Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2

Serenity | Red Dead Redemption 2

by Dona

This mod adds a bunch of quality of life features for increased immersion.

Creator: LittleCumdumpster

Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2

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Serenity Deutsch – Serenity German Translation
Serenity Traduction FR

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  • Version 1.0.2
    • Fixed a crash when switching players with rampage or failing a mission (with AB’s scripthook)
    • Added a language file to translate the prompts
  • Version 1.0.1
    • Horse will stay laid down with the player instead of getting up after a few seconds


This mod adds 3 dynamic new prompts when a hotkey is pressed:
• Rest
• Relax
• Smoke

The hotkey is set to by default, you can change it in the ini file. If you use a controller, you can activate the actions prompt by pressing D-pad right.

And it also adds 3 new prompts that show up automatically when you’re near water:
 Clean Up 
• Drink Water 
 Hydrate (horse only)

Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2
The water prompts.
Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2
Drinking water will restore your stamina core. If it’s full you will receive a gold core that lasts for a few mins.
Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2
Cleaning yourself up will remove all dirt, mud, blood and even hat bullet holes.
Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2
The dynamic prompts (press the hotkey to have them show up).
Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2
The “hydrate” prompt.
Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2
Hydrating your horse will restore its stamina. If it’s already full, it will receive a gold core.
Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2
If you’re resting, aim at your horse (right mouse button) and it will rest with you. Both the player and the horse will gain stamina core while resting.
Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2
The smoking interaction. You have the option to choose between a cigar and a cigarette.
Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2
If you have the mod Zen installed, your character will be able to walk with the prop after quitting the scenario. Needs to be enabled in the ini file!
Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2
You horse will gain 5 weight points and slowly have its health core restored whenever it’s grazing. This mod also removes the grazing distance limit, so your horse is more likely to graze when you’re near.


drop Serenity.asi, Serenity.dat, Serenity.ini in your game directory, and the folder Serenity in your lml folder.

👁‍🗨How To Mod Red Dead Redemption 2

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📥Download Serenity Red Dead Redemption 2

To translate the prompts open Serenity.dat and change the text on the right.
Clean Up = [language goes here]

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