Souvenir's Light Pillar

Souvenir’s Light Pillar | Monster Hunter: World

by Gemma

Souvenir’s Light Pillar mod for everyone who wants the souvenirs light-up in Monster Hunter: World in-game. It’s a simple mod that helps you easier to spot them as well as help you get a better experience when playing the game. Let’s explore more mods in nowmods and start a new adventure

Creator: 2hh8899

Souvenir’s Light Pillar

nowmods information

Other client’s resources: 
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Don’t upload Souvenir’s Light Pillar file to other websites in any cases

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No! Don’t allow to everyone use assets from this file in any mobs/files even it’s being sold. For the money, it uses on Steam Workshop or other platforms.

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You are not permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods in the event that they utilize my resources.

❗️ Some notes from Author:

This creator has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions

⭕️ Credits file:

  • MHVuze
  • JodoZT


This mod changes the souvenir’s shiny effect into the light pillar, there is an option to support slingers and bandit-mantles too.

Iceborne-Ready & modified to stand out even if it is buried in the snow.

Note: If you feel the pillar is too bright, you can consider to user Souvenir’s Thin Light Pillar in the download, it will make the pillar look thinner and less bright


nowmods download

📥 Download Souvenir’s Light Pillar
📥 Souvenir’s Thin Light Pillar


Firstly, place NativePC on the: ../Steam/steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World. But if you don’t want other drop’s light pillar, you can delete these files:

  • (Souvenir light) nativePC\Assets\gm\gm000\gm000_014 folder & files,
  • (Slinger light) nativePC\Assets\gm\gm000\gm000_030 folder & files,
  • (Bandit-mantle light) nativePC\Assets\gm\gm000\gm000_120 folder & files.


Let check the contents of the Souvenir’s Light Pillar mod Zip file that you downloaded, now you delete any matches. Besides that, you can also delete an empty folder

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