Spacecraft Mod

Spacecraft Mod | Minecraft

by Dona

This Spacecraft Mod allows you to go to outer space.

Creator: Tomvegas

Spacecraft Mod

Spacecraft Mod
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The mod adds a few amazing features, including a fabric space suit, a space rocket, the moon, and other items.
Unfortunately, the patch currently only includes the moon; however, it will soon include the complete solar system. To light the moon, you can only use Glowstone; you can’t use torches or redstone lamps (the lever will pop off)

To survive, you’ll need an oxygen tank, which you may make using the instructions in the images above. This will allow you to breathe in the moon’s atmosphere both above and below the waterline!

Spacecraft Mod

Make a portal made of iron blocks and light it with the space rocket item to get to the moon; then you can travel there. Embark on a journey through space to learn about the solar system!!! It also has an unbreathable environment, as well as oxygen tanks and other items.
Torches, flashlights, and other items that don’t work without air will be damaged and snap off!!!

Spacecraft Mod


Place zip into minecraft mods folder and it will load in forge.

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Bugs known

  1. The Portal Spawns You Above The Atmosphere
  2. The Oxygen Tank Cant Be Used Unless Hungry
  3. The Water Breathing Affect Of The Space Suit Doesn’t Work
Spacecraft Mod
Spacecraft Mod
Spacecraft Mod

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