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by Gemma

A toolkit for working with scripts, currently includes a compiler, a decompiler, and a disassembler. Now let’s go to explore to see what’s in Redscript – compiler for Cyberpunk2077 scripts

Creator: jac3km4

Redscript for Cyberpunk 2077

nowmods information

Redscript mod doesn’t have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Deprecated- Bulk Craft (Requires redscript to be installed)Annoy Me No More (Always have this installed/updated!)
AI Netrunners Enhanced v0.2.0+All Physical Damage (RedScript needed)
Always First EquipArmor Fix for All Weapons
Better Melee (Requires ver 0.3.0 or greater)Better Netrunning – Hacking Reworked (latest version)
Better Recon Grenades (Broken 1.3) (Tested with 0.2.0)Blade Runner Scanner V-K-e Sys Update 1.7 (Required)
Block vendor access on pause requested fixChange Double Jump to Infinite Jump
Clear Skill ChecksConstant Upgrade Cost
Convo Skill Check ScalingCrafting Tweaks – Batch Craft Item Components
Cool Vs Don’t Die From Explosions (AKA Explosion Nerf)Custom Quickslots for Consumables and Cyberware Abilities (0.3.1+)
Declutter WorldMap
Disable Fall Damage And Deadly Fall On-Screen Grey Effect Filter (need this installed to script can work!)Extremely Reduced Fall Damage – Non-Lethal Fall From Any Height (need this installed so that script can work!)
Disable FinishersDisassembly Result Multiplier
Disable(Remove) Fast Forward and Skip Dialogue Visual Effect (required)Disable(Remove) Shard White Noise (Redscript is needed)
Disable(Remove) Zoom Transition Visual Effect (Redscript is required)Disable(Remove) Zoom Transition Visual Effect (Redscript is required)
Do not Disturb Me (CallFix) U need this 100%Edited Controls
Enhanced PoliceEnhanced Throwing Knives
Fast Travel From Anywhere 2 Anywhere (install if you haven’t mod)Full Gameplay Rebalance – Turkish Translation Required as of FGR 1.4.
flib’s UI Improvements (Completely Mandatory)Fly Like An Albatross (Min version: 0.1.8)
Free RespecFull Gameplay Rebalance
Feather fall – infinite jump – air dash and levitation flyFull Gameplay Rebalance RU
Ghost ForwardGrappling Hook
GravityTweaker RequiredHandle Known Specs
Hide Read ShardsHide Your Gear
Hover Jump to Triple Jump (Requires ver 0.3.0 or greater)Immersive State-based Attributes
Improved Minimap ZoomInvisible katana flying fix
Item Level Scaled Upgrade Cost (required)Jetpack
Jinguji Custom Atelier – Virtual Shop (Mod will not work without this)Kiroshi Opticals – Crowd Scanner CHT (需要下載並安裝.(最新版))
Kiroshi Opticals – Crowd Scanner Requires v0.1.11Kiroshi Opticals – Crowd Scanner CHS
Kiroshi Opticals – Crowd Scanner DE Benötigt v0.3.1Kiroshi Opticals – Crowd Scanner GER Benötigt zur Skript-Unterstützung
Kiroshi Opticals – Crowd Scanner JPN Modを動かすために使用します。Level Scaling and Balance (Only required for “breach timer”, “melee affected by armor”, and “scale status effects”)
Lifepath Bonuses and Gang-Corp Traits v0.1.11Limited Fast Travel
Limited HUDNative Player Vehicle Menu (need this 100%)
LMG Mods Fix (Required. Follow instructions on the mod page)No double-tap dodge while stealing
Low Flying VManual Reload
Muted MarkersNightOS WIP – Hack NightCity Like In Watch Dogs
No carry weight – Disable encumbrance
No Head Bobbing and Camera shake (need this 100%)No Extra Ammo Crafting
Non-lethal Blunt WeaponsPersistent UI elements (need this 100%)
Police Chases – VehiclesPolice Dworked (need this)
Police Motorcycle Chases (v0.1.5 or higher)Quickhacks blueprints don’t disappear when crafted
Radio Companion ExperimentRespec Attributes
Realistic Combat Overhaul – NEW VERSION AVAILABLE 10.6.21 – 1.31 READY required for scaling weapons (item scaling system changed)Recap Video Begone Required for the old red script version of the mod
ReducedRestore Crowd Finishers
Restore Slide Fall GlitchRestore Kerenzikov Dodge and pre-1.3 movement
Scene ScannerSensible Stamina and Athletics
Set Dev Points Per LevelSimple XP Multiplier
Skillful – Skills always gain XPSmarter Scrapper
Smarter Target AnalysisSound Clip Tester
spawn0 – CLOTHING STORE – best clothes selection from BETTER CLOTHES MODStop Accidentally Disassembling Iconics Literally won’t work without it
StreetStyle – Immersive Fashion System (use redscript 0.3 for Cyberpunk 1.3 compatibilityTraducao PTBR Lifepath Bonuses and Gang-Corp Traits 0.3.1
speeding vehicle brake on unmount fixToggle Quest Tags
Traducao PTBR Lifepath Bonuses and Gang-Corp Traits 0.3.1Traduction Francaise – Lifepath Bonuses and Gang-Corp Traits
Tabula e-Rasa Resets AttributesThe Dream Shop – Virtual Atelier
System-EXVendor Stock Overhaul (Missing CraftingSpecs Fix)
Traduction FR – Full Gameplay RebalanceTraduction FR – Sensible Stamina and Athletics
Trash Be Gone – Disassemble All Trash Button (Tested with v0.1.8)Unequip Mods Make sure you install the latest version >0.3.0
Unequip CyberwareUse Items From Vendors
Virtual Atelier (Game version v1.23: [email protected] | Game version v1.3: [email protected])You CAN Save Right Now Always have this installed/updated!
Wall HangWeapon FOV Footsteps Fix
Weapon FOV ModXP Multiplier

Other user’s assets: 
All the assets in this file belong to authors or are from free-to-use modder’s resources. So you need to seek permission from these authors to use it

Upload permission: 
You are allowed to transfer this mod to different destinations but you must credit Creator

Modification permission: 
Don’t forget to get permission from the author before you are allowed to modify this file to improve it

Transformation consent: 
You are not permitted to change this document over to deal with different games under any conditions

Resource use authorization
Get authorization from the creator before you are permitted to utilize any of the resources in this document.

Asset use permission (for mods/file are bring sold):  
Allowed everyone to use assets from this file in any mobs/files even it’s being sold. For the money, it uses on Steam Workshop or other platforms.

Resource use authorization in mods/records that procure gifts focuses:
You are permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods in the event that they utilize my resources.

❗️ Some notes from Author:

This author has not provided any additional notes regarding PyTK Platonymous Toolkit file permissions

⭕️ Credits file: This author has not credited anyone else in this file


Redscript mod is a script compiler that can be integrated with the game, players can use it to add or replace game scripts

Check out source code: click here

Not Working?

  • To know this mod is working or not, or it has other problems. You should look for a log file at:
    “Cyberpunk 2077\r6\cache\redscript.log’
    • If the mods were applied successfully, you will see this log file end with “‘Output successfully saved to …”
  • Other cases:
    • If the log file contains any errors or warnings, you can leave your issues here
    • If the log file isn’t there, redscript has not been installed correctly.


nowmods download

? Download Redscript for Cyberpunk 2077

When you installed this mod, the archive is available in the ‘Files’ tab and extract in the main ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ directory.
You should end up with the following files in the game directory:

  • Cyberpunk 2077\engine\tools\scc.exe
  • Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\base\scripts.ini

?‍? How to install Cyberpunk 2077 mods with specific instructions


The compiler of this mod saved a copy of the game scripts in a file ‘Cyberpunk 2077\r6\cache\final.redscripts.bk’.

To uninstall redscript:

  • Rremove the files you downloaded (scc.exe and scripts.ini)
  • Replace the existing ‘final.redscripts’ with the backed up ‘final.redscripts.bk’ file.

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