RDR2 Dog Companion

RDR2 Dog Companion | Red Dead Redemption 2

by Dona

A cowboy isn’t a cowboy until he has a horse. However, if you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to play RDR2 with your own dog, this RDR2 Dog Companion mod is for you!

Creator: Shtivi

RDR2 Dog Companion

RDR2 Dog Companion
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This RDR2 Dog Companion mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Mods requiring this RDR2 Dog Companion file

Mod nameNotes
Dog Companion – Deutsche UebersetzungDiese Mod zuerst installieren
Replace Your Dog – Coyote or FoxNot required, but this is recommended to get full enjoyment out of this mod.
Shtivi Dog Companion traduzione in italiano by TOVOT

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A cowboy without a horse is not a cowboy. But if you ever wondered how it’d be to play RDR2 with a personal dog, this mod is for you ♡

  • Your dog will follow you and can be told to sit down and wait. If you enter an interior, it will wait for you outside.
  • Whistle to call your dog back to you. Notice that there is a whistling range, and if your dog is too far, it won’t respond to your calls.
  • If it’s lost, you can retrieve you dog by interacting with your main horse and activating the correct prompt.
  • You dog will intervene in melee fights and attack your opponents.
  • You can order your dog to attack other animals or npcs.
  • Your dog will help you hunt in various ways: after you hunt an animal, your dog will run towards its location and start barking, helping you to find it (unless it was told to stay).
  • When tracking an animal, your dog will use it’s senses and help find it quickly.
  • Your dog will get agitated by nearby predators and attack them if they’re too close.
  • The mod adds a dedicated new core for your dogs health. The lower his core is, the slower his health regenerates.
  • In order to fully recover your dogs core and health, it needs to be fed with hunted prey.
  • The mod provides full ingame tutorials and hints.
  • You may give your dog a name and change it anytime ingame.
  • You may dismiss your dog at anytime.
  • Some of the features are toggleable via the settings file under RDR2/DogCompanion/DogCompanion.ini.
RDR2 Dog Companion
RDR2 Dog Companion
RDR2 Dog Companion

How to use:

  • Find a dog that you like and pat it.
  • While patting it, you’ll notice a new “Bond” prompt. Activate it and the dog will join you.


  • Download and install AB’s ScripthookRDR2: http://www.dev-c.com/rdr2/scripthookrdr2/
  • Make sure you have an asi loader, it usually comes along with Scripthook.
  • Copy DogCompanion.asi and the DogCompanion folder to the game’s root folder.
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Download RDR2 Dog Companion Packs:

Click to downloadNotes
?DogCompanion.rarAdded option to revive personal dog when it’s fatally injured.
Added option to feed dog with meat from inventory.
Some other minor bug fixes.
?French translationContributed by: lexo1000
?Polish Translation
?Portuguese TranslationMod translation to Brazilian Portuguese.
Thanks MarcFlower for providing it!
Replace the ‘Lang.dat’ file in the ‘DogCompanion’ folder with the new Lang.dat file archived inside the zip.
RDR2 Dog Companion

Known issues:

  • Dogs original color is not saved, and a default color is used. This is because there is no way (that I know about) to retrieve a peds outfit index. If you know anything about it, let me know.
  • The dogs core is misplaced when using Expanded radar mode. If you find it too annoying, you may toggle the cores of in the settings file.


– LMSBolmin and fingaweg for the great help with research.
– NatsuLilUziOoh and GameRoll for testing.

Source code:
Feel free to use it for learning purposes: https://github.com/Shtivi/RDR2-Personal-Dog

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