Super Turbo Lighting Mod

Super Turbo Lighting Mod | The Witcher 3

by Dona

Among the best mods accessible for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt there should be a spot for a mod which upgrades designs. Super Turbo Lighting Mod doesn’t add any new surfaces or 3D models, yet further develops the lighting framework in the game – trust us, it gigantically affects the visual nature of the entire game.

Creator: Essenthy

Super Turbo Lighting Mod

Super Turbo Lighting Mod
nowmods information

This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Mods requiring this file

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Version 3.2:

  • fixed fog during cutscene and in certain interiors
  • velen has been re done
  • removed lense flare from the sun and dirt flare along with it
  • lense flare on fire sources is still there
  • tweaks for skellige lighting and fog
  • re done fog values and coloring for novigrad and velen
  • many tweaks to vegetation lighting for novigrad and velen
  • removed tonemapping during cutscene, now cutscene look exactly like normal gameplay
  • re enabled projector lights during cutscene to avoid pitch black/dark environments
  • projector lights behind geralt are still disabled during gameplay
  • redone lighting in white orchard
  • tweaks to cave lighting
  • fixed some of the new Hos zones, support is limited


Impersonate the first craftsmanship course pre downsize (for the most part the 2014 form), this is the solitary reason for this mod, it doesn’t add anything or eliminate anything, this should be “better” than Vanilla, this is explicitly made for the individuals who favored the first look of the game pre minimization like creator.

Super Turbo Lighting Mod


  1. Update your game to a recent version
  2. create a folder named ” mods ” inside your The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt installation folder
  3. Then put Super Turbo Lighting Mod inside
nowmods download

📥 Super Turbo Lighting Mod 3.2

📥 Super Turbo Lighting Mod 3.2 ALT

Super Turbo Lighting Mod

Q1: How do you remove trees ?

A: Go to to your Witcher 3 installation folder then navigate to bin\shaders\speedtree\shaders_directx11 and move somewhere these 2 files: Branches_shadowcast_vs.fx11obj and Branches_vs.fx11obj

Q2: How do you remove those trees in the distant mountains ?

A: Open the file user.settings and set MaxVisibilityDepth to 8 or 4

Q3: What is this “ALT” version ?

A: Its velen lighting in novigrad, if you want a darker more foggy novigrad use that, that’s the only difference

Q4: How do I make my game look like your video/screen shot ?

A: By default the game constantly change weather, i only use ” clear ” weather, so install debug console and type : changeweather(WT_Clear)

Q5: What setting do you recommend  ?

A: Everything ultra, and if you got a good machine try rising the vegetation lighting values in user.settings, you can use this guide

Q6: Is the mod compatible with other mods ?

Yes STLM does not use scripts, so it work with anything, HOWEVER it DOES NOT WORK with any other lighting/weather mod, you are warned and because of how the saving system work in the game you can corrupt your save file with conflicting mods saved inside it

Super Turbo Lighting Mod


Sarcen, Rmemr for their amazing modding tools, without them STLM wouldnt be possible

and everyone on Witcher 3 modding discord, Mezziaz, KNG, Linas, ScoutBr0, SkacikPL, Stronghim, The_Carasher, erx, Giorgio, Traderain ect ..


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