Anno 1800 Too Hard Working Quest

Anno 1800 Too Hard-Working Quest and Tips for Beginners

by Dona

Here are some pointers to help you get started with Anno 1800’s! Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed; this guide will help. In Anno 1800, quests are a good way to generate more money, fame, or items. We will demonstrate the simplest method for completing Too Hard Working Anno 1800 Quest. Taking on puzzle quests, which frequently revolve around discovering someone or something, is especially rewarding.

Simply center the display on the target area by pressing the quest, and you’re ready to point and click.

Three tips for beginners

Anno 1800 is a fantastic game. The game can be purchased from the Epic or Ubisoft stores. Is a fantastic city builder with fantastic graphics. Unfortunately, the in-game instructions are inadequate. The tutorial missions (underneath the “additional tutorial” option) teach you the fundamentals of the game. Meanwhile, many critical dynamics remain unknown. Instead of causing you to be frustrated, learn these things through trial and error. Here are some pointers I wish I had known when I first started playing.

Here are three extremely helpful tutorials for Sandbox mode on the first two difficulties Too Hard Working Anno 1800 quest:

too hard working anno 1800
Three tips for beginners Too Hard Working Anno 1800

1. Settlement of islands and early expansion strategy in Anno 1800

You don’t have to hurry like other city construction workers if you’re in the Anno map. You simply begin with a small trade hub on an island (i.e. your “home” island). And a flagship with some construction materials on board. These two factors will not deplete your initial capital; money is a necessary resource for almost all buildings. Then you can think about what you want to do next.

It is critical for players to understand that the home island lacks the resources required to develop the city. All are established crop fertility types with limited resources. You won’t always be able to grow your magnificent potato pastures or mine some of that magnificent iron ore. The resources on your preliminary island should be your first priority. This can be done by looking at the minimap at the bottom right of the screen.

After that, the optimal tactic is to board your ship Too Hard Working Anno 1800. Also, look around the game map for another island that is lacking in resources. Consider the situation depicted in the image above. Arraceno Island has four of the seven mines and five of the seven resource mines obtainable in the old world. Baltiway, the next island I discovered, had all of the remaining plant food and deposit I required.

When selecting your first few islands, there are a few other factors to consider. The magnitude of the island is critical. Because early game expansion frequently necessitates establishing a local population in a new location. This means you’ll need a lot of room to live. And construct the necessary production facilities to meet these people’s needs. The spacing from your “home” island should also be considered. Because neither island will be able to obtain all of the resources required for the development. You will be responsible for transporting goods between these islands. Because of the small distances between these, shipping is faster. Longer routes are also more susceptible to pirates entering the ocean.

Reach the sandy shores of an abandoned island to construct your second port. Once there, tap the trading post’s border to expand it.

2. The labor force and the economy

The workforce was the basis of society in the year 1800. These are obviously critical to production to solve Too Hard Working Anno 1800.

Whenever a production build is placed on an island. It will necessitate specialized labor. They are created by constructing more houses, as explained in the instructional quests. Meet the residents’ needs and eventually upgrade the residence to the next level of living.

Beginners may be unaware that one of the 5 groups is red. That is, when there are more jobs than workers, all workplaces become less efficient. Meanwhile, an excess workforce has no negative consequences. As a result, you should always try to have fewer jobs than individuals are able to do. In Anno, unemployment is generally tolerated. It might even be suggested.

What the game doesn’t tell you is how essential employees are to your finances. Every one of these people acts as a consumer and contributes significantly to the player’s income. Your workforce will begin to generate income for you by reaching any of their basic needs (required to upgrade a home) or luxury items (which decide island-wide happiness).

If you are losing too much money in Too Hard Working Anno 1800, you can take big numbers of housing developments to the next level. Wealthier residents can help your economy grow. However, be aware that upgrading a residence will replace one type of labor with the other. Upgrading ten farmer houses will result in the replacement of 100 growers with more than 200 workers. Make sure the objects you want to upgrade have a surplus of labor! Similarly, upgrading can strain your supply of certain goods. Maybe you could only make sausage for a much fewer group of ‘workers.’ To quickly determine whether you can endorse an upgrade (or have to expand your production facility). Select a distribution center or commercial port and investigate supply ‘trends.’ A green or red arrow indicates the commodity in question.

too hard working anno 1800
The labor force and the economy in Too Hard Working Anno 1800 quest

3. Anno 1800 city layout tips

Here are a few things that all beginners should remember:

  • Don’t underestimate how much housing you’ll require. As your islands grow in size, you may find that you need to significantly increase the number of houses required. To help your island’s thriving economy. Allow some space for them! Also, as you update these buildings, you’ll notice that their residents will require a slew of new public structures. With restricted street coverage, make room for these. 
  • When you build a farm, you must first draw its field. These will take up a significant amount of space. Consider all of the crops that will be required in the final game, when your population is increasing rapidly. More farms will almost certainly be required to maintain production. Make a plan!
  • Similarly to crop farms, after constructing an animal farm, you must draw its pasture. However, unlike a field, these grasslands have a fixed size and cannot be drawn in a free form. With this in mind, each farm can produce a diverse range of effective shapes. You can create the sheep and alpaca farms square, while the pig farm is a rectangle.
  • Symmetry can be your ally in Too Hard Working Anno 1800. It can help you make the most of the island’s limited space. Use the ‘copy’ tool to put it into action. It enables you to highlight a specific area by recreating all of the buildings/meadows/fields and their locations within it.
  • Allow for union members in your productive areas. Although the structure is useless on its own, you can empower it with powerful items. These will provide a significant boost to businesses operating successfully in unionized areas with limited influence.
  • When you have your first ‘worker’ in Too Hard Working Anno 1800, you will be able to construct paved roads. Although very expensive (13 cents and one cinder block per unit versus 3 cents for dirt road).  They boost the street coverage of all urban and industrial buildings, as well as, eventually, power plants. Most importantly, these higher freight rates result in shorter production cycles.
too hard working anno 1800
Anno 1800 city layout tips

Too Hard Working Anno 1800 Quest 

The Jornaleros who collaborate in the cornfield work so hard that it is threatening their health. An obrera is concerned about them and has requested that you accompany them to reassure them. That everything is fine, but that they should take a break. Too hard working Anno 1800 quest is to find people who need a break. But this task is really not that simple at all.

Keeping a low profile

Clicking the position arrow in the Questbook to center the screen will undoubtedly take you to a cornfield. I’m not sure how you established your farm in the New World. In my case, space is always a top priority, and every square inch is dedicated to Too Hard Working Anno 1800 fields.

  • The jornaleros were overworked. The hunt for the overworked jornaleros requires a break, but they aren’t hiding where you think they are!
  • The quest instructions led me astray. The jornaleros, according to the obrero, collaborated in the cornfield. Naturally, I began scouring every cornfield I could find.
  • More information is required in this case. “There are jornaleros near one of your farms.”
  • One of your farms indicates that it is not a corn farm. So broaden your search with this Too Hard Working Anno 1800.

Come on out 

Indeed, next to a cattle ranch. Oh, I found my weary jornaleros. Just do what they’re doing, grab their rake at random on some leaves, yawn until their eyes open. That’s complete Too Hard Working Anno 1800 quest!

too hard working anno 1800
Too hard working Anno 1800 quest


We have compiled the most effective tips and the quickest way to complete Too Hard Working Anno 1800 Quest for new players. Visit our site for more guidances and tutorials.

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