School Makeup Hogwarts Legacy

School Makeup | Hogwarts Legacy

by Dona

Improved skin and cosmetics for the player character exclusively. Male version now available!

Creator: Aemmiie

School Makeup

School Makeup Mod Hogwarts Legacy
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Credits and distribution rights

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  • Upload authorization: Under no circumstances may you upload this material to other websites.
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Update 1.33

  • add no paler version for Natural Male

Update 1.32

  • add makeup to Natural Looks for Male version to make it more lively

Update 1.31

  • add Natural Looks to all skin tones for Male player character.
  • add New Makeup Preset ‘Orange Sunset’


  • This mod applies makeup and change skin color for player character only.
  • You can choose one for the Makeup preset that uses the same skin tone.
  • Makeup version will load before Natural Looks.

This mod modifies the same face and arm textures as same as some other skin mods, so you only choose one mod at the time.

Pink Rosy

School Makeup Mod Hogwarts Legacy

Pink Rosy makeup for female 1-5 skin tones (For the rest of skin tones are still WIP)

Orange Sunset

School Makeup Mod Hogwarts Legacy

Orange Sunset makeup for female 1-5 skin tones (For the rest of skin tones are still WIP)

Natural Looks

School Makeup Mod Hogwarts Legacy
Female skin 1
School Makeup Mod Hogwarts Legacy
Male skin 1

Natural Looks version work on all skin tones. Paler skin, some makeup, softer skin and more natural.


  • Unzip the file that you download
  • Put folder [~mods] to inside your Hogwarts Legacy Paks folder located in: …\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content
nowmods download
Main files:
📥School Makeup – 1.Pink RosyRenamed and re-structure the file. This version only works on 1-5 skin slider. remove old version before installing new version.
📥School Makeup – 2.Orange Sunsetthis preset work on female skin tone 1-5.
📥School Makeup – Natural Looks for Femalethis applies natural looks to every skin tones. less makeup and softer skin detail.
📥School Makeup – Natural Looks for Male– fix ear mismatch
– fix corrupted upload
Optional files:
📥School Makeup – Natural Looks of Female (no paler filter)remove paler skin filters.
📥School Makeup – Natural Looks of Male (no paler filter)no paler skin filter
📥School Makeup – Pink Rosy (Soft)This version has less blush.

This is the first mod the Creator made for Hogwarts Legacy. Feel free to give them any feedback. and if you want to you can Give them a coffee.

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