Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2

Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2 | Fallout 4

by Dona

Fight settler illness, repopulate the land outside your colonies, combat the Gunners, and build your own faction headquarters to govern the Commonwealth! Chapter 2 continues the plot of Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2, introduces three new side questlines, and introduces a slew of additional features to explore outside of the story.

Creator: Sim Settlements Team

Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2

Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2
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Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2 expands the primary plot and includes many new gameplay elements!

Continue the journey

  • Pick up right where you left off in the original Sim Settlements 2 story, and continue the quest to rebuild the Commonwealth.
  • Expands upon the backstory of the Gunners, giving them a prominent role in the Sim Settlements 2 story.

Major side quests

  • Your efforts have attracted the attention of several groups that will appear in the Commonwealth, each with stories you can help shape.
  • The CPD is a group of citizens that have come together under the banner of the prewar police departments, in an attempt to deal with the growing Gunner threat. Help them gain a foothold and decide the type of organization they’ll become – one of peace and justice or of order and vengeance!
  • The Nightingales bring with them knowledge of old medicines and healing arts, and are committed to helping everyone, regardless of which side they fight for. Will you convince them to take up your cause or allow them to remain a neutral player?
Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2

Invisible threats

  • The sudden explosion in population you’ve helped encourage has brought with it pollution and disease. You’ll need to encourage cleanliness, and bring medical services to bear to keep your settlements from being overrun by the invisible toxins of the Wasteland.
  • New building classes and disease mechanics add another layer of depth to settlement mechanics.

Repopulate the world

  • Your communities’ influence will extend beyond its boundaries, enticing people to come in and dwell in otherwise uninhabitable buildings – dynamically settling into such structures over time.
  • Concord, in particular, is seeing a surge of activity. Newcomers with interesting backstories and missions will begin to settle in the region.

A new headquarters

  • Create a large headquarters and use it as your seat of power to govern the Commonwealth as you see appropriate.
  • A big internal facility must be cleaned, built, and upgraded. Staff it with the finest and brightest from the Commonwealth, and collaborate with them to develop strong innovations and lead a big corporation to success.
Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2


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The future

Expanded World Repopulation

The World Repopulation system will gain considerable new capability, enabling it to reach more structures around the Commonwealth and encompass more than simply residential areas.

Greatly Expanded HQ System

HQ’s first release focuses mostly on the early setup and building stages, but HQ will eventually include much more.

  • Exterior Defenses – The exterior of HQ will be designed to support defenses, which implies a raid system against which your troops may put their skills to the test.
  • Disaster System – HQ was created to be a facility management sim, and one of the major elements for this kind of gaming is a succession of issues for the employees to cope with – imagine fires, floods, thievery, critter invasion, and more!
  • Remote Management – HQ symbolizes the end-game activity to assist concentrate all of your settlement efforts into a single objective; to aid with this, a variety of remote tools will be available to enable you to manage your settlements from inside HQ.
  • Departments Will Be Extended – Several departments will be considerably expanded to give them a clearer function inside your corporation. Each will be given a different function to play, as well as unique things you may do with each, providing you with lots of opportunities to experiment and modify.
  • Quality of Life – Many features and enhancements will be implemented to make HQ your ultimate favorite location to call home!
Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2

Additional Quests

Before we get to Chapter 3, there are a few more minor missions that will be added in updates.

Sim Settlements
Sim Settlements | Fallout 4

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