Symphony of Death Destiny 2

Symphony of Death Destiny 2 Quest Walkthrough Guide


This guide will walk you through the Symphony of Death Destiny 2 quest and how to obtain the Deathbringer across all platforms. This side quest requires the Shadowkeep DLC enhanced version.

How to Begin the Symphony of Death Destiny 2 Quest? 

You must first finish the Shadowkeep campaign! Then, speak with Eris and look for the Lunar Spelunker reward money. This necessitates you to loot chests in three of the Moon’s Lost Sectors (except Sorrow’s Harbor). After that, you will be provided the Firewall Data Fragment. This is used to finish the quest Memory of Sai Mota, which you will already have. Take that shard to the K1 Revelation Lost Sector.

Once you’ve finished the K1 Revelation Lost Sector, pay attention to the following tunnel entrance:

Continue down that corridor until you reach some glass doors. You will be required to input the Firewall Data Pieces in order to unlock the door. You’ll find Sai Mota’s broken Necklace inside that room. You must now collect the Necklace shards. Can be obtained by using the Arc skill to defeat Nightmares on the Moon. Sorrow’s Harbor is the best option for this, and there are a lot of Nightmare enemies in this area. After that, return to Sanctuary to meet Eris and loot the chest beside her. This will initiate the actual Deathbringer quest Symphony of Death Destiny 2!

symphony of death destiny 2
Begin the Symphony of Death Destiny 2 Quest

How to Finish the Symphony of Death Destiny 2 Quest?

  • Before you can start the Symphony of Death Destiny 2 quest, you must first complete the following objectives:
  • Finish all of the main Shadowkeep campaign quests. Then, in Sanctuary, speak with Eris Morn to obtain Sai Mota’s Memory.
  • Speak with Eris once more and accept the Lunar Spelunker bounty.
  • Complete the three Moon-lost areas (K1 Crew Area, K1 Communion and K1 Logistics). Following the collection of loot at the end of each field. As a reward for your bounty, collect the Firewall Data Piece.
  • In Sorrow’s Harbor, complete the final Lost Sector (K1 Revelation). Look for an orange underpass at the end of the area that leads to a locked door. To unlock and obtain Sai Mota’s broken Necklace, use Firewall Data Shards.
  • To obtain 20 Necklace Scraps, travel to Sorrow’s Harbor and defeat Nightmares with Arc abilities.
  • Come back to Sanctuary and enter the portal where Eris is normally found. After you’ve finished speaking with Eris, open the chest behind her. Then start the Faculties of the Skull quest, the first step in the Symphony of Death Destiny 2 quest.
  • After accomplishing the Circle of Bones quest step Faculties of the Skull. Come back to Eris in the Sanctuary to start the quest step Marrow’s Elegy. You must complete the following objectives in order to collect three skeletons:  
    • Finish a public event in Hellmouth.
    • K1 Revelation Lost Sector on the Moon should be deleted (again).
    • Defeat a Moon-dwelling Bone Collector.
symphony of death destiny 2

Deathbringer Exotic Guide

The first step Symphony of Death Destiny 2 is to complete the Shadowkeep campaign. This unlocks a new quest for you to complete for Eris Morn.

Step 1: Go to Lost Sectors

On the Moon, you must locate and finish three Lost Sectors. You might want to do some leveling before embarking on this section. The lost sectors will have a power of 860-890. The guides with embedded videos below will demonstrate you how to get to each Lost Sector. Make sure to kill all of the bosses and collect the Cache at the end.

Step 2: Firewall Data Fragments

Go to the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor for this step. It’s the only Lost Sector there, and it’s right in the middle, so it’s easy to find. In the back of the Lost Sector, there is a tunnel to the right. Jump into the pit to find a door that will open if you have the Firewall Data Fragments. To proceed to the next step, communicate with the console inside.

Step 3: Mend the Necklace

Sorrow’s Harbor is the greatest spot to go for this section. You must use Arc abilities to kill Nightmares. Nightmares spawn frequently in the Sorrow’s Harbor area, so farm them until this section is completed.

Step 4: Pay a visit to Eris

When you spawn near Eris, you will notice an open portal. Follow the endpoint to Eris after passing through it. Talk to her, then open the chest beside her to obtain a Deathsinger skull and properly begin the Exotic quest.

Step 5: Collect the Bones

For this part, you’ll need three bones.

  • The first Bone Collector appears near the Anchor of Light, as it does frequently if this step is active.
  • The second bone is from the Lost Sector of K1 Revelation. Remove the wizards, then the crystals, and finally the Lost Sector boss.
  • The third appears after completing a Heroic Public Event near Hellmouth.

Step 6: Assassinate High Conductor

You must kill the High Conductor Sulmakta for this step. You can find her on the 2nd floor of the long elevator ride in the Scarlet Keep strike.

Step 7: A Murderous Spree

You must kill regular Majors, Hive, and Bosses for this part. Again, Sorrow’s Harbor is a fantastic spot to do this, and you can finish it quickly.

Step 8 – The Damned Choir

When you have defeated all of the enemies from the previous stage, you will be granted access to a special mission on the Moon. This mission requires 920 Power, so you may need to grind a little to complete it. The Deathbringer is yours once you accomplish the work!

symphony of death destiny 2


Those are all step-by-step walkthrough quests for Symphony of Death Destiny 2 players. This comprehensive guide will assist players in gaining an advantage in the game and regaining glory.

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