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PyTK Platonymous Toolkit | Stardew Valley

by Gemma

PyTK Platonymous Toolkit for Smapi Mods, a neat resource for the mod maker in Stardew Valley. This mod is like Content Patcher which is an extra tool to copy mods files and commands into the Stardew Valley game.

Creator: Platonymous (Discord – Routine#8715)

PyTK Platonymous Toolkit

nowmods information

Nowmods requirements

Mod nameNotes
SMAPI – Stardew Modding API

Mods requiring PyTK Platonymous Toolkit file:

Dragon to Ride’ Dragon wing audio‘Prophet’ Wellwick
(CF) and (CP) Barfyscorpion Home Decor (Needed for the CF version only)(KOR) NPC Emet-Selch – Wizard Replacement and Spouse PyTK – Platonymous Toolkit
(CF) Kvoor’s Legendary Fish Plaques3D Trees (Needed to display the HD assets)
A Cuter Freckled EmilyA Larger Hilltop: (Required by TMXL)
Abandoned Bride – Custom NPC Optional for Bride’s house, spouse room, and festivals locations.Alternate IceFox Portrait (mermaid island): (mermaid island requirement)
Animal Husbandry Mod (former ButcherMod) Spanish version >= 2.1.0Animal Husbandry Mod (former ButcherMod) german
An Older and Depressed-Looking ShaneAnimal Husbandry Mod Traduccion a espanol
Anime Catboy Portrait ModArcade 2048
Arcade PongArcade Snake
Arena Challenges Mod: Behind the scenes stuff. (you don’t need to worry about this! just download itAspen – New Custom Dateable NPC (EN PT-BR RU ES)
ATMBathroom Replaces Spouse Room
BETA- Better Iridium Tool Area Required to launch modBlacksmith Furniture
Blanche The librarian Custom NPC – RussianBlue Wood Furniture
Bow (ABANDONED)Breads Anime Portrait Reworked
Breads Anime PortraitsBuildable Greenhouse
Buildable Greenhouse Update FixBuildable Modern Bathroom (TMX)
Buildable Seasonal Arbors for TMXL Map ToolkitBuildable tent
CFR Fish Breeding Tank – Traducao PT-BRChange Dialogues plus SVE – CFD – LfL – Razolyn (Spanish and English) – Robin Romance Mod (English) – Jodi Datable and True Love Valley
Chelsea – New Custom Datable NPCChess
Christmas – The DecoratingClimates of Ferngill (1.0 or later)
Clint Marriage Mod (Compatible with SVE) For the Spouse RoomCollege Boy Mike – Custom NPC [Optional] For Spouse rooms and Festivals
College Boy Mike – Portugues – 2.5.0Cobalt (ABANDONED)
Comics (< Version 2.0)Cotton the sweetest shopkeeper
Creative Warehouse ShedCrop Figures (use Custom Furniture!)
Custom Crops DecayCustom Farming Redux (Custom Farming Redux)
Custom Farming Redux-Chinese MachinesCustom Furniture
Custom Furniture Hamster and Guinea PigCustom Movie Under The Sea
Custom MoviesCustom NPC – Belos
Custom NPC – Belos (Portuguese)Custom NPC – Belos (Spanish translation)
Custom NPC – Belos English Translation SVE VersionCustom NPC – Denver
Custom NPC – OpenFireCustom NPC – Kim Required to load TMXL Map Toolkit
Custom NPC – OpenFire (Spanish translation)Custom NPC – OpenFire English Translation SVE Compatible
Custom NPC – RileyCustom NPC – Roronoa Zoro (TMXL needs this to work properly)
Custom NPC CarnelianCustom NPC Carnelian – English Translation
Custom NPC EugeneCustom NPC Eugene – Chinese
Custom NPC HaruCustom NPC Haru – English Translation
Custom npc LyellCustom NPC Magpie(Que)
Custom NPC MinuCustom NPC Mod Seven Deadly Sins Eng Translation
Custom NPC Puji. This is required to insert (and fix) Puji NPC in the vanilla edition. Personally, I won’t bother converting her. It’s not necessary for SVEDeluxe barn with a cellar (only if you have stardew valley 1.5.4. it works without it if you have stardew valley 1.5.5)
Custom Walls And Floors (CWF)Cuter Maru with Curly Hair
Da Bunny’s RugsDark Furniture
Deremas Stardew Valley (TMXLoaderと一緒に。必須)Desert Fishing Iridium Quality
Dexter’s Furniture StoreDexter’s Holiday Decorations
DistillationDK’s Portraits
Doll makeup accessoriesEast Scarpe PT-BR (Atualizado)
Downtown Zuzu used for custom layers, custom tile properties and other modder-used crapFizzy Drinks Required for TMX Loader and a few other mods.
East Scarp (prev East Scarpe)DVR
East Scarpe Turkce CeviriEirenel’s Krobus portraits and sprite
Eskbl’s Wizard PortraitEugene NPC – English Translation
Fancy Rug Club for FarmersFarm Visible Corner
Female Alex Sprite and Hi-Res PortraitFishing Trawler
Fippsie’s animated Bird House – Butterfly House – Flower HouseFippsie’s animated Bird House – Butterfly House – Flower House Update Fix
Fippsie’s Buildable ArchesFlags of the World
Forbidden InspirationFront-view Abigail
Gacha Club Portraits – AbigailGacha Club Portraits – Haley
Gacha Club Portraits – LeahGacha Club Portraits – Maru
Gashapon Machines (Optional)Gervig91’s Furniture
Gentleman from Old Korea – Custom NPC Required for the mod.Giga Farm (ONLY NEEDED FOR PYTK/TMXL VERSION!)
Ghost TownGiant Crop Ring 0.9.3+
GreenHouse Building 300×150Gunther To NPC (Necessary for replacing some Maps)
Gunther’s HomeHideaway Cellar (you can farm on the outside map)
Harvest Valley Farm FOR ANDROID USER DOWNLOAD PYTK v1.14.11Immersive Farm 2 Fix Required for TMXL and for some lua scripts
HI-RES Butch Emily PortraitHorse to Vehicle Sound Converter
Holiday Rug Club for FarmersHot Cocoa Shop
I actually made a thing (eventually)Indoor Beehouses – Traducao PT-BR
Immersive Farm 4Indoor Beehouses
Interactive NPC – CalebIshaliArt’s Portrait Mod -Work in Progress-
Isla – Custom NPCIntravenous Coffee
Island SecretItem Bags Required in ItemBags v1.3.0+
Jade NPC (optional) for spouse rooms/festivalsJade NPC – Chinese
Japanese Decorative BuildingsJen’s Simple Greenhouse
JoJaBan . Arcade SokobanJunimo Plushies for Custom Furniture
Kids Furniture – Traducao PT-BRKids Furniture
Kotatsu Pack for Custom Furniture (needed for Custom Furniture)Lucas Wizard Hi-res
Lemonade Machine (CFR) CFR uses PyTKlilico’s Shie Portrait Edits (Clint)
Little Red School HouseLittle Witch Academia Constanze NPC
LGBTQ Pride Flags for Custom Furniture (CF) (Required for Custom Furniture.)Looking for Love (formerly Siv’s Marriage Mod) – THAI ใช้คู่กับ TMX
Lucas the Wizard sprite and High res portrait for LFL for portriatureLucikiel – New Custom NPC (King’s Raid) Needed for Spouse Room and Anime Portraits. Highly recommended.
Lucikiel NPC turkce ceviri PyTK Platonymous ToolkitLumisteria Farmer Stands
Lumisteria Garden Decorationslunakatt’s DCBurger style portraits for Denver NPC
lunakatt’s DCBurger style portraits for East Scarp (East Scarpe)Magical Anime Collection Required for Custom Furniture
lunakatt’s DCBurger style portraits for Life Cycle NPCslunakatt’s DCBurger Style Portraits for SVE
lunakatt’s DCBurger style portraits for Wilford NPCMachine Augmentors Required.
Magic optional (enables Magic TV channel)Make Gunther Real
Make Marlon RealMang (BT21) PyTK Platonymous Toolkit
Map Editor Matthew – Custom NPC
Matthew – Custom NPCMermaid Island – Chinese
Mermaid Island – PortugueseMermaid Island – Russian
Mermaid Island-Chinese Translation 3.1.2Meteor Farm Requirement of TMXL and used to support extra layers
Mikey’s Greenhouse 1.21.0Minakie’s Custom Furniture
Mineral MageMineral Mage – Russian
Misc FurnitureMiss Coriel’s Combined Music Pack
MissCoriel’s Supplement Pack – Cave Explorer IIMissCoriel’s Supplement Pack 1
Mobilias de Ferreiro (Blacksmith Furniture in Portuguese)More glass buildable (TMX) – Greenhouse Sunroom Conservatory – Bath house – hot spring – onsen – pool
Modern Bathroom Spouse RoomsMobilias Personalizadas da Minakie
Monster Level Tip (>= 1.1)More Buildings
More Grass StartersMore TV Channel
MothMansForestMountain-Town Warp
Multiplayer Portal GunsMuseum Expansion Required bt TMXLoader
Museum Expansion – RussiaMushroomLevelTip (>= 1.1)
New NPC – Cecilia PyTK Platonymous ToolkitNew NPC – Cecilia – Portugues – 1.17
New NPC – General Astra In-Ze Requirement of TMXL.Notes
Nightmare Scarecrows For CFR version! Add NEW items to the game, animated, working scarecrows!No Clop If It’s Not a Horse it Shouldn’t Gallop
  • Other client’s resources: 
    The assets in the file belong to the author, some are from allowed-to-utilize modder’s assets. So if you want to use the PyTK Platonymous Toolkit assets, don’t forget to seek permission
  • Transfer consent: 
    Don’t upload PyTK Platonymous Toolkit file to other websites in any conditions
  • Modification permission: 
    You must get permission from the creator before modifying the file to improve it.
  • Transformation consent: 
    You are not permitted to change this document over to deal with different games under any conditions
  • Resource use authorization
    Get authorization from the creator before you are permitted to utilize any of the resources in this document.
  • Asset use permission (for mods/file are bring sold):  
    No! Don’t allow to everyone use assets from this PyTK Platonymous Toolkit file in any mobs/files even it’s being sold. For the money, it uses on Steam Workshop or other platforms.
  • Resource use authorization in mods/records that procure gifts focuses:
    You are not permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods in the event that they utilize my resources.

❗️ Some notes from Author:

  • This author has not provided any additional notes regarding PyTK Platonymous Toolkit file permissions

❗️ Some notes from Author:

  • This author has not credited anyone else in this file

PyTK Platonymous Toolkit

Version 1.9.2:
Fix for CFR conditions


PyTK Platonymous Toolkit 1.13.29 + SMAPI 3.4 changes to Map Edits

SMAPI 3.4 map edits made in Tiled, save as TMX files, and import with TMXL, CP, or the SMAPI API which contain:

  • Tiles can be rotated and/or flipped
  • External .tsx tilesheets

About PyTK Platonymous Toolkit installed also supported, it includes:

  • Added the custom layer-property “DrawAbove” or “DrawBefore” with the value of a vanilla layer name for the Extra map layers
  • Image-Layers as extra layers, use offset to position
  • Opacity for layers & tiles
  • Background Color map: to set the color drawn behind the map.
  • “@WaterColor”: custom map to set the color of the water on the map
  • “@Color”: it also custom layer/tile – property to tint layers and tiles
  • Offsets for layers and tiles are supported but tiles, while drawn with the offset, will disappear and show in-game based on their non-offset position.

PyTK Platonymous Toolkit currently only work in single-player or multi-players (all player have to install the respective mod)


nowmods download

? Download PyTK Platonymous Toolkit

?‍? How to install Stardew Valley mods with specific instructions

PyTK Changed save serializer

A SMAPI warn: since you installed this mod, it may corrupt your saved files or make them unusable. The reason is PyTK accesses properties that could be used to change the serializer in that way but don’t actually change it.

So when you install PyTK Platonymous Toolkit mod, your saved files will not be corrupted or unusable

How PyTK Platonymous Toolkit works

There are a few ways to help you use SMAPI

If you are looking for more Stardew Valley mods, you can check out other mods right here:
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