Top Music Games for Android

Top Music Games for Android

by Dona


Humans need music because we can’t help but desire to play along when we hear a catchy beat or sing along to a beloved song. It should come as no surprise that there are Android apps for everything under the roof, including music. There are masses of music-focused apps available. The most effective music video games have managed to balance songs as well as gameplay in so many imaginative means, from rhythm action to dancing as well as vocal singing, or often just good-old songs.

So, without more trouble, let’s get into some of the best games you can play on your Android. Before downloading these music games on your Android phone, make sure to have a stable internet connection like Mediacom. Check out Mediacom paquetes and get the one that meets the requirement of a good gaming experience.  

So, without any further delay, let us dive into the list of top music games for Android that you should download. 

1. Harmonix’s Fuser

Harmonix’s Fuser is possibly one of the most musically inclined games on this list because you’re producing new songs while playing. It puts you behind the DJ booth that’s trying to climb up the ranks of digital festivals. What’s even more fun is that you’re not simply hitting notes but making the beat of a song like you are in a studio instead, developing the tune. When you are ready, add a vocal track and combine some drumming, possibly some guitar, and other sounds to create a wild remix that the critical group will surely like.

2. Rocksmith

Rocksmith is an academic music game. At its core, Rocksmith isn’t simply a rhythm video game but a music skills-building game that enables players to in fact plug in a genuine guitar or bass and discover brand-new tunes at their rate.

Contrasted to various other songs, Rocksmith does not quite have the very same level of access since you require a tool to play, but the sheer quantity of web content it uses is astonishing. If your fingertips can manage it, Rocksmith includes over 1000 songs as DLC, so this is one video game you will never grow tired of.

3. Lanota

Lanota aims to distinguish itself from the various other rhythm video games on the marketplace. It has a little bit of an anime feel, and also it relies a little more on the storyline and character growth. Initially, it may seem like you are playing an RPG game instead of a song game.

When it comes to the actual rounds, it is a rhythm game. For starters, the degrees remain in the shape of a circle, and also the notes emanate from the center. You are required to strike notes in time with the music to gain points. There are some notes that you have to swipe up and some that you swipe down, which is pretty imaginative. 

4. Gitaroo Man

A Cult classic rhythm game Gitaroo Man may never have accomplished business success, but it is treasured by those who recognize and like it. The story follows a young child dealing with his self-confidence who is ultimately given the opportunity of a lifetime when he’s transformed right into an epic warrior called Gitaroo Man.

Gitaroo Man uses his guitar-like weapon to tackle opponents in rhythm battles, each with an original song with various styles of music, such as hip-hop, techno, and Latin rock.

5. FNF Music Evening Fight

The Friday Evening fight is a really popular franchise of rhythm games. FNF Music Evening Fight brings the style and the classic gameplay. You are still playing as two characters with strange voices that sing when you tap the arrowheads.

You play as various characters for each round, moreover, each character has a unique voice. Additionally, all of the notes that you hit are in the shape of arrowheads. It’s fun to play, however, there are advertisements and also in-app acquisitions.

6. Audica

Audica is a unique take on what the studio is best recognized for. Instead of having fun with a guitar in your hand, you will be holding virtual reality controllers that change to a blue and orange weapon within your headset. That is because Audica is a rhythm FPS. It feels like a shooter version of Beat Saber. You have to shoot the beat of the songs, as squares and diamonds line up on-screen. In doing vibrant so, you will develop colorful lines of rhythm that blow up on the screen, it is difficult not to be consumed with it.


When you want to play music-based games, known artists offer you a broad option of popular songs that you can pick. As you proceed, you will have the ability to gain an understanding of beats and rhythms. Some games even have in-app acquisitions, so if you desire a big selection of tracks, you will have to take out your pocketbook. The above-mentioned games are the best music games in the market that you can play.


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