1905 Revolver Fallout 4

Smith and Wesson Model 1905 Revolver | Fallout 4

by Dona

1905 Revolver Fallout 4 is a mod straightforward including a Smith and Wesson Model 1905 Revolver.

Creator: Jff007

1905 Revolver Fallout 4

1905 Revolver Fallout 4
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Double Action Revolver

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Consolidate Weapon Crafting Recipes Surplus (CWCRS)Optional

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Record credits
The 1905 Model by FIRI4: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/sw1905-959a2d844e8e4d86a36d4424f39e0ddf

Version 1.1
Fixed mesh export error, added esl version.

Version 1.0
Initial Release


There are a couple of approaches to procure the wapon. The first is the control center. Type the accompanying orders to produce in the pistol:

  • “help 1905 weap 4” to get the ID in-game
  • Then, at that point: “14.spawnitem x” and supplant “x” with the ID of the weapon.

The weapon will generate through level rundown infusion. I have it set to just produce in sellers, on pillagers, Diamond City Security, and pioneers. (There is a variant without evened out list infusion for those of you who don’t need it.)

The weapon will likewise be craftable at the Chemistry Workbench.

1905 Revolver Fallout 4

Six barrels to choose from

  1. Snub Barrel
  2. Standard Length Barrel
  3. Long Barrel
  4. Suppressed Snub Barrel
  5. Suppressed Standard Barrel
  6. Laser Barrel

Five receivers/frames

  1. Worn/Standard Single Action
  2. Worn/Standard Double Action
  3. Factory New/Advanced Single Action
  4. Factory New/Advanced Double Action
  5. Laser Conversion
1905 Revolver Fallout 4

Four caliber conversions

  1. .38 (as seen on the real world Model 1905)
  2. .45 (as seen on revolvers like the M1917)
  3. .50
  4. Fusion Cell (to go with the Laser parts)

Three grips

  1. Standard
  2. Comfort
  3. Sharpshooter’s
1905 Revolver Fallout 4


nowmods download

📥 Download 1905 Revolver Fallout 4

📥 SW Model 1905 .esl Version (Same as .esp adaptation, simply utilizes a light expert all things considered.)

This 1905 Revolver Fallout 4 mod is of a Smith and Wesson Model 1905 Revolver. A portion of the connections I added were intended for the sake of entertainment purposes and are decidely somewhat strange (read: not reality-based), in that they’re reverences to different computer games which have done comparative thoughts before.

1905 Revolver Fallout 4


The 1905 Model by FIRI4
Wardaddy775’s animation set
a_blind_man and Dank Rafft for the LL Injector Script
Bethesda for such a moddable game
NexusMods for hosting this mod
You for reading this
My HDD for not failing and losing this mod

1905 Revolver Fallout 4

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