Show Player In Menus Skyrim Special Edition

Show Player In Menus | Skyrim Special Edition

by Dona

In Show Player In Menus mod, this SSE hack flips the camera to face the player. Includes choices for player and camera orientation, as well as character rotation in menus, as well as extra mod compatibility for mods such as SmoothCam/TDM, and works in the Inventory/Container/Barter/Magic menus. Oblivion Style Inventory was used as the foundation, then CommonLibSSE-NG was used to upgrade it for SE/AE.

Creator: myztikrice

Show Player In Menus SSE Mod

Show Player In Menus Skyrim Special Edition
nowmods information

Nowmods requirements:

Mod nameNotes
Address Library for SKSE PluginsRequired for SKSE plugins to work.
Customizable CameraOPTIONAL. Compatibility patch located in Optional Files
Heels FixOPTIONAL. Compatibility patch located in Optional Files
MCM HelperRequired for the MCM to work. 1.5.97 users be sure to use the “MCM Helper SE (1.5.97 BACKPORT)” version.
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE64)Required for SkyUI/SKSE plugins to work.
SkyUIRequired for the MCM to work.

Mods requiring this file:

Mod nameNotes
Show Player In Menus (PTBR)
Show Player In Menus (SE-AE) – RU
Show Player In Menus – CHS
Show Player In Menus – DeutschOriginalmod, muss zuerst installiert werden.
Show Player In Menus – FrenchObligatoire, fusionner ma traduction avec
Show Player In Menus – Spanish Translation

Credits and distribution rights

  • Assets of other users: All of the assets in this Show Player In Menus file are either the author’s or free-to-use modder’s resources.
  • Upload authorization: Under no circumstances may you upload this material to other websites.
  • Permission to modify: You may alter my files and provide bug patches or enhancements as long as you acknowledge me as the original inventor.
  • Permission to convert: You are free to convert this Show Player In Menus file to work with other games as long as you credit me as the file’s developer.
  • Permission to utilize an asset: You may use the materials in this Show Player In Menus file without asking permission as long as you credit me.
  • Asset use authorization in purchased mods/files: This file’s assets may not be used in any modifications or files that are sold for money on Steam Workshop or other platforms.
  • Permission to utilize assets in mods/files that earn donation points: If your modifications use my materials, you may earn Donation Points for them.

Notes from the Author
This author has made no further remarks about file permissions.

File credits
This author has not credited anyone else in this file

  • Version 1.4.1
    • Reverted previous zoom fix until I figure it out as it was causing new problems
    • Added the ability to enable/disable the mod in first person
  • Version 1.4.0
    • Added ability to rotate the player character in enabled menus with a gamepad’s left/right shoulder buttons
    • Fixed zoom bug when accessing an enabled menu during sheathe animation and when exiting an enabled menu
    • Added ability to change player’s initial pitch in enabled menus
    • Rearranged MCM menu for legibility
    • Updated translation files
  • Version 1.3.0
    • Fixed the issue where entering an enabled menu at odd camera angles kept those angles in the menu. Now the camera should move to the same location each time barring camera collisions
    • Added option to disable when auto moving
    • Added option to control update rate when rotating character and renamed some MCM entries
    • Prevented vanity mode from happening in enabled menus
    • Added Skyrim.esm as a master to the plugin file which may fix some lingering issues
    • Updated translation files
  • Version 1.2.2
    • Added additional checks to hopefully prevent bug with controls occassionally being reversed after entering a menu
    • Another brain fart, forgot to change the plugin’s default settings when changing the MCM default settings, but now they match. Should fix cases of missing item previews. Existing users can enable then disable the “Hide ____ 3D” options in the MCM to fix.
  • Version 1.2.1
    • Hopefully fixed bug with camera centering after equipping/unequipping items with unpaused menus when using a non-zero offset
    • Fixed logic around enabling/disabling in combat
    • Disabled mod while in free fly cam mode (when accessing an enabled menu directly through a hotkey, instead of through the Tween menu)
    • Updated translation files missing from previous release
  • Version 1.2.0
    • BIG UPDATE! You can now rotate the character model in enabled menus with the right mouse button. Huge thanks to DarkMatterValkyrie/Another Race Menu Rotation Mod and open-source modding
    • Added MCM splash logo
    • Rearranged layout of MCM menu for new Turn Sensitivity parameter to decide how sensitive you want turning to be
  • Version 1.1.2
    • Changed default settings to not hide 3D models for menus that aren’t enabled by default.
      Small brain fart, don’t need to update if you know how to work the MCM
  • Version 1.1.1
    • Added Torches to list of Misc 3D items
    • Tweaked timings to hopefully fix camera controls being inverted bug
    • Added Customizable Camera patch to optional files
  • Version 1.1.0
    • Added GOG support
    • Added toggle for enabling/disabling during combat
    • Fixed issue where camera would be placed at odd angles when looking up/down
  • Version 1.01
    • Disable mod when riding a horse
  • Version 1.0
    • Initial release.


This SKSE mod rotates the camera around to face the player, as well as offset them to the right of the screen, when opening enabled menus.
Based on Oblivion Style Inventory, now with support for SE/AE thanks to CommonLibSSE-NG.


  • Show player in menus: inventory, container, barter, and/or magic
  • Support for SE/AE in one .dll plugin due to CommonLibSSE-NG
  • Change player position and rotation, and camera position, in-game using a MCM
  • MCM Helper support to autosave and autoload settings
  • Choose whether to hide the 3D .nif models for a variety of form types in each menu to prevent them from covering the player
  • Support for SmoothCam/True Directional Movement/Skyrim Souls RE
  • Works in first* (see Compatibility and Known Issues sections) and third person
  • Rotate character model in enabled menus using the right mouse button or left/right gamepad shoulder buttons


  • Address Library for SKSE Plugins
  • SKSE
  • SkyUI
  • MCM Helper (NOTE)1.5.97 users: use the MCM Helper SE (1.5.97 BACKPORT) version
  • (Optional) Customizable Camera
  • (Optional) Heels Fix


  • Compatible with all UI replacer mods
  • SmoothCam: compatible (1.7+). Latest version of SmoothCam required!
  • True Directional Movement: compatible (2.2.3+)
  • Skyrim Souls RE: compatible* (2.2.2+) (*see Notes)
  • Customizable Camera: compatible (2.21+) with optional patch
  • Heels Fix: compatible (1.4+) with optional patch
  • Improved Camera SE PR4: compatible
  • Improved Camera beta 4/Immersive First Person View: soft incompatibility. Camera will stick to character’s head when accessing an enabled menu in first person. Potentially looking into fix, recommend using Improved Camera SE PR4 instead

Example Configurations:

SkyUI 3D Item Horizontal Offset: -30
SkyUI Item Card Horizontal Offset: 130

Show Player In Menus Hide Armor3D: Disable
Show Player In Menus X Offset: -50
Show Player In Menus Turn Amount: 0.2

SkyUI 3D Item Horizontal Offset: 7
SkyUI Item Card Horizontal Offset: 130

Show Player In Menus Hide Armor3D: Disable
Show Player In Menus X Offset: -60
Show Player In Menus Turn Amount: -0.2

Show Player In Menus Skyrim Special Edition Widescreen

SkyUI 3D Item Horizontal Offset: -21
SkyUI Item Card Horizontal Offset: 200

Show Player In Menus Hide Armor3D: Disable
Show Player In Menus X Offset: -60
Show Player In Menus Turn Amount: 0.2


nowmods download

Download Show Player In Menus Skyrim SE Mods:

Main files:
?Show Player In MenusWorks for all Skyrim versions 1.5.97 to 1.6.640
Safe to update mid-game
Optional files:
?Customizable Camera PatchFixes camera offsets when using Customizable Camera. Requires original mod
?Heels Fix PatchFixes camera offsets when using Heels Fix. Requires original mod


  • Unless someone wants to dismantle the UpdateMagic3D method for me, there is currently no way to hide 3D models in the magic menu. You can conceal ALL 3D model artworks by giving them a huge offset in SkyUI’s MCM and moving them offscreen if you don’t concerned about hiding individual 3D models in menus.
Show Player In Menus Skyrim Special Edition
  • Using this mod in combination with Skyrim Souls RE’s bEnableCursorCameraMove=true option will cause it to zoom in/out instead of vertically tilting up/down.
  • FOV settings are preserved when entering an enabled menu.

Known issues

  • Enabling this mod in Barter Menus will interfere with the Switch Target functionality of Improved Alternate Conversation Camera. Enable this mod in the Barter Menus or the ACC Switch Target function, but not both.
  • When you open a book when the book 3D models are disabled, the book animation will start playing from off the screen.
  • When rotating the character in stopped menus, HDT physics do not update properly. This is a current Faster HDT-SMP constraint. A newer version of Faster HDT-SMP will be required. Skyrim Souls RE fixed the issue.
  • Cycling between the inventory and magic menus (default: alt key) while accessing them from first person can occasionally cause the player model to momentarily become invisible until you cycle between them again. Improved Camera SE PR4 fixed the problem. Investigating a regular repair.
  • When you start the sheathe weapon animation in third person and then immediately access an enabled menu in the middle of the animation, the zoom settings will be reset. We’re working on a solution.



beinz for the original Oblivion Style Inventory mod
CharmedBaryon for CommonLibSSE-NG
DarkMatterValkyrie for Another Race Menu Rotation Mod code for rotating character in menus
Doodlezoid for the code base of a CommonLibSSE-NG project that was easier for me to understand than the Sample Plugin
Ershin for the code used to load settings from MCM Helper and helping me with troubleshooting
MaskedRPGFan for help in writing MCM Helper configuration files
meh321 for Address Library for SKSE Plugins
michaelfoushee for the awesome logo
mwilsnd for the SmoothCam API
Parapets for MCM Helper
Qudix for the conversion of the original OSI mod to the modern SKSE code format that I shamelessly built upon, and additional coding help
Ryan for CommonLibSSE
scorrp10 for Heels Fix
SirArindel for Customizable Camera
The SKSE team
The RE modding discord

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