Rustic Medieval World Save

Rustic Medieval World | Minecraft Texture Pack

by Dona

Rustic Medieval World Save and texture pack – Updated with new textures for new stone and slime blocks, enchanting GUI has also been updated.

Creator: Sundaysmile

Rustic Medieval World

Rustic Medieval World
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This is simply being uploaded for my own convenience in order to have a portable download between machines. This file includes the John Smith’s Texture pack, which contains modified textures (namely some of the wool blocks.)

You are welcome to download and use it. The chests are empty, and the world has not yet been fully explored or depleted of resources, allowing me to restart whenever I want. So have a good time !


For manual download, please read How to Install Mods and Play Minecraft: Java Edition on PC

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📥 Download World Save Snapshot 14W02A

  • Because this is a Rustic Medieval World Save, all you have to do is open the .rar and extract the save game into where you’re normal Minecraft saves are located.
  • Since it’s not a mod you shouldn’t need forge running, but I think you might have to change the version to 1.7.10. It might run on 1.8 though if you want to give it a go though.

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