RDR2 Native Trainer

RDR2 Native Trainer | Red Dead Redemption 2

by Dona

Native Trainer for Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2 Native Trainer) is a trainer that allows you to use the game has a large number of functions, such as immortality, spawning of vehicles and weapons, changing the skin of the player, turning into an animal, cheating for money, time and weather management, and much more.

Creator: Alexander Blade

RDR2 Native Trainer

RDR2 Native Trainer
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Trainer version: v1311.12 (31 Jul 2020).
Supported patches: 1.0.1207.58/1311.12 and above.


The functionality of the trainer for RDR2 Native Trainer:

  • immortality, unlimited stamina and special abilities;
  • add cash – 1000$;
  • immortality horse, unlimited endurance horse;
  • boost the speed of the horse (after you enable a menu you can use the control buttons);
  • skin change (including can turn into an animal);
  • teleport to any place (you need to set a marker or select a location);
  • control the level of tracing;
  • quiet and super jump;
  • fast recovery and treatment;
  • animals spawn random or by category (horses, dogs, fish, etc.);
  • spawn characters with random or by category (characters, cutscenes, etc.);
  • spawn weapons (guns, machine guns, etc.);
  • spawn of weapons (you can choose any rifle, gun, axe, knife, etc.);
  • spawn of transportation (wagons, boats, trains, cars, etc.);
  • control of weapons and combat (powerful gun, shooting without reloading, strong hand to hand combat);
  • control time (stop time, to move an hour forward or backward, sync);
  • weather control (lock current weather to any weather choose from a list control with the wind);
    to access the entire game map;
  • add honor;
  • hide HUD;
  • set the weapons on the transport.
RDR2 Native Trainer
RDR2 Native Trainer
RDR2 Native Trainer
RDR2 Native Trainer

The RDR2 Native Trainer enables any animal’s eyes to see in the game world. Physics and all of the animal’s habits are preserved. Thus, an eagle or an owl can float in the air, a fish or a crocodile can swim in the water, a sheep meadow can be pasted, and a wolf can run in search of food.
The immortality mode on RDR2 Native Trainer allows you to enter any situation and remain alive. Teleportation to any location on the map will save time, and the ability to obtain any mode of transportation in any location will allow you to try out all of the carts.

This distribution includes the most recent versions of ScriptHook and Asi Loader for your convenience. So, after installing all of the files from the archive, you will have a running trainer as well as the installed libraries ScriptHook and Asi Loader to work plugins.


  • You can download RDR2 Native Trainer from the link below
  • Trainer does not work in RDR Online!
  • When you switch to multiplayer, the game will end automatically for security purposes your online account. This is due to the fact that the game sends information about the installed mods developers online
  • Copy all the files in the directory with the game, that is the place where the file is located RDR2.exe
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  • F5 – enable or disable the trainer;
  • Num2 / Num8 (Ctrl+Up / Ctrl+Down) – menu navigation (up / down);
  • Num5 (Ctrl+Enter) – select in menu;
  • Num0 (Backspace) – back to a higher level in the menu.
  • Num9 / Num3 (PageUp / PageDown) – use the boost in the transport, if active;
  • Num+ (Insert) – use cannon to transport, if installed.

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