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by Dona

Tired with skooma’s monotony? This Skyrim on Skooma mod transforms skooma into a legitimate recreational drug, with 69 distinct scenarios and a thousand potential permutations. Funny, but yet really immersive.

Creator: JaySerpa

Skyrim on Skooma

Skyrim on Skooma
nowmods information

This Skyrim on Skooma mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Author’s instructions
Mod is free to use as you like.


  • Please, check individual permissions on the assets I’ve used here before reuploading, as they don’t belong to me.
  • I appreciate if you let me know what you’re doing, as I’m a curious soul AND I might even be able to help with your project.

File credits
HUGE thank you to everyone who made this Skyrim on Skooma mod possible.

Before you continue reading, let me redirect you to the Skyrim on Skooma main page, please open the spoiler under “Reused Assets, Voice Acting and Music” as the credits there have better formatting AND embedded links to all the artists and their pages.

Reused Assets for Skyrim on Skooma (Either open perm mods or reached out via message – THANK YOU!)

Sassy Vampires: By sakero133
Dance Rave – A Dance Pack Collection: By fakeinbox
Visual effects (unpublished mod) by RaccoonDance
White rabbit by KANRAx2
Heisenberg Accessories Redux by Kaiserwill
Mead + Skooma outfits by Mvpeng
Crimes Against Nature by FancyPants
Big Head Mode by Triptherift
Dance animation Modder Resource by Umpa
Mammoths by SkinWalker21
Hair Mesh by Hallgarth
Rideable Goats by Iron_Phsyco
Plushie Pals of Skyrim by pulseczar85 (and SpiderAkiraC for the inspiration for a certain follower)
Granny’s Arsenal by hrodeberht1
Bully My Squire by CallMeMoon
Chair Mod Idea by Hellfog

Reused Songs From Music Artists (Either CCBY, Royalty Free or reached out to them – THANK YOU!)
Jah Jah Bangs by Quincas Moreira
Birch Run by Kevin MacLeod
Martian Cowboy by Kevin MacLeod
Carnivale Intrigue by Kevin MacLeod
Medusa by Kevin MacLeod
Mind Scrape by Kevin MacLeod
Modern Jazz Samba by Kevin MacLeod
Out of the Skies, Under the Earth by Chris Zabriskie
The Constitution ov Ones own Physical Health by Ov Moi Omm
Tides by Mindseye
Aztec Empire by Jimena Contreras
Higher Powered by Audio Hertz
Night Rave by Jason Shaw
Spirit of Fire by Jesse Gallagher
Sun Awakening by Futuremono
Sao Paulo Trip by The Mugris
Heyeyeyeyeah – By Finn M-K (Tribute to slackcircus)
Going In by Kirk Osamayo
Positivity in Waves by Kirk Osamayo
Drifting at 432hz by Unicorn Heads
Bad Dreams by Steven O’Brien
Chill and Relaxed by Steven O’Brien
Waves by Steven O’Brien

Extra Thank Yous
Kudos to Urgie for expertly voicing two of the characters in this Skyrim on Skooma mod on the spot (Thing was done in like 20 minutes!) What a pro and it came out great. Check out his streams for a fun time!
Big thank you to Young Scrolls for allowing me to use three of their songs (and a little extra!) for this mod. If you’ve been living under a rock and never heard of Young Scrolls, it is not too late, lay down your weapons and check their channel out.

  • Skyrim on Skooma Version 69.2
    • Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order? An update for Skyrim on Skooma? Coming right up! Safe to update mid-game.
    • In the most immersive update ever, I’ve added around 15 or so voiced interactions for addicts. Hear me out. Whenever you get addicted to the substance, you can go around asking people for skooma, with funny voiced reactions. If the person you are asking has skooma on them, they might be willing to sell it to you. Lol. Just a little extra activity for fun, more roleplaying and immersion.
    • Jarls and guards are not the best people to beg for skooma. Just a little warning.
    • Fixed the issue where you could get stuck after talking to Roluf. If you know, you know.
    • Compressed the dance animations, making the mod 15 mb lighter or so.
    • Changed the icon of addiction to make it more obvious that it’s a negative effect.
    • That’s it for this update! Thanks everyone for the warm reception to this mod! I hope you keep enjoying it and discovering all of its hidden secrets 🙂
  • Skyrim on Skooma Version 69.1
    • Hey there, skooma aficionados! Small update, safe to update mid-game. If you’re enjoying the mod, feel free to let me know your favorite trips, I love reading what sort of havoc I make haha.
    • Moved Roluf a little bit so he’s facing the player as you wake up.
    • Deleted 3 (completely harmless) redundant records from Bethesda’s testing cells.
    • Made it so the horker king does not spawn in interiors. Quoting Jarl Balgruuf: HORKER’S REVENGEEEE!
    • Updated the FAQ. Reminder than the visual effects from this mod ONLY last 60 seconds. If you have other visual effects lasting more in your game after taking skooma, they’re NOT from this mod. Most likely from Apothecary/Requiem or a similar mod. If they bother you, you can remove these visuals effect using xEdit and checking the skooma effects from those mods. If using Sunhelm, you can disable Sunhelm’s visual effects using its MCM.
    • Fixed Bully Maguire’s animations, so they don’t register as attacks if using Payload Interpreter. Huge thanks to Monitor144hz for fixing this.
  • Skyrim on Skooma Version 69
    • Release Skyrim on Skooma
    • If you’re one of the 100 lucky people that downloaded the mod before my sneaky update: I just added a seq file to make sure the quest starts correctly.


  • Each time you consume Skooma, you might experience a wild trip. These trips last 60 seconds. 
  • Skooma trips are mostly happening in your mind, but can have real life consequences. Consume carefully.
  • During the trip, you will experience a wide variation of wild effects under the influence of the drug. You’ll be tripping balls, basically.
  • There is a total of 69 different trips, and they’re chosen at random after you consume skooma.
  • Thousands of trip variations: This means that although the experience might be similar, you will very rarely experience the exact same trip. This is because each trip comes with a dozen+ very distinct visual effects and trance-like sounds that get randomized each time you take skooma.
  • Some of the trips are very unique and might make you see the world from a complete different perspective and even open your mind to new thoughts or random occurrences.
  • Simple to understand addiction and withdrawal mechanics.

How Addiction Skyrim on Skooma works:

  • Each time you consume Skooma, you have a 25% chance of becoming addicted to the substance. 
  • Skooma addiction can be permanently cured by waiting for the addiction effects to run out (30 minutes).
  • Alternatively, you can continue consuming skooma regularly, which nullifies the addiction negative effects.
  • Consuming skooma gives you 10 minutes where the addiction does not affect you. The addiction kicks in back again afterwards.
  • Addiction takes 30 points of your h/s/m. This is negated by consuming skooma or waiting for the addiction effects to run out.
  • Skooma effects, durations, etc. are all explained natively via the effects UI screen.

Why take Skooma?

You may be wondering: why would I ever want to take skooma if addiction is strong and lasts half an hour until I eat more? Skooma, my buddy, is a recreational drug! The goal is that you have pleasure while being influenced by it. I’ve designed skooma so that you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s always sure to be entertaining. There’s enough variety to tempt you to “try again” with 69 fresh alternative scenarios. I want to make you desire Skooma both mechanically (by making the addictive adverse effects disappear with additional use) and intuitively (what other insane scenarios can I come up with? I must see!).


  • Skyrim on Skooma compatible with everything. Including mods that modify skooma. No patches needed. 
  • If you have a mod that adds its own visual effects to Skooma, I recommend disabling them as they’ll double. (Sunhelm allows you to disable visual effects in its MCM for example). 


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Skyrim on Skooma
Skyrim on Skooma
Skyrim on Skooma
Skyrim on Skooma
Skyrim on Skooma

Reused Assets, Voice Acting and Music
Huge thank you to everyone who helped make this mod possible! Skyrim on Skooma would’ve never been possible without everyone who so kindly agreed to let me use their assets and music for this. More details on permissions below.

Credits might contain spoilers for some of the wild trips.

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