RDR2 Best Eye Candy

RDR2 Best Eye Candy FPS | Red Dead Redemption 2

by Dona

RDR2 Best Eye Candy is a System Settings file for RDR2 which Provides max Possible Eye Candy while staying most times between 45-55 FPS. Works also on Better GPU for max Performance. Config for 970 and Better 1080p Max Eye Candy and Best Possible FPS

Creator: Evonos

RDR2 Best Eye Candy FPS

RDR2 Best Eye Candy
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RDR2 Best Eye Candy FPS provides max Possible Eye Candy for Red Dead Redemption 2 while staying most times between 45-55 FPS on a 970 that is Slightly OC Paired with an r5 3600X on 1080p. I completely Optimized it Myself by means of Youtube videos (Hardware Unboxed) And my own Config Over Multiple hours and endless changes.

RDR2 Best Eye Candy


  • Don’t forget to change the Bottom line of the text a.k.a
    <videoCardDescription>NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970</videoCardDescription>
    to the GPU you have at best you copy it prior from your file out.
  • The Config file is Located here %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Settings\
  • Just Replace the RDR2 Best Eye Candy file with mine and change the GPU description at the Bottom of the file! otherwise the file won’t load!
RDR2 Best Eye Candy
nowmods download

Download RDR2 Best Eye Candy Possible FPS Config:

Same settings as the other config but with High textures instead.

This is the one you should use Max Graphics quality with best FPS if you have a 4gb or more card.

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RDR2 Best Eye Candy

Q1: The file will not load. Halfway through the loading the game will put back the default settings.

In the original system.xml was the GPU line: <videoCardDescription>NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970</videoCardDescription>
The downloaded one was <videoCardDescription>NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970</videoCardDescription>
A: The one missing “NVIDIA” was causing this. Maybe you made a mistake and checked it again.

Q2: I can’t edit the settings file, when I change the GTX 970 to my gpu, it doesn’t save and opens the window to “save file as…” and won’t let me replace the original one because it’s only reading.

A: Right click the file -> Properties -> under attributes, untick “read-only

Q3: I have a grainy effect on a lot of edges (black little dots), especially on hair and vegetation but also on other edges. I turned off soft shadows but it didn’t help.

A: You can try to lower TXAA sharpening in the Ini or increase it.
But that’s sadly how TXAA looks on 1080p and slightly 1440p in this game on pc, the lower the resolution the worse it gets. Or you can disable TXAA but this opens a ton of other problems in this game because it was made in mind with TXAA

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