Soaking Wet Character Special File

Soaking Wet Character Special File | Skyrim Special Edition

by Dona

This Soaking Wet plugin that makes characters and their equipment appear wet when they are in water and, optionally, when it rains or snows. With seamless soak/dry transitions and an adjustable shine level, it works on both players and NPCs.

Creator: SlavicPotato

Soaking Wet – Character Wetness Effect

Soaking Wet Character Special File
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Version 1.1.1
Adjusted effect transition during rain/snow to be more in sync with precipitation
Added options for disabling the effect during rain/snow, useful if you have very high specularity set for enb rain wet surfaces
Version 1.1.0
Added weather support (rain and snow). Off by default, enable it in the ini.


A SKSE64 plugin that dynamically applies glossiness/specularity to characters’ skin, hair, armor, and weapons to make them appear wet when in water and optionally in rain or snow. It works on both the player and NPCs. The character begins to dry after removing himself from the water. Transitions are seamless, and soak/dry times can be adjusted.

Works with ENB wet surfaces and mods that use shaders for wet effects (such as water drip) or change body specular map textures to give actors a more detailed wet look. If you believe the specular effect is too strong, you can reduce it in the configuration (MaxSpecularStrength).


Install with a mod manager or extract to \Data.

nowmods download

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Soaking Wet Character Special File


SoakingWet.ini allows you to customize the specular strength, glossiness, water level threshold, and soak/dry transition speeds. Player and NPC effects can be toggled independently.


No known incompatible or conflicting mods at this time.

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