Spring Cleaning Fallout 4

Spring Cleaning | Fallout 4

by Dona

Spring Cleaning cleans up your settlements, with or without cell resets.

Creator: Nverjos

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning
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This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
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Craftable Floor Patches
CyberLag’s Settlement Blueprints
Fallout 4 Plus Edition
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Murkwater Vanilla DLC BlueprintRequired for the one house (can use this or the other one)
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Vault 88 Proper Vault Exits BlueprintRecommended! A cleaning mod will make it easier for you to move and remove cell items.
Where am INeeded to clean up non scrapable items, scrap slowly when installed

Author’s instructions
File credits
This author has not credited anyone else in this file

Version 2.05
Bug Fixes:
-Removed Master Dependency on optional scrap list plugins.

-Bunker Hill finally added (I recommend not removing the Junk Walls, they will cause LOD/Culling Issues.)

Scrap List:
-Added Metal Burning Barrels to optional Lantern List.
-Added missing lit oil lantern to optional Lantern List
-Added Rope Lights
-Added Scaffolding
-Added Wrought Iron Fence
-Added Rubber Floor Mats
-Added lots of Junk Walls (Parts of Bunker Hill, recommend not scrapping)
Version 2.04
General Bug Fixes
Version 2.03
Large Scrap List update
Version 2.02
-No more duplicated objects
-No more returning objects (See known issues if you used 2.01)
-No more missing objects
-Fixed furntiture placement in the Castle and Covenant homes.
-Fixed Wetness not appearing on ground in settlement cells.
-Fixed NPC’s not pathing properly in the Castle.
-Added several missing hanging lights to scrap list
-Added several missing bushes and shrubs to scrap list
-Fixed small wood scrap list not allowing items to scrap.
-Replaced Grass and Concrete plugins with one Expanded Scrap List plugin

ExpanedScrapList.esp – Additions
-Privet Hedges
-Grass and Dirt Mounds
-Hammer Animation Markers (by a lot of request)
Version 2.01
No more Cell Reset
Version 1.07
Several objects added to scrap list
Hangman’s Alley added to Cell Enabler
General bugfixes to the form list used.
Version 1.06
Several objects added to scrap list
Changed the plugins around, single version with optional cell enabler plugin.
Version 1.05
Compatability patches for Better Generators, Simple Intersections and Power Pylon and Conduits – Increased Radius
Version 1.04
FOMOD Installer
Fixed Shrub selection
Fixed scattered paper giving concrete
Added four shrub bushes to scrap selection
Version 1.03
Fixed reordered FormID that stopped the mod from functioning properly.
Version 1.02
Two separate version available.
Ini version – FPS loss in dense urban areas. No Cell Reset Bug
Cell Edit version – Cell Reset Bug. No FPS loss in urban areas.
Added Skeletons and Mirelurk viine to scrapping list
Furniture fix separated into own esp included in INI version
Version 1.01
Partial fix for Castle and Covenant object placement.
Version 1.0
Initial Release


Spring Cleaning allows for the removal of trash and clutter items that were previously unable to be scrapped within settlements. There isn’t much else to say.

1) Sprinting will not work in settlement cells unless you use the included fix.

2) Some pre-existing buildings have problems with furniture placement; I recommend downloading the Homemaker mod, which fixes the majority of these problems.

3) Objects removed from settlements while using version 2.01 or lower will be re-added the first time Spring Cleaning 2.02 or later is installed. This is the last time statics should appear in between updates…

Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning


Install Spring Cleaning and Activate the plugin(s)

Spring Cleaning

? Download Spring Cleaning 2.05

Incompatible Mods:

Any mod that modifies Settlement World Space will cause Spring Cleaning to behave negatively and undo the fixes for the Cell Reset Bug.

Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning


-Bethesda (For the game of course)
-Zilav from the xEdit team (for all his help with combined object records)
-xEdit Team (For FO4Edit)
-Scrap Scrap (For the original inspiration, that lead me to making this.)

Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning

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