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Save Editor | Stardew Valley

by Gemma

Welcome to Stardew Valley Save Editor, a simple mod for Stardew Valley to help players save their files more easily.

Creator: MidgetMan etsmsj bigboot BanhMiDacBiet LJ Neveral

Stardew Valley Save Editor

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Stardew Valley Save Editor File Credits:

etsmsj (Original Code)
MidgetMan (GUI/Inventory Editor)
bigboot (Animal/Map Editor)
BanhMiDacBiet (Recipe Editor)
LJ Neveral (Relationship Editor)


Stardew Valley Save Editor will allow players to modify save files, including Map Editing (move and delete stuff). Besides this mob will let you add and change items in your inventory. It also allows changing of know recipes for cooking and making

stardew valley save editor

Players can modify basic character stats and unlock features such as Skull key, Stardew hero,… It also has an auto-updater so you can keep up with new releases. Comes with an animal happiness modification and switching between a Cat or Dog.

Stardew Valley Save Editor will let players back up the save manager, it allows to restore a backup save. And storage container editing like chest, fridge, etc



This mod compatible with the latest version on all console versions!

nowmods download

📥CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Stardew Valley Save Editor: Farm Foundry – Non Installer

Optional files:
Farm Foundry Image PackAdd’s images to Farm Foundry for Items/Maps etc.
Switch ConverterConverts saves to switch version. Please use the Read-Me for how to use.


  • Changed the complete source code, so technically this makes it version 2.
  • Image pack is not required but suggested for players, if not there will not be images. You just extract the zip and run the installer, or copy-paste the STCM folder to %AppData%/StardewValley/

To our dearest farmers! Here is some more Stardew Valley mods you may also love it:

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