RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

RaceMenu Mod | Skyrim

by Dona

RaceMenu Skyrim Mod complete upgrade to the person creation menu including new customization provisions, for example, different RGBA warpaint, body paints, hand paint, and foot paints.

Creator: Expired

RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

RaceMenu Skyrim Mod
nowmods information

Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes
SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender)

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
ZMD’S Pantyhose Stockings and Pattern Tights RaceMenu Overlays LEAny version
ZMD’s Obscure Overlays for RaceMenu 4k LE
ZMD’s HD Cum Overlays for RaceMenu LE v2
ZMD’s Hand Nails Art Texture Overlays for RaceMenu CBBE LE0.34 upwards
ZMD’s Gothic Makup Suite LE for RaceMenu Overlays
ZMD’S Gothic Arcane Tattoos For RaceMenu Overlays 4kAny version
ZMD’s Feet and Nails Art Texture Overlays for RaceMenu CBBE LE 4k0.34 upwards
Ziovdendian Bodypaint – Designs of the Lupine – RaceMenu OverlaysYou need this to use the paints in-game.
Zhiva RaceMenu preset
Zelina Ravenheart- Temptress RaceMenu PresetIt IS a RaceMenu preset, after all.
Zarah Preset 2017
Yyvengar Bodypaint – Designs of the Lupine – RaceMenu OverlaysYou need this to use the paints in-game.
Yvonne – A Nord RaceMenu Preset
Yuna – Racemenu Preset
Ysadette – CotR Racemenu Preset
Ylva Standalone FollowerFor the preset
Yeshin racemenu preset
Yenneffer – Racemenu Preset
Yennefer from the Witcher series
Yennefer from The Witcher 3
Yellow Dragon Girl Jaina — Presetyou also need SKSE, all the other mods are in the DESCRIPTION!

Creator’s instructions
You may not redistribute any RaceMenu Skyrim Mod files under any circumstances.

File credits
schlangster – (SkyUI assets)
Mardoxx – (Shoulder to cry on during times of ActionScript failures)
blaXXer – (German Translation)
}{ellKnight – (Spanish Translation)
Rhaegal – (Italian Translation)
Starfis – (Czech Translation)
KuroKimala/TomyNameless – (Russian/Polish Translation)
krisjay – Male Body Paint
TairenSoul – Female Body Paint
Desufire – Face Paint
ECE Team (tktk, RAN46, kaeper – ECE Morphs)

Version 3.4.5
RaceMenu Skyrim Mod fixes crash when loading cell with decapitated corpse
Parallel morphing setting is now disabled by default (experimental)
Fixed morphs.ini parsing bug where race filters could be ignored
Fixed crashing when decapitating the player, or NPCs with overlays enabled, face overlays have now been disabled by default as a result
Fixed morphs.ini parsing bug where whitespace was not stripped, resulting in failure to load a line
Uploaded CharGen.pdb and NiOverride.pdb in Miscellaneous section

Version 3.4.4
Fixed string erasure bug causing co-saves to lose data in cases where equippable transforms were used
Added race filter to BodyGen e.g. All|Female|NordRace=XXX

Version 3.4.3
Fixed rare case where if a string could not be mapped to the string table at save time it would corrupt the save, now just writes a dummy string id instead

Version 3.4.2
RaceMenu Skyrim Mod fixed black texture bug in some cases when BodyMorph was applied
Added FOV ini setting for Sculpt Mode
Fixed bug with transforms if equipping into the same slot with a different transform the old transform would remain
Restructured parallelism to reduce chance of freezing and/or crashing (hopefully zero now)

Version 3.4.1
Fixed Export Head
Fixed equipping boots modifying the same node with differing transforms

Version 3.4.0
Fixed crash with Export Head
RaceMenu Skyrim Mod fixed crash when morphing NiSkinInstance armors using BodyMorph
Redid NetImmerse Override’s save format, should result in smaller co-save files
Added key-value pair functionality to BodyMorph
Added combination modes to BodyMorph (Additive, Average, Largest)
Added combination mode to Transform API (Largest)
Added skin altering (texture swapping etc) API to NetImmerse Override
Fixed BodyMorph “All” feature
BodyMorph now applies to NPCs in existing saves
NetImmerse Override’s BodyMorph and Transform API can now self delete keys if they are named after the associated mod
Applying BodyMorphs to Armor is now parallelized (ini option to disable available)
CharGen Preset format updated to support BodyMorph API changes
CharGen LoadCharacter functions now have flags to optionally load the remaining preset data (Transforms, BodyMorphs, Skin Overrides)


The RaceMenu Skyrim Mod was updated to utilize SKSE to take into account more inside and out customization of your person. This mod doesn’t fix the issues with the inner class to this menu; it simply upgrades it and adds more components. If it’s not too much trouble, guarantee that you don’t have issues opening the ORIGINAL RaceMenu prior to accusing this mod.

RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

RaceMenu Skyrim Mod Features


  • Numeric display for all sliders
  • Categorizes all the vanilla options to the SkyUI look
  • Search filter by name (Same as SkyUI)
  • Color ANY tint, including hair with an AARRGGBB value
  • Loads/Saves settings when re-opening the menu
  • Light On/Off (Spawns a white light directly in front of your character)
  • Zoom distances adjusted to be closer to the face when In and slightly further when out
  • Basic plugin interface
  • Controller support
  • Works with any race, including custom races
  • Doesn’t modify any vanilla assets (Unlike my Extended Slider Colors mod)
  • Multi-warpaint support
  • Warpaint texture hotswapping (Custom warpaint)
  • Display racial skill bonuses
  • Save/Load presets to and from windows clipboard
  • Supports body/hand/feet/face overlays
  • Save/Load color
  • Change overlay glow color
  • Change overlay glow strength
  • Export head mesh (Requires CharGen)
  • Save/Load preset to and from a slot file (Requires CharGen v2.0.0 or greater and replaces clipboard save/load)
  • Show HeadPart name and source mod (Requires CharGen v2.1.2 or greater)
  • Camera move up/down/left/right zoom in/out
RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

Plugin.esp for RaceMenu Skyrim Mod (Optional)

  • Adjust player height
  • Adjust player bicep size
  • Adjust player glute size (Only works for meshes that support skeletal scaling e.g. TBBP body meshes)
  • Adjust player breast size (Only works for meshes that support skeletal scaling e.g. BBP body meshes)
  • Adjust player breast curve size (Only works for meshes that support skeletal scaling e.g. TBBP body meshes)
RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

RaceMenuMimic.esp (Optional) Not recommended for cross-gender, cross-species, or horse-mounted use.

  • Copies target Actor’s facial morphs to player
  • Copies target Actor’s facial presets to player
  • Copies target Actor’s hair to player
  • Copies target Actor’s hair color to player
  • Copies target Actor’s facial hair to player
  • Copies target Actor’s scars to player
  • Copies target Actor’s eyebrows to player
RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

RaceMenuOverlays.esp (Optional)

  • Adds 8 male body tattoos (Made by krisjay)
  • Adds 14 partial female body tattoos (Made by TairenSoul)
  • Adds 1 female UNP nail paint (Made by me, but it’s pretty awful)
RaceMenu Skyrim Mod


nowmods download

📥 Download RaceMenu v3-4-5

Complete overhaul to the character creation menu including new customization features RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

Optional files:
📥 Loose Base Scripts v3-1-0If you get the Invalid RaceMenuBase script version detected error, download this. First, uninstall Loose Main Scripts.
📥 Mimic Plugin v2-0-0Adds a spell that can imitate a target actor’s facial appearance (non-vanilla). Actors are not guaranteed; spells must be equipped manually via console help.
📥 Modders Package v3-1-0This package contains script files and an example plugin to help modders get started making warpaint or slider plugins.
📥 Overlays Plugin v2-5-0This set includes a variety of example body, hand, and face paints created by krisjay, TairenSoul, and Desufire. There are none by default.
Miscellaneous files:
📥 RaceMenu v3-4-5 Program DatabaseNiOverride.pdb and CharGen.pdb for version 3.4.5 are included for debugging purposes.

👁‍🗨 How to install Skyrim mods with easy step for beginners

RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

More specific about the mod

BodyGen randomize

RaceMenu Skyrim Mod has presently a new language structure to the past component to permit randomization of all entertainers of a specific sexual orientation. To arrangement an underlying BodyGen document you need to make two ini records at:


The template file outlines BodyMorphs by name. Here is a sample:

Sevenbase=7B [email protected] | 7B Bombshell [email protected] | 7B Natural [email protected] | 7B Cleavage [email protected] | 7B Bcup [email protected]

[email protected] | [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]:1.0, [email protected]:1.0

RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

The morphs file defines what morphs should be available to what ActorBases, here is an example:


For the new All feature, this would say:


RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

Ensure you have void new lines of RaceMenu Skyrim Mod toward the finish of your ini records. On the off chance that you have express supersedes in different mods they will be overwritten by load request, so assuming you have all in a prior mod, have one unequivocal in a later RaceMenu Skyrim Mod, the ActorBase will utilize the later setting.

RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

High-Resolution Warpaint

An INI setting has been added to SKSE to take into consideration higher goal warpaint to be applied to your person. The default goal is 256, this is a horrible goal assuming you need to do some truly fancy warpaint for RaceMenu Skyrim Mod.

  • Locate your Data directory
  • Create SKSE folder if it is not already there
  • Create SKSE.ini if it is not already there
  • Add “[Display]” category
  • Add “iTintTextureResolution=2048”
RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

Your Data/SKSE/SKSE.ini should look something like this:


Putting a higher resolution should be possible but I have only tested it at 2048.

Note: This may cause low resolution textures to look worse due to upscaling, hopefully this will encourage high-resolution replacements in RaceMenu Skyrim Mod.



  • Choose Color/Accept – Activate (Default E)
  • Done – Ready Weapon (Default R)
  • Light – Sneak (Default Ctrl)
  • Zoom – Sprint (Default Shift)
  • Search – Jump (Default Spacebar)
  • Choose Texture – Wait (Default T)
  • Load Preset – Quickload
  • Save Preset – Quicksave
  • Export Head – Shout (Default Z)
RaceMenu Skyrim Mod


  • Choose Color/Accept – Activate (Default A)
  • Done – Ready Weapon (Default X)
  • Light – Wait (Default Back)
  • Zoom – Sprint (Default RB)
  • Search – None
  • Choose Texture – Jump (Default Y)
  • Load Preset – Left Stick
  • Save Preset – Right Stick
  • Export Head – Shout (Default LB)
  • Change Sub Category – Left/Right Trigger
RaceMenu Skyrim Mod

Q1: How do I change the number of overlays available?

A1: Open Data/SKSE/Plugins/NiOverride.ini in any text editor and change the values here.

Q2: Do I need to install CharGen Extension?

A2: Not for versions 2.7 and up, CharGen Extension is completely included, you should uninstall it if you had it prior to installing 2.7 and up.

Q3: I see dollar signs everywhere and many features appear to be missing what do I do?

A3: Install SKSE, or if you have installed it, run your game using skse_loader.exe as you should be.

Q4: How do I get more Face/Body/Hand/Feet Paint?

A4: Open Data/SKSE/Plugins/NiOverride.ini in a text editor, you will see a section for the amount of paints you can have per type, you can change this up to 128, but it is highly recommended you only set what you intend to use as too many can result in significant performance losses in RaceMenu Skyrim Mod.

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