when the battle starts.

Back B and B-Tower are conveniently located. But if you observe B-recent Link’s behavior, it will be difficult to reverse course.

The B-Stairs in the middle of the game can lead to many corners, so use caution when climbing them. Every time you go up the stairs, switch to walking.

In the event that the Attackers have placed The Spike on A, try to take a stance at:

  • A-Tower (on high alert)
  • Screens
  • A-Main

Hold these forts if the Attackers have placed The Spike on B:

  • B-Tower (on high alert)
  • B-Alley
  • B-Main

The top agents to use on Split 

  • Sova: Split is filled with crevices and crannies. Sova’s exposure is very helpful for finding enemies coming from different directions.
  • Brimstone: It’s very effective for him to simultaneously produce three smokes on the map. Particularly during the initial clashes at A-Main and B-Main.
  • Viper: That enormous Toxin screen can completely obscure Planting Areas A and B, reducing the number of noticeable spots.
valorant map strategy maker
Valorant Map Strategy Maker Split Map Guide

Valorant Map Strategy Maker Haven Map Guide

Haven now has three plant sites to safeguard or attack, as opposed to just two. Due to the potential, you might believe that either position is quite difficult to complete. However, the locations are close to one another, making it simple to move around.

We’re going to keep traveling along the Valorant Map Strategy Maker. Let’s examine Haven’s callouts and key waypoints with regard to team roles.

Your team is the Attackers

In Haven, there are numerous options for running. The positions are close together, so keep in mind that Defenders can move around on their own with ease.

Start by placing agents at every obstacle. Mid-Window can be defended with just one man, but keep in mind that taking the initiative is a brave move. Await the Defenders’ initial assault. You can get air once the object has been thrown out.

Before entering the A-Lobby, make sure everything is still in order because there’s a good chance someone will be waiting for you at A-Short. A-Long, on the other hand, is a danger zone that is constantly active.

Where Mid Court fights get intense is at Mid Doors, also referred to as Double Doors. Access to Double Door is available from Sites B and C. So before you access the building, you might need to gain some map dominance. If not, you might be vulnerable to cross-fire.

Overview of the Haven Attacker’s Side map.

From the C-Lobby, look forward until you see a Dragon. Avoid becoming enthralled and, more importantly, avoid being struck while watching it. You can’t park there, think of Cubby as a bus station and C-Long as a bus lane. On both sides, Cubby is the blind spot, so move cautiously.

If you planted your spike on A, the following locations need your attention:

  • A-Tower
  • A-Long
  • A-Short

Considerations if your spike was planted on B include:

  • Mid-Window
  • A-Link
  • C-Link

Areas to make note of if your spike was planted on C:

  • C-Link
  • Connector
  • C-Long
valorant map strategy maker
Valorant Map Strategy Maker Haven Map Guide

Your team is the Defenders

An attacker will always be present in the middle window. If you purchased ranged abilities, use them after a brief delay.

The A-Lobby is a well-liked location for brawls. The riskier option is to approach the adversary from A-Short because there is less room for retreat.

Until you move a little bit deeper into the A-Long, the A-Lobby would also be a blind spot. Enemies can target you while you are on tiptoe because they can see you extra obviously from the lobby.

For an Attacker, the Middle Door (Double Door) presents a weakness. Find a lone wanderer if you can. The revolving door’s angle is also strategically designed. Use caution because it causes you to have a blind spot.

The C Site gives the Guardian a strong foundation. Because allies typically cover Connector and C-Link at the beginning of the round. If you can, concentrate on C-Long and get to Cubby before the Attacker. It will be a fantastic beginning.

In the event that the Attackers have placed The Spike on A, attempt to take a position at:

  • A-Tunnel
  • A-Tower
  • A-Ramp

Hold these forts if the Attackers have placed The Spike on B:

  • B-Door
  • C-Window
  • A-Link

If the Attackers placed The Spike on C, keep an eye out for them in the following areas:

  • Plat
  • Connector
  • C-Long

The top agents to use on Haven

  • Sage: Possesses an amazing repertoire of defensive techniques. Sage fits both team roles perfectly. Her Barrier Orb can rapidly and easily block dangerous areas. A-Long, C-Long, Connector, Mid Window and any B-Box entrance, for example.
  • Phoenix: To support your progress, an agent can blind every Mid Court, C-Long and A-Long.
  • Breach: In those wide lanes, seismic blasts would be useful. With his capacity to break through walls, Breach can take advantage of the blind spots just like Cubby.


Some of the main principles in our Valorant Map strategy maker are as follows. I hope players can understand how practice and success go together. Check out some of our website’s tutorials related to the Valorant Map strategy maker if you have any additional questions.

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