Tifa FF7 in GTA5

Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy 7 | Grand Theft Auto V

by Dona

HD model from Final Fantasy Dissidia NT. Totally port in GTA V as a person on foot in-game. Tifa FF7 in GTA5 mod highlighting full facial movement, completely manipulated, incorporates two outfits (White tank-top and Black cowhide suit), and excellent materials contact.

Creator: alex189

Tifa FF7 in GTA5

Tifa FF7 in GTA5
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In Tifa FF7 in GTA5 mod, you will get:

• Full Facial Animation

• Fully Rigged

• Include 2 Outfits (White tank-top and Black cowhide suit)

• Materials Massive Improvements. Best in-game render look.

• Replaceable with Pedestrians

Tifa FF7 in GTA5


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Download Tifa FF7 in GTA5

Tifa FF7 in GTA5
Tifa FF7 in GTA5


• Model from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Property of Square Enix & Team Ninja.
• Model Ported into Xnalara by Sticklove
• Ported into GTA V by alex189 *GTA V conversion needs to rework from 0% including fitting new skeletons & rigging works.
• 3D Editing Work by alex189
• Thanks to saldin93 for the best advice & help.
• Converted using Zmodeler3 Software

Tifa FF7 in GTA5

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