Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM | Skyrim

by Dona

Static Mesh Improvement Mod is a massive project to greatly improve the appearance of Skyrim’s countless static 3D models. Essentially, this is my attempt to improve the architecture, clutter, furniture, and landscaping in Skyrim.

Creator: Brumbek

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Static Mesh Improvement Mod
nowmods information

This Static Mesh Improvement mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
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4K SMIM Whiterun Bench LE
Actual Windows – Farmhouses
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Bruma Signs SMIM patch
CleverCharff’s Photorealistic Smelter SMIM LE
Crow ENB 2.0
Different Mines Of Skyrim – DMOSAt least option ’39 Dungeons 3D Ropes and Glorious Scaffolding’
Falmer Ear and Hagraven Claw
Glacies – Snow Retexture
Project Parallax Remastered
Project Parallax Revived
Riekling Barrels SMIM – LE
Shadow of The Mountain ENB
Simplicity of Snow LE
Skyland Whiterun – SMIM wood color patchNew HD SMIM Whiterun wood textures to match the Skyland Whiterun color palette.
Skyrim 2016 Shaders by Pfuscher
Solitude – PeVInstall SMIM before installing the parallax version of the mod.
Static Mesh Improvement Mod – Portuguese Translation
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Travel Lanterns Art To -HDT Equipment With SMIM
Very Dwemer Spellbreaker LERequired for the centurion dynamo cores.
Whiterun – PeVInstall SMIM before installing the parallax version of the mod.

Credits and distribution rights

  • Assets of other users: Some of the assets in this Static Mesh Improvement Mod file are the property of other authors. Before you can use these authors’ assets, you must first obtain permission from them.
  • Upload authorization: You may upload this file to other websites, but you must credit me as the file’s creator.
  • Permission to modify: You must obtain my permission before modifying my files in order to improve them.
  • Permission to convert: You are free to convert this file to work with other games as long as you credit me as the file’s creator.
  • Permission to use assets: You may use the assets in this Static Mesh Improvement Mod file without asking permission as long as you credit me.
  • Asset use permission in purchased mods/files: You are not permitted to use assets from this Static Mesh Improvement Mod file in any mods or files that are sold for a fee on Steam Workshop or other platforms.
  • Permission to use assets in mods/files that earn donation points: If your mods use my assets, you must obtain permission to earn Donation Points.

Author notes
As of June 2017, users have permission to use SMIM assets freely in any mod. You can create any compatibility patches or add-ons that you want using Static Mesh Improvement Mod stuff. You can upload SMIM to another site if you want. Thanks to everyone for using SMIM.

File credits
Thanks to modder NebuLa for Skyrim HD, which I used for the new furniture textures I made. Thank you for letting me use and modify your great textures! Much obliged!
Thanks to modder raiserfx for letting me use his high quality cave lamp, chests, and metal textures and more as a base for mine.
Thanks to modder Ancient76 for letting me use his higher-resolution textures from Skyrim Realistic Overhaul.
Thanks to modder Langley for letting me use part of his Texture Shop textures.
Thanks to modder pfaffendrill for letting me modify his texture from his great Jewels of the Nord mod.
Thanks to modder tehx3n for letting me use his High Res Hawk Texture Replacement mod for my Hawk.
Thanks to modder Gizmo for letting me edit his wood texture from Re-Defined Dungeons.
Thanks to modder DoubleBrewski for letting me edit and include his Animated Dwemer Lifts mod.
Thanks to modder xrayy for letting me modify his texture from his Better Ropes mod.
Thanks to modder Corepc for reducing my textures, which saved me some time.
Thanks to Mayang for the great free texture resources which I modified to use with several objects, such as both new barrels.
Thanks to for the awesome metal sheet texture I used for the Tankard.
Thanks to for the bird feather photo I used for the Quill.
Thanks to NegativeFeedback for this gold texture used on my lantern:
Thanks to smileys-4-eva for this blood texture used on my bloody lantern:
Thanks to Johannes Schriewer ( for his great metal nail photograph.
Thanks to phoenixkeyblack ( for his great Celtic Knot Carving image.
Thanks to HHH316 for his metal texture.
Thanks to ShadowRunner27 for his rough metal texture.
Thanks to ( for a few various textures.
Thanks to Wikipedia for a few textures like the rabbit’s fur.
Thanks to KeReN-R on DeviantArt for some nice blood brushes (
Thanks to Outside the Fray for the great tree textures (
Thanks to for the free textures.
Thanks to for some wood textures.
Thanks to plplecuyer for the multi-language translation Strings files.
Thanks to for various textures.
Thanks to for a scratch texture.
Thanks to for a scratched film grain texture.
Thanks to Esoterrickabod for various photos and carved wood image.
Thanks to for various textures.
Thanks to for various textures such as the scaffold bridge moldy wood.
Thanks to for various textures such as the scaffold bridge wood edges.
Thanks to for the rope picture I used for the Solitude Docks ropes.
Thanks to SjoertJansen for SkyMills and pfaffendrill for the larger windmills idea.
Thanks to dukefx for letting me use his Real Roads mod meshes for my bridges.
Thanks to for a wood texture.
Thanks to for a few textures like rusted metal.
Thanks to Danrok from for some metal textures.
Thanks to for some metal textures.
Thanks to x0ne for pointing out the carriage and smelter meshes had bugged vertex color alpha values, which caused bizarre flashes when using ENB.
Thanks to robiichan and Cronon for testing the XB1 Orange Marker fix test mod for me.
Thanks to TES5Edit team and matortheeternal and his Merge Plugins script.
Thanks to the whole NifSkope team over the years. Without their years of effort no-one would be able to edit .nif files! Thank you!
Thanks to zilav for making NifScan, an awesome utility that creates a report of various Skyrim .nif format errors in mesh files. I used this starting with version 1.95 to fix a whole lot of mesh errors.
Thanks to Anton0028 for making Nif Healer, a helpful utility to check for bad string names and missing NiTriShape names. Although Static Mesh Improvement Mod didn’t actually have any of these errors (good job me), but I still thank him for the utility.
Thanks to ousnius for checking all my meshes with his custom Outfit Studio code to find NiTriShapeData blocks with missing Has_Tangents Vector_Flags. Also huge thanks to him for his essential SSE NIF Optimizer utility!
Thanks to NifUtilsSuite by skyfox. Without this tool, I would have no way of editing Skyrim collision or viewing it to ensure accuracy. Thank you!
Thanks to Thallassa for providing a link to a community Code for the Skyrim Special Edition Creation Kit Beta.
Lastly (but firstly), thanks to Bethesda for creating awesome games with irksome flaws that we modders obsess over.

Version 2.08
-Static Mesh Improvement Mod the Dragonborn DLC docks and fences meshes at Raven Rock (about 60 placements) to use my 3D ropes. A new “29 Raven Rock 3D Ropes” folder has been added, and the installer has been updated to have a new “Ropes 3D – Raven Rock Docks” option.
-Had to remove two rope sections for dlc2rrdockstr02.nif to fix the ropes clipping with in-game objects. Collision updated to delete these rope sections.
-Improved the collision mesh for dlc2rrdockstr02.nif to fix issues.
-Fixed minor UV mapping errors on the end of the wood posts in Raven Rock meshes dlc2rrdock01.nif and dlc2rrlanternpost01.nif.
-Fixed texture seams on the main wood beam piece in Raven Rock meshes dlc2rrdock01.nif and dlc2rrlanternpost01.nif.
-Fixed stretched and glitched UV mapping on floor boards for dlc2rrdockstr02.nif. Other meshes have this issue too…just don’t look too closely.
-Created new proper collision for all Imperial Jail meshes. The original game used flat planes with transparent Havok Layer so that you could actually shoot arrows directly through the metal. Lame! Meshes: impjaildoorframe01.nif, impjailpole01.nif, impjailtop01.nif, impjailwall01.nif, impjailwall02.nif, impjailwall03.nif. Thanks to Pherim for getting me to take a look at this.
-Edited all new candle meshes I used from Ruins Clutter Improved to use custom Static Mesh Improvement Mod candle directory paths (folders 13, 17, 71, 72). This is done because the new candles have altered texture UV mapping, so they really should use custom textures only used for them. Ruins Clutter Improved by default changes the vanilla candle textures, which creates issues if another mod edits candles and relies on those vanilla candle texture UV layouts. Now the Arcane Enchanter will look correct even if you don’t use Ruins Clutter Improved along with SMIM. Ruins Clutter Improved is still completely recommended alongside SMIM.
-Updated special BYOH and USKP chandelier candles to use the new Ruins Clutter Improved versions (byohinterfaceimpchandelier01.nif and impchandelliercandle01uskp.nif).
-SMIM friend Penetrator3 pointed out this issue, fix described next. Static Mesh Improvement Mod the 2D chains on the special chained Ratway door (riftenrwdoorspecial01.nif). Added to the “3D Chains – Misc” install option.
-Cleaned the “Static Mesh Improvement Mod-SE-SolitudeDocksFixes.esp” to remove one deleted record. Thanks to Danidv for pointing this out.
Version 2.07
-Critical fix for broken Special Edition meshes because of an error in NifOptimizer. Optimized all meshes again to eliminate crashes when loading certain SMIM Nordic candle meshes. Thank you to ousnius for quickly updating his NifOptimizer utility to version 2.8!
-Edited a number of Ruins Clutter Improved candle meshes to give them proper unique Block names for the “Glow” Billboard blocks to avoid issues when converting to Special Edition. Meshes changed: norcathallsm1way02.nif, norcathallsm3way02.nif, norcathallsm4way01.nif, nortmphallbgcolumn01.nif, nortmphallbgcolumn03.nif, nortmphallbgcolumnsm01.nif, nortmphallbgcolumnsm02.nif.
-Made norcathallsm4way02.nif use unique candle block names.
-Added candles02 texture set from Ruins Clutter Improved to the “17 Nordic Catacombs…” install option since it uses these textures.
-Static Mesh Improvement Mod friend Penetrator3 pointed out this issue, fix described next. Added a bottom to the Hearthfire inventory smelter mesh (invsmelter01.nif).
-SMIM friend Penetrator3 pointed out this issue, fix described next. Removed unintended bright glowing on all the feather wall hangings. I removed the rim lighting flag and turned down the specular and removed the white texture. Meshes: wallbasket02.nif, wallbaskethex02.nif, wallbaskethex03.nif, wallbasketlarge01.nif, wallbasketlarge02.nif.
-SMIM friend Penetrator3 pointed out this issue, fix described next. Removed unintended bright glowing on the two feather quill meshes. I removed the rim lighting flag and turned down the specular and removed the white texture. Meshes: animobjectquill.nif, quill01.nif.
-SMIM friend Penetrator3 pointed out this issue, fix described next. Fixed very minor missing wood panel piece on the lumbermill mesh (lumbermill01.nif).
-SMIM friend Penetrator3 pointed out this issue, fix described next. It turns out Bethesda foolishly used Riften ropes next to generic ropes at the Icewater Jetty Dawnguard location. Static Mesh Improvement Mod’s excellent 3D ropes clash in style and create floating rope gaps. Grr. The solution is to create a custom SMIM Riften ropes mesh with all new collision (rtdockpier03SMIM.nif) and delete the current two offending generic rope posts and replace the rtdockpier03.nif mesh with the new rtdockpier03SMIM.nif mesh. Since this requires Dawnguard, I’m opting to skip this fix for the Original Skyrim SMIM release because it is simply too annoying to create yet another option .esp for Dawnguard users. Special Edition users get this fix merged into the SMIM-SE-RiftenDocksRopesObjectFix.esp file. Also updated the two relevant merged .esp files (SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp, Static Mesh Improvement Mod-SE-Merged-NoSolitudeRopes.esp).
-SMIM friend Penetrator3 pointed out this issue, fix described next. Yet another dwemer hanging pot with 2D chains from DLC2 Dragonborn in Hrodulf’s House…3D chains added of course (dlc2dwereadrmfirepot01.nif).
-Small vertex color fixes on ropes for rtdockpier02.nif.
Version 2.06.1
-Critical fix for the new Static Mesh Improvement Mod collision on the two Imperial Jail door meshes. They were not rendering and blocking player movement because I totally forget to make sure the new collision blocks were targeting the proper blocks in the meshes. I thought it would do this automatically…the unfortunate trials of working with a mostly undocumented file format. So after a short nervous breakdown screaming fit, I’ve finally ACTUALLY fixed the issue. Much apologies friends!
Version 2.06
-Added separate folder for Dwemer Animated Lifts for Special Edition since the original Skyrim meshes don’t work right in SE without being optimized. Now the installer script makes sure Special Edition versions install the new “21 Dwemer Animated Lifts SE” folder. Also reenabled the original Static Mesh Improvement Mod Dwemer Lifts for the original Skyrim since they work fine on that version. Thanks to mertz for his prodding to get me to finally make this easy change.
-Incorporated fixes to the Solitude Docks that were originally made for the Unofficial patches, but they never were incorporated probably because of an oversight. So I’m adding them to Static Mesh Improvement Mod with a new .esp for both game versions (SMIM-SolitudeDocksFixes.esp and Static Mesh Improvement Mod-SE-SolitudeDocksFixes.esp). There are now two install folders (“22 Solitude Docks Ropes” and “22 Solitude Docks Ropes SE”).
-Note that the mesh locations for the original Skyrim Unofficial Patch and Special Edition Unofficial Patch are slightly different, so that is why I’ve created two separate install folders.
-Below are the actual details of the Solitude Dock Fixes .esp files and meshes.
-Created Unofficial Patch versions of dockstepsdown02.nif named dockstepsdown02uskp.nif that uses a straight rope to better connect the different rope meshes.
-Created Unofficial Patch versions of dockcorsol01.nif named dockcorsol01uskp.nif that moves several wood planks to fix dock posts that clipped through them.
-Created Unofficial Patch versions of dockstrent02.nif named dockstrent02uskp.nif that moves a dock post to no longer clip through the Solitude Trading Co building.
-Created Unofficial Patch versions of dockstrent03.nif named dockstrent03uskp.nif that removes a dock post and rope that clipped through the Solitude Trading Co building.
-Created Unofficial Patch versions of dockstrsol01.nif named dockstrsol01uskp.nif to move a wood plank to fix a dock post that clipped through it.
-Replaced about six different Solitude docks mesh locations with Unofficial Patch versions to resolve clipping and floating ropes.
-Moved various Solitude docks posts and meshes to improve how the ropes fit and to resolve various clipping issues.
-Edited Solitude East Empire Trading Co mesh (seastempireco.nif) to add lower stonework to properly go into the ground in the world. Also edited vertex colors for more consistent green on the stonework. UV improvement on stonework also.
-Reviewed raiserfx’s awesome Ruins Clutter Improved mod version 2.9. He greatly improved the candles, so I’ve taken his meshes and new candle textures and incorporated them into Static Mesh Improvement Mod to avoid conflicts. Install his mod first then SMIM. Let SMIM overwrite his mod. You’ll get all his new candles and all SMIM’s stuff too.
-Candle meshes updated as part of “13 Lanterns” Static Mesh Improvement Mod install option: candlelanternwithcandle01.nif, loadscreenadventure01.nif, loadscreenshopsmagic01.nif, loadscreenadventure02.nif. I copied his changes including removing the fake candle lights from the loading screen meshes, FYI.
-Candle meshes updated as part of “17 Nordic Catacombs…” Static Mesh Improvement Mod install option: norcathallsm1way01.nif, norcathallsm1way02.nif, norcathallsm1way03.nif, norcathallsm2way01.nif, norcathallsm3way01.nif, norcathallsm3way02.nif, norcathallsm4way01.nif, norcathallsm4way02.nif. Also nortmphallbgcolumn01.nif, nortmphallbgcolumn03.nif, nortmphallbgcolumnsm01.nif, nortmphallbgcolumnsm02.nif.
-Candle meshes updated as part of “71 Candelabra…” Static Mesh Improvement Mod install option: impcandelabracandle01.nif, impcandelabracandle02.nif, impcandelabracandleoff01.nif, impcandle01.nif, impwallsconce02candleoff01.nif, impwallsconce02candleon01.nif, impwallsconcecandle01.nif, impwallsconcecandle02.nif, impwallsconcecandleoff01.nif.
-Candle meshes updated as part of “72 Chandeliers” Static Mesh Improvement Mod install option: impchandelliercandle01.nif, impchandelliercandle02.nif, impchandelliercandle03.nif, impchandelliercandleoff.nif.
-In order to ensure users get the right modified candle textures, I’ve copied the three candle textures plus one burning effect to all four folders: 13, 17, 71, 72. They will overwrite each other upon install so as to not waste disk space.
-Slight UV improvements to ruinspot04.nif as part of the Core install. I compared this mesh to the new mesh in Ruins Clutter Improved and I prefer to keep the vanilla game size and shape of the pot, so I haven’t used that mod’s mesh.
-Finally fixed the Mod Manager installer script to properly install certain uncommon install .esp options such as “Improved Chests and Hawk”, “Improved Dungeon Skirts and Hawk”, “Hawk, Riften Ropes, Solitude Ropes”, “Hawk and Riften Ropes”.
-Cleaned up the Mod Manager installer script to have better section markers and numbered sections for easier searching.
-Finally separated the Static Mesh Improvement Mod download archives for the Original Skyrim and Special Edition. Now users need to download Static Mesh Improvement Mod from the correct SMIM website on the Nexus.
-Optimized the textures for the Special Edition release using SSE NIF Optimizer by ousnius.


Skyrim is the best open-world RPG ever made, with amazing 3D character and creature models. However, playing the game for even an hour revealed that Skyrim contains a plethora of ugliness in the form of 3D models. More specifically, the architectural elements, clutter, furniture, and landscape objects are made up of a large number of low-polygon static meshes.

While the artists appear to have spent a significant amount of time creating the races, creatures, armors, weapons, and major buildings, it appears that the more “boring” 3D models that comprise the game world were severely neglected.

As a result, this mod modifies many 3D models in order to improve their appearance and to fix many of the ugly seams and other oddities. I began in February 2012 with the goal of eventually improving 500 of the worst offenders. My goal of 750+ meshes was met in June 2014; my goal was exceeded! Static Mesh Improvement Mod now includes over 15,000 mesh placements! Over 900 meshes were improved in October 2016, with over 30,000 placements! Cool.

Nonetheless, Static Mesh Improvement Mod has more work to do! It takes a long time to improve meshes, so I’ll release incremental updates with new 3D models as I finish them.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod


My mod includes a fancy installation script that allows you to pick and choose which parts of SMIM you want to use, as well as various texture options. Please try the various options through Nexus Mod Manager before requesting them!

The Official High-Res DLC is OPTIONAL, but only a moron would refuse to use it. This DLC is COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE WITH Static Mesh Improvement Mod. Simply download the High-Resolution DLC from Steam and activate the.esps. Download the Unofficial High Resolution Patch as well.

The Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch is recommended (use the Skyrim Unofficial Patch if you don’t own all of the DLC expansions). Because USLEEP is a BSA package, the loose files in SMIM will always take precedence during installation.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

If you use WATER (now included in The Ruffled Feather) or Realistic Water Two (both highly recommended! ), install it AFTER SMIM and let it overwrite all SMIM files. Make sure there is no water when using the Riften 3D ropes added in Static Mesh Improvement Mod 1.90. If you install the file AFTER (below) SMIM, you may get minor water seams by the Riften docks.

Install SkyFalls and SkyMills BEFORE Static Mesh Improvement Mod and then let SMIM overwrite all files if you use them (recommended). Otherwise, one of the windmill fans will remain in two dimensions.

If you use Better Dynamic Snow (which was previously part of The Ruffled Feather and is now part of S.T.E.P.) (which is highly recommended! ), follow the instructions and choose which parts you want. His 2D fence is incompatible with my 3D version, so don’t install it. Make certain that the Better Dynamic Snow SMIM option is enabled in his installer.

Install Ruins Clutter Improved first if you use raiserfx’s Ruins Clutter Improved (recommended!). Then, allow SMIM to overwrite any Ruins Clutter Improved files! Otherwise, you will not receive SMIM’s fancy lantern or the various Nordic ruins enhancements.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Install rheadude’s Ultimate HD Fire Effects first if you intend to use it! Then allow Static Mesh Improvement Mod to overwrite all of your files!

Install it first if you use kryptopyr’s Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade or Tytanis’ Jewelcraft! Then allow SMIM to overwrite all of your files!

If you want to use anamorfus’ Enhanced Lights and FX, first install SMIM, then select the SMIM Meshes installer option for Enhanced Lights and FX.

If you use texture mods, such as Skyrim HD, install Static Mesh Improvement Mod first, then the texture mods, allowing them to overwrite the few files that may conflict with SMIM.

Allow SMIM to overwrite everything if you use Mindflux’s ENB Particle Mesh Fixes because SMIM already includes all of his fixes.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod
nowmods download

📥Download Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Manual Installations and Other Notes

Because Static Mesh Improvement Mod folder structure is so complex, manual installations are strongly discouraged. If you defy all logic, you can download the SMIM archive and then extract the contents of the “00 Core” folder to “SkyrimData.” This will install the mod’s foundation.

The additional folders beginning with numbers are optional features. If you want one of those options, extract the folder’s contents to “SkyrimData.” Folders with the same number are either or, so you can only extract the contents of one of them. Use NMM or Wrye Bash if you can’t figure out the numbering and folder descriptions. Versions 1.11 and up include an.esp file. Make certain that it is turned on.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Texture Replacers Information

To distinguish itself from vanilla textures, Static Mesh Improvement Mod employs a slew of SMIM-specific new textures housed in the “textures-smim” folder. These SMIM-textures always take precedence over any other texture replacers you may be using. This means that the majority of the meshes I edit will use MY textures rather than those of other texture replacers you have installed. This isn’t a big deal because my SMIM textures are intended to blend in with the base game and other high-resolution texture packs. Just keep in mind that when using Static Mesh Improvement Mod, you will have to use my textures for the majority of SMIM’d meshes.

SMIM also includes several edited vanilla textures (with which I fixed errors), which do conflict with texture replacers. You just need to decide whether you want my fixed vanilla textures or the versions of your favorite texture replacer. Installing Skyrim HD first, then SMIM, for example, will result in SMIM’s fixed vanilla wood post texture. You’ll get Skyrim HD’s wood post texture if you install Static Mesh Improvement Mod first, then Skyrim HD. None of this is detrimental to your game. Just keep in mind that you should always install Static Mesh Improvement Mod first, followed by texture replacers.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the performance hit?

It is zero for me. I was running a 3.3GHz i2500k Intel CPU with an nVidia GeForce 680 with no performance hit in 2013. Users with slower computers may suffer a performance hit. I’m not interested in creating low-polygon models. Every model I’ve included is more detailed than the stock model. Some of my meshes are a LOT more detailed, perhaps even overkill. Maybe I’ll go back and reduce polygons later. For the time being, try my mod, note where your FPS drops (if any), and manually delete certain of my meshes if desired.

What textures do your models use?

When possible, I use the default vanilla textures so that texture replacers will work properly with my mod. However, some models necessitate the creation of custom textures to fit my new awesome 3D models. In this case, I use my discretion to determine which texture source is best: vanilla, Skyrim HD, or a new custom-made texture created by me. This means you can’t simply replace textures for my objects with a texture replacer. My non-vanilla textures, on the other hand, are all quite high-resolution. For more information, see the texture replacer section above.

I don’t like one of your 3D models or textures. How do I solve my issues?

If you don’t like a particular 3D model I’ve included, you can remove it manually before or after installation. You’ll have to hunt it down and remove it yourself. If you don’t like my textures, you’re stuck with them because other texture replacers won’t work with most of my 3D models. If you ask nicely, I might be able to make an alternate texture that is more to your liking.

Will you improve/fix a certain 3D model?

Maybe, post in the comments and tell me what you want fixed and why. But don’t post spoilers!

Why don’t you just enjoy the game as it was made?

Because I’m OCD. I notice seams, low-polygon models, and other offenses to good artistic design. It’s my burden really. I wish I was ignorant of all this, but alas, I know too much…


  • See Credits page for full list of credits.
  • Thanks to the whole NifSkope team over the years. Without their years of effort no-one would be able to edit .nif files! Thank you!
  • Thanks to NifUtilsSuite by skyfox et al. Without this tool, I would have no way of editing Skyrim collision. Thank you!
  • Bethesda for creating awesome games with irksome flaws that we modders obsess over.

Tools used:

For more Skyrim mods, check out these ones:

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