Quaint Living - Wildflowers Stardew Valley Mods

Quaint Living – Wildflowers | Stardew Valley

by Dona

Quaint Living – Wildflowers adds wildflowers as forages, along with artisan products, craftables, caps, shirts, and recipes.

Creator: PlatinumCats

Quaint Living – Wildflowers

Quaint Living Wildflowers Stardew Valley Mods
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Version 1.0.1
Bug fixes.


  • New forages
  • New productions
  • New clothing items
  • New decorative craftables
  • New letters, quests, and secret notes



New COOKING Recipes


List of clothing items added and how to obtain them:

  • 5 Male shirts
  • 2 Female shirts
  • 2 Seasonal flower crowns
  • 1 Flower headpiece

Shirts are obtained from tailoring. Flower crowns are obtainable at the Hat Mouse shop.


List of craftables added and their unlock requirements:

  • Basket (Flower Basket ingredient)
  • Monkey Topiary (Foraging lvl 6)
  • Mug Planter (Foraging lvl 2)
  • Potted Fern (Foraging lvl 3)
  • Snail Topiary (Foraging lvl 8)
  • Swan Topiary (Foraging lvl 6)
  • Wildflower Bucket (Foraging lvl 6
  • Wildflower in a Boot (Foraging lvl 4)


nowmods download

📥Download Quaint Living – Wildflowers


  • Baskets (craftable item) can be placed on the ground, but cannot be picked back up by normal ways using a hoe/axe, use bombs instead.
  • Wildflower mead price is based on the input wildflower price, but when you pick several wildflower meads with different inputs (which means the price should differ) and they stack, the price will follow the first picked wildflower mead instead. I don’t see any workaround for this except putting the input name on the output (ex. Wild Sweet Briar Mead or Sweer Briar Wildflower Mead) which feels convoluted.
Quaint Living Wildflowers Stardew Valley Mods

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